reaching high ceilings with vacuum?

carlisaSeptember 24, 2006

Hi, looking for suggestions on vacuuming spider webs from high ceilings. I have an upright and a shop vac, but neither will reach high enough. If there is some kind of pipe or extension that can be added to the vacuum, please tell me what it is, and where you bought it. Thanks!

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Do you have to use the vacuum? They have those telescoping duster things for that purpose. Something like the one shown below, but there are other styles.

Here is a link that might be useful: ceiling duster

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I put the wand things from my tank and those from the shop vac, together and manage to reach to the top of the stair well.
I always save the extension things when a vacuum bites the dust.
Linda C

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I use a paint pole extension rod. Duct tape my feather duster to the end. Works like a charm. Since I only do it when I can actually see the cobwebs it isn't much effort. My pole telescopes back down to a reasonable length for storage.


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