It's April 2014, how is your build?

aries61April 1, 2014

It's officially spring, so lets see your progress.

if anyone is interested:
January 2014 postings, 417
February 2014 postings, 425
March 2014 postings, 473

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I'm in my house!!! Woooooo! I have no internet... yet! So I'm posting at work. We have most of the rooms organized. Still working on the money side of things and there will be more work this spring. It doesn't even seem real. I left for work out of our garage so I didn't have to scrape my windshield. :) eeee!

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oops, should've realized it's April...

So, where are the new house pics?

amberm145 - that sounds terrible... it's like the city has all the drawbacks of an HOA but none of the benefits.

saftgeek - it's hard to tell but, have you moved in already? Either way that's very cool about the pool table. The previous owners of our place tried to sell us one but we wanted nothing to do with it, since it would have been stuck right in the middle of the family room-turned-pub.

I'm pretty sure drywall is done at our place. While sanding the existing painted walls I found a couple of dings, two outlets with a hole that's bigger than the faceplate and one short section where the old caulk line from the fake Victorian baseboards is still there. Not a big deal, I'll have it cleaned up in an hour. Then it's time to vacuum the walls and floors and start priming. Our timeline is to complete all the painting by the weekend, then start putting flooring in. As long as I can get over the fact that I hate painting ceilings and pick a shade of white it might be doable.

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Saftgeek - You got me all snotty nosed at work with your post about your sisters brick. We are doing something similar. DH's sister was killed in a car accident and she had a big stained glass window from a pub that was torn down and it will go in to our laundry room (not too good of a spot I know) but it will overlook the sceened back porch. We are not putting it in until right before we move so that it won't get broken. Love your house.

MFatt - I researched bath fans on GW and went with Panasonics with night lights and no heaters (we really only have three cold months here.) We only have two bathrooms though. I ordered from an internet site and had no tax and free shipping and it was $394 and some change. I just ordered them like two weeks ago so that's why I can remember it so well.

Robyn - Autumn.4 has been stringing us along for months, keeping us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what slab will be chosen for her island because her choices are so gorgeous. I think she will wait until after she moves in, just to make us suffer. It's like she's busy or

schicksal - I love how easy going you are with the "no problem, it'll be fixed in an hour and we'll move on" type remark. That has got to be the best way to deal with the little piles that are often found in the cow pen.

Kelli - Woohoooooo! Girl get that internet up and running! I hope life is bliss for as long as possible.

I went to two different places yesterday to inquire about particular range hoods that I was interested in. Both places tried to talk me into buying things that I DID NOT want and DID NOT need and COULD NOT afford. So, once again, I gave my business to an internet retailer. It was a range hood I saw in one of the stores that I liked that was too expensive and when I asked about future sales and promotions, my question was brushed off and ignored. So when I got home after a two hour baseball practice, I found it online for $200 cheaper and bought it. Man, I hope it works out ok. It was one of those "I'm mad at the world for not listening to me" purchases. But, all in all, I'm glad I got that done and I feel like I made a good choice.

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I love these personal touches you are incorporating into your homes with the bricks and stained glass Saftgeek and JDez. Beautiful and long lasting ways to commemorate your loved ones :)

Love all the progress photos! I agree, Autumn's holding out! lol!

Today should be the last day of mudding guys. One of the rooms has already been primed (so they could move the scaffolding out to the next house in need). My metal roofers have disappeared. They installed the cupola roof and the weathervane, then haven't seen them since. There's still two dormers in need of metal roof. Siding moving at a snail's pace (to me, I'm sure it's on schedule).

Well, back to the drawing board on the wood, ha. Just decided that with the money this wood is costing us that we want something higher quality than an engineered with a 2mm face layer. I want a LIFETIME floor. So now we are in the middle of quoting site finished walnut. We've gotten 3 quotes so far but I'm still trying to get the quotes apples to apples. Even with specifying Bona Traffic HD Extra matte, with oil based stain underneath, things are coming out a bit different with number of coats included in the bids. Some charge extra for the glue down (plus nail), others include it. Others charge different rates for staining (82.5 cents/sq foot vs 50cents/sq foot) etc. One has given us an overall per sq foot price, while others break it down material/install/finish. It's crazy. And we need to decide quick.

So that's where we are at.

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robyn and jdez - you snot, lol! First off when I posted the pics from before for Robyn I realized how much I LOVE THE ALASKA WHITE. Then I read robyn's comment about spring and busy and parade homes and got all sweaty and sick feeling. So I just called with heart fluttering and they still have it - YAY!!!!!! I am going tomorrow (today I have to work on the house, dh is off, gotta make some headway). It looks like I will be back to work by the 14th of April so I need to get this darn house painted! Let's get this party started!

schicksal-you are really putting on the pressure. ;) I want to have trim and doors done by this weekend also. I feel like all I do is sand and then when sanding I find that needs to be patched or whatever. ARgh!


saftgeek-I have got to go back and fully read your post. I quickly checked out the eye candy. ;) I love your front door and your brick exterior...and all that labor you put into the pool table. Very cool to do with your son.

amberm-seriously? They can demand all that crazy stuff and then you can just rip it out later? What a dog and pony show. I don't know how you are staying so calm. As if there isn't enough stuff to do with a build you've got all that nonsense too. :( Big thumbs down to that! If it matters at all - the materials we purchased for our built in cubby area totalled about $600 bucks. I think to have it done for us would have been about $2k. So a money saver yes but we do not have drawers. I actually wanted the bottom part open to the tile for easy cleaning from icky shoes. I thought drawers would be ruined quickly? Or worse yet that I wouldn't end up putting shoes in them for fear of ruining them and then I'd have wasted space and shoes all over! It could very well depend on your fam and your weather where you are at.

Okay - gotta get to the house and get some work done!

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aries-I love that you love numbers. :) So - yes, I do like to see those.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

oh holy moly!!!

We are in our house!!! I have so much to catch up on :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE It, soooo awesome. I still have so much to do, but it already feels like home.

I promise I will get pictures soon. The DUST is horrible.
Our stone still isn't done, porches aren't done, yard isn't done, we live in a field. I think I'll have to live with it... lol

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LoriBug - Yay!!!! Soooooooooo happy for you. Yes, can't wait to see pictures. What's wrong with a little dust when it's settling into a big wide grin?

Autumn.4 - Did you say you're going back to work? Is this a yay or a boo? If so, I'll give you a YAY for getting a job and BOOOO for losing out on all the time off to work on the house. And do tell, was it the intense half-a-day interview or the one that made you totally forget about your Alaska White slab? And....GO GET YOUR ALASKA WHITE!!!!! It's the one you wanted from the start. Don't settle unless it's the difference in being able to afford the mortgage or

Illini - Good call on the lifetime floors. I don't have the budget for it but if I had the choice, I would go for the long term product over the one that would last ten years or so.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh JDez, I am like a whole NEW person!!! I can't wipe this stupid grin off my face. I'm sleeping like a baby, much less stress. Until I pay the first payment HA!!!

I'm here to tell y'all's worth it in the end. I actually think I've lost some weight, running up & down stairs and carrying boxes and I've walked a million miles just around the house. I so should have put on a pedometer!!

I'll be organizing for a long long long time, but I don't even care. Lot's of things already in their own place, and that just makes me so happy.

my kitchen is AWESOME!!! oh how I love how it works. I'm back in cooking mode already, and I've missed it so.

It is FANTASTIC on the other side guys, hang in there!!!

I'm not going anywhere either.. :)

Oh and welcome to all the new comers...and we have another Indiana person!? cool!!

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Yay Loribug!! It seems we are on the same side. It is worth all the stress. :) good for you!

I know, I neeeeed my internet.. it's bad. I can't live like this. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Autumn- Yay for hopefully picking your Alaska White... it has been quite the saga.

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lori-I can literally FEEL your joy through your post and that is awesome. YAY! So happy for you and so happy that it's all that you thought it would be!

jdez-well I wanted to be finished painting before going back but I don't see that happening so that is a mini-boo, however it is nice to not be out of work for so long that you are FREAKING out. Alaska White-well now that I am going back to work full time I maybe can do alaska white on all the counters island and perimeter. We aren't sure yet so I need dh to make a call - he likes dark perimeters and I guess I would prefer one over 2 different ones. Just got a call for a second interview at another place. 3 hour interview place is out - too weird for me. I can see myself at both of the other places. So right now job offer at #1, #2 is out no matter what although I am curious if I passed the 'test', #3 second interview tomorrow with their management team - it's between 2 people. Different industries, great opportunities for challenge and growth, both family friendly flexible start and end times. Stress, I need to bake! But I have to sand. :(

mfatt-indeed they are BROAN. Two have a light and the other is just a fan. All very quiet. Not positive but think in the $100 dollar range or so?

Okay I have to go to the house before DH wonders where the heck I am!

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My excitement for LB, Kelli and Autumn's job

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Crazy day at work but just wanted to do a quick post.

Autumn, Congratulations. Very happy for you. Hope you get ace the other interview tomorrow and can choose the best option for you and your family.

Lori, Yay! So happy for you and glad you are enjoying the house. Can't wait to get there soon.

Kelli, Congratulations to you too. Hope you get internet soon I would go crazy with out it.

JDez, You make me smile with your posts and I need to smile more.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

ok in skimming what I've missed, someone asked me about the galvanized ceiling, but I don't remember who or what you wanted to know... lol

Here's what I do know, I love it. I still need to clean it, b/c there are handprints on it from where we installed it. I've just used soap & water and a long handled scrubby duster thingy and it's done fine.

Let me know what other questions you had. I also have it on my porch ceilings....

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Lori and Kelli, Congratulations!!!!!! Your excitement is contagious. Happy happy happy for both of you.

Autumn, congrats on landing a job offer and maybe two! That's a good problem to have.

The floors will be done tomorrow. Sneak peek while the guys were breaking for lunch.

View looking toward kitchen and laundry room thru the doorway

Hallway from our bedroom to main hall

View looking toward family room. Note the room didn't get painted before the floors. Oh well. And the guys let us keep the fridge and wall oven cabinets in that room and moved them.

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Hi Everyone,
I have been stalking these threads for a while now and wanted to formally introduce myself. My name is Jennifer, my husband Andy and I are building a house. This has been the longest process ever, we have been living with my parents for over a year (was only supposed to be a few weeks). We moved from New Orleans to Philadelphia (suburbs) to be closer to my family last year. My husband could not find a single house he liked, he is in the commercial construction business so he decided we could build our own house. So here we are, a year later and finally breaking ground this week. Reading some of the posts of those of you who are actually in your new homes gives me such hope! It still doesn't seem real. I need to remember to enjoy the process, this might be the only time I ever get to build my own home and completely design everything! Just a little background on our home- we are building a Center Hall Colonial with a Georgian Elevation, 4 bedrooms 3.5 bathrooms, 4,133 square feet with a 2,200 sqaure foot unfinished basement, 9 ft ceilings throughout and 12 foot ceilings in the family and morning room. Our projected date of completion is August 4th 2014! As I said my husband is in contruction and I am a design enthusiast. We will be blogging in detail regarding the building and design process. Check us out at or click the link below!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our building blog!

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Thanks for checking on your fans Autumn! Our old house fans were so loud anything will be an upgrade.

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illini-we cross posted - I think you have a floor saga on your hands........good luck! Walnut is so pretty!

jennifer-welcome! I agree, once in a lifetime special experience.

kelli-no internet, no can DO! I hope you get it soon - but maybe you will have more time to unpack vs. hanging out on gardenweb. Could be a good thing for a few days anyhow. ;)

mfatt-the fan in this rental is so loud I can't even express how much I loathe it - and it's attached to the only light. So brushing teeth, washing hands, using the facilities, it's on no matter what. Makes me clench my jaw! So I agree, very sensitive to that annoying sound! When they installed them in the new house, I didn't even realize they were on at first. That is a GOOD thing!

hoosiers-great photos. Oh I am swooning over having flooring down. We decided today that really it is what it is and it just takes time so I need to let go of my go go go and try to enjoy it a little bit more. All of the prep that goes into painting is such a time drain but necessary. :( I want to break open the can and just get started!

jdez-lol! You remind me of my sister. She always has a pic for everything. Love it! :) Yeah, had the song and dance over the micro drawer. So expensive. If I had an under the counter MW I'd definitely want it to be one of those but we purposefully kept it up high so we can easily change out less expensive ones as needed. Speaking of appliances, I wonder if I should check on mine that I put a deposit on in NOVEMBER. Yeesh.

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Jdez- Which hood did you go with? We too got sticker shock and the brush off at the appliance store since we had purchased everything but the hood we were small potatoes to them I guess. I looked at the Zephyr Typhoon as my best choice but I didn't love it.

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I'm drinking already and I started at 4:45pm- not waiting for 5'oclock!
Builder decided on own to deviate from plan and put 7 extra inches into a closet and took away 7 inches ( 7 inches x 7'6" wall) from already tight bathroom. Doesn't sound like much but since it was a "perfect " fit bath before the lost 7 inches ..... Getting ready to call him because framing is going to have to be redone tomorrow. He also took 5 inches off another wall in same guest area so I lost about 7 sq in guest room. Really ???? What the heck!!! I have furniture that was planned for the space that won't fit now because of this. I guess I'd rather pay now for the screw up and work an extra shift than to be unhappy for years to come

This post was edited by Thewitchdoctor on Tue, Apr 1, 14 at 19:52

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MFatt- Broan 30" EWS 5830. It was priced $789 in the store. Got it online for $549 with $40 coupon code. I cook a few good fattening Southern meals a month and that's about it so don't take my recommendations on cooking appliances. I went on appearance alone on this one. It just looked like it was made better than the $400 ones I was looking at and I liked the looks of it better.

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Witchdoc - what's the deal? Did he not add a brick ledge or something and now he's compensating? What's his reasoning?

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mfatt and jdez-I went with the zephyr savona. Very similar in looks to yours jdez. I hope it's QUIET.... I also don't cook much greasy stuff but I don't like to smell chilli and bacon for days either. ;)

witchdoc-so he figured you wouldn't notice or? That is very strange. What gives?

hoosiers-I changed my mind. I cannot be patient and just take it day by day. :( Baseball is starting x2 which means no time to work on house. That revelation has put me in a tizzy - all for not of course as it is what it is.

Okay granite peeps, I am going TOMORROW!

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Loribug- I can only dream of how well you must be sleeping! Our builder is saying the house will be finished in 30 days...we'll see!
Congratulations and your post gives me hope that it will all be worth it in the end!

JDez- Nothing wrong with Internet shopping. I cannot stand when local businesses refuse to budge on pricing !

Our granite will be installed on Thursday, so I hope to post pics soon of that!

Hope everyone had a great day!

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Autumn, Great news on Alaska white still being available. More pictures when you go tomorrow. What next after the paint? Is it the kitchen cabinets or flooring? We also went with a zephry hood. We choose the Venezia model.

Hoosier, The floors are looking great.

witchdoc, Too bad the contractor made changes to the framing with out consulting. I think you should not have to pay extra for them correcting an error on their part.

Uponthehill, Can't wait to see your granite installed.

Robyn, in the last thread you had asked what our cabinet colors were. we did a two tone kitchen so the bottom cabinets and island are a cherry stained "spice" stain and the uppers are white (Sherwin Williams extra white). In the pictures the granite looks cream but there are whites also. So I think it could still work with your white. I think the only way to know for sure if check it with your sample.

On our side the finish plumbing and electrical have started. They should be done by Thursday. We have counters in the bathrooms. I am so exciting thinking about being done soon. I can't believe last week I was so stresses that we won't finish in the next couple of weeks but now feel much better.

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saftgeek-finally able to get a good read in. I love the serenity of your exterior, it does blend nicely and I think that is a good thing and not 'boring'. We also have the sand/mud thing going on. Still too much snow and we have more excavating to do. I hope you get moved in here soon. I think the bricks are perfect and although your sister never imagined it how awesome that you were able to incorporate it and have her greet you at the front door. That is awesome. :)

upon-30 days? You are FLYING! Wow! What ever happened with your ceiling? What did you decide to do? Just curious-I am sure it will look great.

akshars-started to get overwhelmed again last night. Ugh. I am going to match my blanco samples for the sink which dh freaked out about last night. Whatever. Apparently he feels strongly about stainless steel, lol. Shaking head. That guy has opinions about things that surprise me sometimes. Anyhow, spray trim, then paint main room so dh can start laying wood floor. I can then paint upstairs, bedrooms, back entry (tile already down). After that it's cabinets which bil was going to help dh but he is so busy right now I am not sure. So glad that things are coming together and you are feeling better about it all. This process is definitely filled with hills and valleys isn't it!

Happy Tuesday. Any April fooling going on yesterday? My 2 sons thought it would be funny to tape a small piece of paper over the cordless mouse sensor so when I got on here last night it didn't work. Hahahaha, they thought it was hilarious. :P

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I'm officially painting now. There are still a couple of other drywall touchups needed but that's probably only another hour today (on top of the hour yesterday). I'm also still waiting on resolution about the lights. The invoice hit my inbox yesterday and I replied with the pictures, a link to where HD sells the things and that the bill needs to go down by about that amount x 6 so we'll see...

Finishing painting by the end of this weekend is still possible. If I can get the first row of hardwood in by Sunday evening I'll call that a win. This is a different shaped area than anywhere else I've installed it so it's a little intimidating.

Here's the family room viewed from the kitchen. Still a wreck but with walls that are more uniform in color at least.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

OMG I actually did NOTHING on the house last night. That hasn't happened in months!!!
So, I wound up at the local establishment with a friend for trivia night. I totally think it's backwards, the first questions were harder towards the end. That doesn't work well with drinking. lol

I did go buy a recliner for DH, but he just called and said it has a little tear in the front (it was in a my defense.) grrr.... so now what? Live with the little tear, or pack it up & take it back. I'll have to look at it when I get home, I guess.

I am trying to settle in to a new routine. I was off work until yesterday. Yesterday am was good. Got up, did my morning rituals, fed horses, headed to work, made it on time.

This am... well, might have been the beer... but I also totally forgot I needed fuel in my truck, and now that we don't live "in town", I also forgot the gas station isn't in the front of the subdivision. DUH...
So I had to drive, (a whole 5 minutes) out of my way. But 5 minutes is big in my morning... lol

Sounds like everyone is coming right a long on things.

Sorry to those that are having random issues. WitchDoc, I think you need to nip the "builder making decisions without you" in the bud now. ugh. I built our house around some very specific things, so it would have me in a tizzy too!!

Autumn! Keep your head up girl, you got this Jennifer Tate...I'm already hooked on your blog. I wish I could blog. I'm just to random and WAY not consistent enough!!

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Blogs are fun and all but you can almost use it to track our progress the opposite of how one would expect to. When I'm busy busy busy there is no time for updates (I haven't updated since October, when things really went nutty). When I'm less busy the updates come freely.

Ours is

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Blog Link

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Just sitting here at work waiting for new pictures of Autumn's alaska white slab. I really need to buy a couple more ceiling fans but I'm flat broke with my grass growing so fast lately, I've had to pay the yard man to cut the grass every day for a

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Jdez- Lol I want a yard man... No -correction... I want your yard man! Lol

Lori... So incredibly happy for you!!

We are getting close... Stairs are starting to pick up speed. Apparently the size of the newel posts are a bear. Not easy to figure spacing/cuts. Here is a pic of what is getting done. Kitchen still getting finished up.

Slow going and I've missed the last few postings.

Congrats to all on progress and welcome to newbies!!!


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JDez -- that made me laugh! I see a patch that looks like it was missed though, I'd get him back out ASAP to take care of it!

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Autumn, Hang in there. It surely is a roller coaster ride. I was feeling the same way a couple of days ago and may feel that way again tomorrow. You have done an incredible job doing so much diy. I think once painting is done and you start seeing more finishing touches you will feel better.
Your boys are funny :).

Jdez, What can I say you make me laugh every post. We too want to get fans but have not done yet. So this is one thing we may do once the build is done. I do the accounting for our build and when I look at the totals I some times freak. Good thing DH is busy to do this if not a lot of the things would have been put on hold :)

Lori, Glad you had fun last night. Sorry about the tear in the chair.

Jenny, The stairs look great.

I am taking time off for the next couple of weeks so I can be at more present for the contractors for any questions and slowly start packing stuff.

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Carson, you're right, I see the blade of grass he missed. I better get him back out here. Dang, there goes that other closet light I needed.... oh well, that's the breaks.

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Congrats to Lori and Kelli for being DONE! Congrats Autumn on the new job (btw I would take that april fools over what I had to deal with "mom, there's poop on your head! April Fools!" ugh, lol.

saftgeek- love the exterior!

Floors looking great Hoosier!

MFATT- we are getting the Zephyr Monsoon. I'm pretty excited about it. I was worried my husband would make us keep the 'standard' one the builder included which was half the size and less than half the power, would have been ridiculous over a 36" wide rangetop.

Priming is done. I have over 100 photos which I will not bore you with, but I will go through and find a few representative ones and post them up later. What do you know, metal guys showed up today, and exterior hardi plank continues to go up. We are doing a vinyl (Cedar Impressions) shake to cut cost and those go up later. They will match the siding to the shakes- I saw two actual houses in the same color from my builder and it was a flawless match. *crosses fingers*.

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Jdez, you've got a yard-boy, I've got a gator.
Hope he shows up here, he's smack dab in the middle of the embankment on the opposite side of our pond.

Trying hard not to be stressed. Dd's Wedding is in 9 days, my dad called yesterday to say that he's just not well enough to come. Which means the surgery he had last month has not improved his life, but rather has only added a lot of pain in the short term. So after the wedding I'll probably be making another road trip to FL to see my dad.

Meanwhile, exciting things are happening at the building site, and some frustrating things. I guess it's all part of the process.
I had a meltdown last week when I got the call from the plumbing supply that my Franke sink had been discontinued. It took me 2 freakin' months to decide on that sink. And there isn't another one on the market with those kind of dimensions. For a short two day period I lost all perspective and was really angry that they didn't order it when I picked it out 6 months ago. But you know what? It's a Sink for crying out loud. Just a sink. So I got over it, picked out the closest thing I could find which is a Rohl, badgered the sales rep until they gave me a decent price on it. And life goes on. Ten day delivery though, so it's going to hold up templating on the counters.
It's interesting to me how different builders do things in different order. Our exterior is done and painted. The skirting over the crawl has been painted the dark blue color since this pic was taken. This is our back porch

our Hickory Wood floors are installed, sanding and finishing to be done after rest of trim, cabinetry and painting is finished.
Kitchen cab's are in, although in the interest of protecting the cab's they covered the lowers in cardboard - secured with a few well placed screws.

And the living room cabinets are partially installed. I love the color - not as dark as it would appear in this pic.

They've been working on tile the last few days. Can't wait to get out there to see the master bath tiles installed.
This is the laundry room floor. If I were inclined to be upset, I'd be unhappy with the placement of the obviously same patterned tile so close to each other in the walkway, but I'm going to make up my mind that no one else will notice. In the past I've used real marble tiles. This build we chose rectified porcelain tile made to look like marble. All I can say is, I'm glad that the master bath is a travertine look so won't have such obviously patterned tile!

Just realized with the way this post will lay out that the gator pic will fall to the bottom. So while everyone is busy drooling over the lawn guy, ....

Oh, PS, Lisa, that's great news on the job front!
And those of you who've moved in already, I'm jealous. Our builder is now saying mid-June.

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This is what got delivered to my rental house today. Even though we won't see them installed for another couple of months, it makes me so happy! Only short the 2 that were backordered.

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Marji, LOVE the blue cabs! And your gator :)

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Your name is apt. I love the pics you posted of your house. Lovely! I am feeling overwhelmed about landscaping our lot as well. It is just two acres but is in pretty rough shape, all weeds and thorns right now.

Bluemoon, can’t wait until we can see pics of your kitchen! I love ivory cabinets w/ the dark pecan island. We are doing ivory cabinets, but since we don’t have space for an island, I plan to get that dark pecan/walnut color with the wood floors. :)

Illini, I really like your stained bench idea for the mud lockers. I think we will look into that as well. Thanks! I think walnut wood floors sound amazing. Is it much more expensive than the engineered hardwood?

Autumn, the board and batten looks great. Good luck with the second interview. It will definitely be great to be able to choose between more than one offer.

Ackshars, love your room color choices. Is that a pale green in the guest bedroom?

Saftgeek, awesome work with the pool table. It looks great. And I love the hand prints on the driveway! We weren’t around when the foundation was done but maybe we can be there for the driveway to get our kids’ prints. Great idea.
Also, beautiful story about using the bricks your sisters gave you. How very special.

Amberm, that is ridiculous. I can feel your frustration through the computer. I do not care for that element of modern design either. Would they accept it if you did add another window on that side? If so, that might be the easiest solution with the least amount of work later.

Welcome Jennifer. Wow, your build will be moving fast. We broke ground beginning of December on a much smaller house (2770 sf) and probably won’t be done until July sometime. I hope July! Love your blog title. :-)

TheWitchDoctor, YOU do not pay for the screw up! If he deviated from your engineered plans, then he pays for the reframing. Period. The builder had to reframe a few things that he messed up on that had been changed a month before but the information was apparently not passed on to the framers. Builder paid to have it corrected. DO NOT pay for it.

JDez, um, is that your actual yardman????? That is some eye candy right there!!! :-)

Mlweaving, where are you located? I am outside of Tampa. My friend passed a gator on the side of the road this morning and took a pic�"he was just hanging out and looked like he’s grinning from ear to ear.
I love your kitchen cabinets, so pretty! And your living room cabinets, love the blue!

I feel like it’s been weeks with very little happening. Still have insulation in the walls and a few framing tweaks before we can even start drywall. We do have to pick bathroom floor and shower wall tiles and kitchen/bath cabinets in the next two weeks so at least we have something to concentrate on. I will post picks of my favorites tomorrow.

I do think I’ve picked my countertop. We are doing laminate for now, with a 3-5 year plan for gray quartzite or Superwhite granite or similar. Laminate can easily be replaced, so we decided to put our current funds into the hard-to-change-later category. I want ivory cabinets with walnut/pecan wood floors, to go with this:

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Granite secured. YAY! However - I couldn't tell which sink color would be best. BOO! :( I am not sure. The sample I have is sooo tiny. It was hard. I took some pics but they look silly with that small sample. Any thoughts? I think metallic gray is too gray, too light. The others are cinder and anthracite (black). They have truffle but I didn't have a sample of it.

Thanks for all of the well wishes! I did end up with another offer. I need to decide tomorrow. I think I am leaning opposite of what I always have - time for change? I have always worked at larger organizations but I am thinking a smaller company might be refreshing for a change! I am going to sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning. Praying for discernment!

Robyn-I took a few pics of different granite for you. Not sure what you like but they always have some interesting stuff there.

jennybc-those stairs are gorgeous. Very nice! When are you hoping to be in?

skyangel-I have seen that laminate pic, it looks really nice. I think it's a great choice. Sometimes waiting is better. So was it YOU that DIY'd beds??? I am losing it!

jdez-I want a pool boy, party cuz that means I have a pool and of course I don't have to maintain it. ;P

marjorie-oh so pretty! I love the cabs and that back view and porch, dreamy! Ugh with the sink, what in the world. Yes it's just a sink but when you take so much thoughtful time picking it out, grrr! Nice gator. Sorry to hear your Dad is not feeling well...stressful.

jackson-YAY! A great feeling!

illini-I like pictures. ;)

akshars-so little one decided to put soap on older one's toothbrush. I heard dry heaving from the bathroom, we are officially calling April fools OVER! LOL!

pors-here is the full corner (not that you asked, haha).

Black moon soapstone:

Brown Sequioa:

Azul Aran:

I can't remember (oops)-edit I think it's frappuccino:

Alaska White with black sample:

Alaska with cinder sample:

Alaska with metallic gray sample:

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mlweaving, Good to see you post. Love your blue cabinets. The Kitchen and the outside looks great. Sorry about your Dad. You have lot going on with your daughters wedding and house build and Dad not feeling well. Sending good thoughts your way and hope the wedding goes smoothly.

Skyangel, Once framing is complete and before drywall is complete the process does seem slow. Once drywall is done thing will move more. Your kitchen selections sound great. The paint in the guest bedroom is a cheery green. Not a pale but could like that in the picture.

Jackson, what are all the boxes? is it cabinets?

Autumn, Too funny about the soap and I can imagine the screaming :). Alaska white looks great I personally like the black or cinder for the sink. Did you decide on the perimeters being granite or you sticking with laminate. I think either way it look great but just curious.

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In the past week our house has had most of the interior painting done, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities partially installed and finish electrical started. The majority of the kitchen cabs should be finished in the next few days. Our island is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. Can't wait to see it as it's a different color than the perimeter cabs. Templating is scheduled for next Monday. I told our realtor I wanted to go to the fabricator when they put the templates on the slabs. She had never heard of anyone doing this before. We've had a lot of firsts in this house. The interior will certainly not look like the other houses in the development, which I'm very happy about.

These pictures our installer took after his first day installing.

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After searching kitchens for sink color and alaska white I've decided to order samples of the truffle, biscuit and cafe brown colors. We'll see if they are a better match? From the verbal description of truffle I think it might be it!

Picked up trim paint yesterday - satin enamel that was color matched to our cabs.

marjorie-I see the gator, but when I scroll down through the thread quickly what really sticks out is the GRASS! We still have way too much snow on the ground at the house. Black dirt is seriously buried. Not sure when we can finish our excavating at this point. I want to sit on your porch and sip a spritzer!

akshars-dh does not like the 'white granite' on white cabinets. So I say to you, does the alaska white granite look white? NO! But anyhow, he has always liked the look of darker granite on white cabinets AND alaska white is at the top of our already over budget kitchen so we will only do it on the island. However, there is a black leathered granite that I mentioned our fabricator frequently gets remnants of and at this point we are going to go ahead with that instead of laminate. Deciding factor - the laminate we like we preferred in the matte finish and I am pretty sure with it being dark it will show scratches pretty easily. :( So we have made that switch. Dh is coming around on the sink. I mean we spent about that much on a 1/2 bath pedestal sink that will have very light use. Come on now!

nhbaskets-very pretty! Those are very similar to our cabs in style. :)

shicksal-I hope you are able to finish by this weekend! Go go go! We almost have the upstairs completely caulked and ready to spray. The main floor needs some priming yet (the board and batten) which I hope to take care of today.

Happy Thursday peeps! It's almost spring break but where is SPRING? I did hear birds the last few mornings on my walk. That is a good sign. :)

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Lol... I am building a house on a tight budget- I can't afford a yard man. But one can dream....

Nhbaskets - Your cabinets are beautiful.

Autumn4 - YAY!!! The black and cinder seem to look best with your slab IMO. And I agree, a pool and pool boy would be nice to have in the budget, hehehe. Your boys are cracking me up!

Skyangel - I love your countertop choice.

Jackson - How exciting! Did you take a sneak peek?

Mlweaving - Your porch looks so inviting and I love your cabinets. The open shelves on the end of your kitchen cabinets is a nice touch. I especially love your new pet.

Akshars - Glad I made you laugh. I am a bonafide fool and I try to find humor in every thing (95% of the time). I also do the accounting but I'm probably more tight than DH on the spending. I think he must be expecting to dig up a huge gold nugget when we dig for the

Jen - Your stair treads look awesome. You might have mentioned it before but I can't remember, what stain color did you use?

Hilltop - Can't wait to see your granite pics.

Schicksal - I like your big open room. It's looking good.

Jennifert23 - Welcome and congrats on finding the perfect lot. Looking forward to seeing your build.

Nothing is happening on our build. We are waiting for HVAC. He should be there on Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, I asked DH if we could go with primed siding instead of the evening blue because I didn't just love it and he agreed. So it will cost a little more to have it painted but I won't feel like we settled just to save a few hundred bucks. So I'm excited about that. Cheerio... for breakfast I mean.

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OH! One more thing. So we have the mantel partially built and I keep staring at it and thinking my idea to have a shelf is just not going to work. I fear it will take away from the mantel in a bad way. So I am actually thinking about ditching it. My original inspiration had a stacked cabinet with mantel crown that wrapped across the side built ins. With out the top cabinet (due to budget) the crown would be too overpowering so we ditched that. Now with the crown returning to the back wall I think a shelf would look like it was just jutting out and completely stop the eye. Grr! I just want it to look nice! I have a large mantel so I can still decorate, etc. without a shelf.

So any comments (missing door was at paint store for color matching)?
As is (mantel not yet finished, crown missing):

With shelf (which would be painted to match cabinet):

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do you have an inspiration photo to post? I'm having trouble visualizing. I was initially going to suggest changing the height of the shelf in relation to the mantle, but I'm not sure that's right either- may be too choppy looking. that's why I want to see your original vision.

Love your granite- if the truffle works with that it's such a gorgeous sink color! Black leathered countertops are so yummy to me. Sadly DH will not agree to them in our kitchen. If you check over on kitchen board you will see my own countertop woes. It's ridiculous. I was even willing to change the BS (I initially chose a calacatta marble subway tile) but now DH likes it and doesn't want me to change it. I won't put marble on the counters so that leaves me with not very many other options. I tagged a Calacatta quartzite slab yesterday which is gorgeous by itself but not sure how it plays in the whole scheme of things in my kitchen and great room.

What did you decide on your BS? Or not yet? Keep plugging away! Can't wait to see your kitchen cabs and everything come together. You guys are doing a really nice job!!

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Good morning, I probably shouldn't post this AM, so you probably shouldn't read this either.
Miss Mary sunshine I am not, today.
First up, dsd is being a pill, and I'm losing sleep over some aspects of the wedding, which BTW is in 8 days!!!
Second up, there is a house on the short end of the pond that is not in our development, on the other side of a fence no less. Evidently new people just moved in, and they have a little dog. It seems they called critter control and yesterday a crew came out, wrestled with and taped up our alligator, and removed him. WTH? Did they talk with the numerous neighbors who've coexisted with the alligators in our development for ten years and walk their dogs all the time around our property and have never had one incident? No. Did they bother to find out that there are occasionally two alligators in our pond? No.
Honestly, I'm terrified of alligators up close and personal, but I've kind of grown accustomed to him sunning himself over there in the afternoon, and I'm royally PO'd. Along with a good few of our other neighbors I might add.

Autumn, I'm thinking either Cinder or the beautiful anthracite. Esp since you are doing black perimeter counters. The mushroom / er, truffle color is pretty but I don't think adding yet another color element in your kitchen is going to be a good idea. And I think it may be too "mushroomy" for your fab counter. If it were me I'd keep to the dk greys.

Illini, that slab you posted on the kitchen forum is indeed gorgeous. I don't think the 2" is a big deal at all, you still have mondo prep area on your island. And, IMHO no one is going to be able to tell you from pics on a monitor if the color of your BS is ok with the counter. That's something that is only going to be evident IRL. My biggest concern for you is this: with all the mislabeling of granite/quartz/marble/limestone products in stoneyards I'd be very concerned that anything labeled Calacatta is actually marble. So have you taken the glass bottle to the stone yard and done the tests? Were they able to give you any small piece to take home to pour lemon juice and wine onto? You've probably read it, but on the off chance you haven't you should read the educational granite/stone threads on this forum. Can't remember off hand her name, but there is a geologist who's been resident on this forum forever who has taken a large amount of time to put out a lot of educational info for people looking at stone. One thing that struck me reading all 4 of the threads, title Rock-(something?), is how often stoneyards mislabel their products in an effort to sell them.
In any case, I hope you at least tagged that slab while you consider it. Because it is so gorgeous it will get snapped up in a heartbeat.
So, if you have it and your perimeter counters installed, will you be able to take a look at your BS tile in situ before they order it for installation, just to be sure?

Jen, love those stairs. simply gorgeous.
Akshars and Upon, hoping to see finished kitchen pics soon.
NHbaskets, your kitchen looks great. Are your floors going to be site finished? What color? And what contrast is your island? Ours is the same blue as the living room built-ins. Most others here went with stained base for contrast.
I've been insisting, even quoting that it's in our contract, that I want to be there for templating and for placement of the template on the slabs. Now it's looking like they will be templating while we're in Georgia for teh wedding. I want to make sure the shape of the island top and overhang is what I want, not what they want. Arghhh.

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Akshars_mom, it's all my lighting. JDez, I haven't peeked, but I'm dying to see the one below in person. It's going in the master BR, and kind of a risk for me. I thought since I'm supplying all of it, it would be better to give everything to the electrician factory sealed!!!

Nhbaskets, your kitchen looks great! I love a shaker door.

Autumn, I think your mockup with the shelf takes away from that beautiful mantel. If it were me, I'd want the mantel to get all the attention!

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Well we now have floors in our basement and garage. They were really cutting it close with some weather moving in today and tomorrow, but got it done!! Lumber and trusses were delivered this morning so we are ready to rock and roll! I attached the time lapse of the floor pour, or should I say pump. My mom and dad had our son yesterday and took him up to the site while they were working the concrete. One of the workers gave him and nail and said write you name here in the garage. It was so cute to see, i'm glad they did it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor Pour Time Lapse

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Just so I feel like I have something to post, here's the tile I found yesterday for the guest bathroom, after at least two dozen tile stores. I feel like I have been searching forever for a pretty gray tile that is also within our budget.
It is Tesoro Manhattan Sky porcelain tile:

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Miss Mary Sunshine - I am also PO'd about the gator. Where I am from, we don't necessarily have gators in our yards but it is normal and expected to find them around water; therefore, if you choose to live by water, you know what to expect. I would think it is the same where you are at and this is what makes me mad about your situation. And I was wondering, why would templating have to be done while you are gone? Are you on a tight timeline? If not, can you just demand that they wait until you come back? We are GCing our build but I have already put everything on hold twice just to accomodate myself. Those two times have probably delayed our build time by about two weeks. Our bank gave us one year for construction though and we are halfway done. Just a thought.

Jackson - I don't know how you can stand it. When I order something, I have to open it and check it out the minute it arrives. I guess I'm too impatient.

Hobbs - Your build is coming only nicely. Henry did a good job making his mark on the new house. I hope our son gets a chance to leave a handprint or initials or something when they pour the driveway.

Autumn - We are planning the same setup at our house with the bigger mantle in the middle and two shelves on either side that are just a little bit lower than the mantle. I have big plans for those shelves for holiday decorations and family pictures. We will have built-in bookshelves underneath and the TV sitting on top on the left side. I don't think it breaks up the space enough to worry about, especially if you paint it the same color as the cabinets. We are planning on staining ours the same color as the mantle but we are building our forever house and are going with things that we like as opposed to what others might like. I think it should come down to function. What did you plan on using the shelves for? If the answer to that is important to you, then the shelves are probably important. You could always find some scrap, paint it and have DH prop them up on something so you can step back and check them out before you make a final decision.

My friendly builder texted this morning and he might install our porch posts today if it doesn't rain. If he does, I will get some pics. Later.

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Skyangel - Very pretty gray tile. That was a good find.

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Skyangel- beautiful gray tile....

Mlweaving- good point about seeing it in person.I've asked my designer to come see it.... This is the designer provided by the builder.... So she tends to try to be easy going about selections unless I really pressure her for an opinion kwim?

I think I need to visit my (yes I tagged it for a 30 day hold) again. It's too bad I can't see it in more natural light. I'll bring the door sample.

They did not have any small samples for me to take home to test. But they have white macaubas which is the same thing as the cskacatta quartzite so that is a good sign that it is s quartzite. This yard discourages the use of marble in the kitchen though they do have marble slabs. I'll try the bottle test at least.

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We are planning to DIY the kids’ beds, yes. Haven’t started yet and we are not experienced DIYers, so we will see. DH did get a circular saw for his birthday, and he just made this farmhouse table for a school fundraiser. I included a picture below. It needs to be stained still, but you get the idea.

And congrats on two job offers! What a great problem to have. Good luck! Also, where did you get your Blanco silgranite sink samples? I want a Blanco sink as well but I need to see the colors up close and next to cabinets, countertop, ect.
If you don’t do the shelves, what would you do up there instead?

Nbaskets, love your kitchen. And good for you insisting that you be there to make sure it gets done right. From your pics, it looks like you have some wall space with no uppers. What will you put there?

Mlweaving, I am so sorry about the new neighbors having your gator taken away! You would think they might at least talk it over with the neighbors. There was a huge resident gator (12+ feet) in a subdivision near us that everyone liked. He never did anything and just liked to sun himself on the bank and swim around the lake. When the county took him, many people were furious. They’d even named him.
On the flip side, my good friend was washing dishes in her kitchen, looking out the window, while her puppy was playing in the yard near the edge of the water. A gator leaped out and grabbed the puppy and she watched it get eaten. Luckily the kids were not home. :-( They promptly put up a fence. I think there needs to be a way to safely and wisely co-exist with the wildlife who were there before us.

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illini-I think, I *think* I saw your slab the other day, could it be true? ;) So pretty!

jdez-well I am thinking minimal decorations - I am not a fashionista and I DO have the mantel. But - I wonder if with no shelf the arches just kind of highlight a blank wall? UGH!

marjorie-Okay I am the first to admit the crock would scare the pants off of me BUT you have to consider where YOU choose to live, surely he/she was there first. It's like people that move into a sub with a HOA and assume the rules don't apply to them. WTH? I am also an animal lover (except snakes and mice, no mercy there) and would be so sad to see them take him out of there like that. I am sure it's for safety but poor thing minding his own business and wham! :(

Here is my original inspiration pic but we cannot do the double cabinet with the glass doors (and the casing around the tv). So without the upper cabinet and the crown returning across the built ins - what about the shelf?:

My best paint mock up - but I think the shelf would be below the bottom of the crown - and that will look weird?
This is with the shelf lowered to where I think it will be:

Back to the house for more...sanding and priming the board and batten, woot woot!

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skyangel-crossing posting and I forgot to add that I like your tile choice too and in budget EVEN BETTER! Let me know how the bed goes. The table looks awesome. :) I contacted Blanco and I got them very quickly but as you can see they are SMALL. I am going to head to Fergusons in the neighboring town and check the sinks in person. I haven't really seen a full sink IRL! I believe they have the one I want in stock for checking out - the cascade precis low divide. They are checking to see if they can match internet pricing, I'd be so excited if they can. It's a hundred bucks different! I'd rather buy that thing local to be sure if there are any cracks etc I have someone to deal with that I actually purchased it from.

Made a decision. I start April 28 - which buys me a little more time to paint. That is a relief! I made a complete industry change, gulp. Going from larger 100's-1000's of employee automotive companies to a small 40 person company. BUT, I am so excited. It was refreshing to say the least. YAY! I can now focus my efforts solely on the house and not looking for work, interviewing etc.

I am dancing on the inside, and eating cookies IRL. :)

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Jackson: I also supplied all of our lighting and a great chunk of it was Visual Comfort. I can't wait to see your lights! Anyway, I suggest you open them to make sure nothing is damaged/missing. One of my lights had a missing shade and I called the lighting company and they were able to get it replaced. Another light came in the wrong color and again that got resolved.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Marji, I'd be super ticked about the gator :/

I pretty much love all animals, great & small. If I had a dog, I would make sure the dog was safe from the gator, and let the gator be.

I am so fed up with people thinking everything has to be THEIR way. BS if'n you ask me. humpf.

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Hey Everyone! Great progress. I am going to post several pics. There are a few where things look crooked but that is just because I was not on steady footing as I snapped away!

ML- I know you will be glad to have the wedding behind you! Maybe the templating can be done around your upcoming travels?

JDez - Did the porch posts get completed today? Your rain is coming our way tomorrow...thanks ;)

Autumn - WOW! I LOVE the fireplace and the arches to the side, just gorgeous! Congrats on the job and you actually start your new job on my birthday!!

Loribug- In the final 30 days were you exhausted? I am so physically and emotionally exhausted at this point! I feel like one more decision or another "quick run" to pick up tile and I am going to just explode.

Front Entry

A View through the front

Master Bedroom

Kitchen in Progress

"Buffet" wall in progress

Still lots to go!

Master Shower

Master Shower Inset

It was IMPOSSIBLE to get very good pictures! I can't wait to take some once they have the lights on. The kitchen granite is beautiful but pictures just don't do it justice...

What do ya'll think? Will we close by the end of April?

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Skyangel--if you're referring to the space to the right of the kitchen window, there will actually be a single upper and a bookcase that comes down to the counter where our raised DW will be. Don't have a picture of the DW cab.

This is what we found tonight in our trip over to the house. We'll use this as our bar area for entertaining. Empty space on bottom will have a beverage fridge with recycle bin next to it. I plan to keep my coffee maker here least that's what I'm thinking. Pantry is to the right and on the end is broom closet.

I would have liked the wall on the left to have not come out so far but was told it needed to be there because of the floor register on the other side. We will have geo-thermal heating/cooling. Lots to learn!

This is vanity in our master bath. We opted to go with one sink and a vanity seat for me. Will have a tower on the counter between them. It's a small master, but larger than we have now with a similar setup, so I'm thrilled.

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Uponthehilltop - i love the brick on your house. Would you mind sharing what it is? Thanks

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Autumn4 - Congrats on making a decision on the job offer thing. I prefer the family atmosphere of a small company. I hope it's a good fit for you.

Hilltop - Daaaang! Is Mighty Mouse building that house? It sure is going fast. Your front entry is beautiful. I can't tell what color the granite is but I can already see that your kitchen is going to be awesome. And no, they didn't get the posts in today. They are such teasers.

Nhbaskets - Your cabinetry is so pretty and I love the vanity in the MB. I like the beverage station thing. That was a great idea.

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Autumn, congrats on the job! I've been off for 15 months now. I haven't been looking too seriously, but starting to get a little bored.

I think you need the shelves. The empty niches would look odd to me.

I can't give advice on the sinks. The ones I've seen are just too different from the stone to look good to me. We'll be doing stainless.

Skyangel, we finally got a response into the city today. 2 weeks after they sent us their comments. We didn't do a window because it would add significant cost and we'd keep it covered anyway. We agreed to the stripe of cedar. DH is planning to pull it off as soon as we move in, slap a stamp on it and mail it to city hall.

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Uponthehill- FANTASTIC! Loooooove the master shower.

Footers are poured & framing will begin next week for us.Pics are boring at this stage but so excited to get to the point of those that I have been following for several months. Brick was a dreadful 2 month process and FINALLY settled on Statesville- Cypress Forrest. I'm in big trouble if that was sign of things to come.
Appointment w/ Kitchen designer this weekend : )

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Congratulations on making the decision and getting a start dat of April 28th. I think the extra couple of things will help you get more things done at the house so when you start work you don't have to worry too much. In regards to the shelves next to the fireplace. Can I make a suggestion: Since you and DH are so good at DIY what I would do is similar to the side with the TV in your inspiration pictures. I am thinking all you would need is to add a couple of panels on both side and put a shelf and crown molding? On the side with no TV you could add an additional shelf. Not sure I captured what is in my head properly but hope I have.

Mlweaving, Sorry about the bad start to the day. Hope it got better as it went by. I am sorry about the gator to. I would be very scared of it but would not have chosen to live that close to a lake since I am uncomfortable. Hope you can figure out a way to be present for when they do the granite template. By the way Love your blue cabinets.

Upon, You are moving at a very good pace so should be done by end of April. Front of the house looks great. Can't wait to see the closeup of the finished Kitchen soon.

Skyangel, Great tile and glad it was on budget.

Jackson, Cool light fixture. Can't wait to see it installed.

nhbaskets, The Kitchen is looking great.

RhettDrive, Good luck with the KD appointment. I think it is very important to find the right one.

I am so exhausted right now. Spent most of the day on our property answering everyones questions and spent 4 hours with the window treatment/drapery person for the second day in a row. We are almost done with finish plumbing and electrical we have water and electricity in the house and we had our back yard Patio and front of the house steps concrete poured today. Driveway and stucco will be next week. Will post pictures of lighting tomorrow.

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Thu, Apr 3, 14 at 23:38

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I miss a day because everything at work goes completely nuts and come back to 25 more replies...

Every time I think I'm finished touching up drywall another problem shows up. While I was putting the light bulbs back in I noticed that three of them have holes that are slightly too big (oops). Easy fix, and no more touchup after that. 4" Cree LEDs are not very forgiving. The trim is about the same size the fixture is. Otherwise, the kitchen ceiling is painted and I hope to finish the other areas today.

Yesterday was one of those moments like people have on the kitchens forum where a small problem causes a huge headache, when I discovered that the 42" Prestige vent is wider than the upper cabinets are deep. Instead of having the uppers bump out at the cooktop they'll be installed with a small spacer to keep the flat appearance across the whole line. I spent forever looking at vent hood specs to try and find something smaller before (duh) you can just have a spacer behind the upper cabinets.

Autumn - I like the shelf as-is, but if things still work out if you level everything out that's cool too. Also raising it makes sense after seeing your second picture. You'll have way too much fun looking at sinks at Ferguson's though.

Skyangel23 - what size is the stone? It looks nice anyway, like real stone. Very cool table, btw.

uponthehilltop - those are some seriously awesome ceilings! Like the bathroom too. Closing by the end of April though? It's going to be close in my opinion.

nhbaskets - cool cabinets. Also a great place for a coffee maker IMO.

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Thanks for the comments on the shelf. I think what is getting me is if you look at our mantel - it is pretty wide as in about as wide as the hearth. My inspiration pic it's tighter to the sides. :( So it's sticking out into the arch further. Of course you know dh is a 'no changes' kinda guy so I will have to live with it.

upon-I agree with jdez, your builder is certainly eating their wheaties. Go go go! Well it's a match made in heaven then, April 28 is going to be a great day! So I love all of your pics but I want some close ups of that counter! Your architectural details are so pretty. Love'em!

askshars-I know right! I keep telling dh, ya know we made those cubbies and it went really welllll, you COULD do the framing for the fireplace and we could get similar to the inspiration picture. But he says too much work right now. :( BOO! You are already on draperies?! You are so close. Hang in there. It does where you down. DH said I am really enjoying this, wouldn't you do it again? It's truly not going badly but I feel like to build you actually check out of your life for over 6 months. I'm not ready to do that again real soon.

marjorie-hugs. I hope bridezilla calms down. One of my college roommates was so stressed before she got married she transformed into someone else for a few hours, but there were some issues - like no water where we were getting hair and make up done due to a water main break, someone forgot the flower, and on and on. STRESS! It did improve though!

schiksal-that is EXACTLY how I feel. Sand and ready and then ya find another spot and I'm thinking WHERE did that come from!!! More patch, then dry time then sand. ARGH! Upstairs is caulked and clean. Main floor will take longer but we are getting there. I have never been to Ferguson' you saying I might want to plan for an afternoon of oogling? ;)

nhbaskets-perfect spot for coffee. I really like it, wanted to incorporate something like that myself but my short wall was too short. I think you'll LOVE it.

jdez-thanks. I really am looking forward to the different atmosphere and not being just a number in a sea of people that don't really even know each other at all.

amber-that is what I am afraid of! The colors I had with me really didn't blend well with my counter selection. I suppose black is a neutral but I was kind of surprised. We'll see how it goes when I get to the showroom. DH loves stainless. I probably should choose one of those too in case the other doesn't work out. 15 months! I actually used to send me alerts based upon a few key words and location. Every day I get an email with new postings. The job I found ironically was through word of mouth though. Go figure!

rhettdrive-it will change quickly now! Hang on to your hat!

Errands today. We need a cheap pair of crocks to wear in the house. It's getting filled with sand from the driveway and we can't paint with the kids tromping sand through the house with their boots. So that is the plan!

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OMGoodness how does everyone keep up with all these posts??! I only missed a few days…

Kellithee - Congrats on moving in!! Every day this winter I’d scrape my windows and grumble and dream of our future garage. Can’t wait for that first day next winter! Glad someone else shares in that excitement :)

Schicksal - I’m sorry if I missed this, but are you doing all the painting by hand or using a sprayer? We are going to do ours before we move in, and you just made me realize we may have to address the ceilings as well. Nice blog- I enjoyed all the pictures.

Illinigirl - Love the idea of a lifetime floor! We decided to throw all our money at adding square footage, so we went with some pretty basic finishes, included vinyl floors throughout most of the house. Someday we will lay hardwood overtop...

loribug26 - Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Just think of the dust as a protective coating on all your furniture.

Hoosierbred - What pretty floors!

jennifert23 - Welcome, and congrats! I checked out your blog and your lot is super pretty. I love all that fall color, and the spring house is adorable.

Thewitchdoctor - BOO on the builder doing his own thing. But I think you’re right that it’s better to fix it now. I don't think you should have to pay for it, though...

JDez - Awesome internet find. Also, awesome yard man ;) I gather he’s not real? Maybe you can just tape that picture to a window, so he SEEMS real… LOL

Illinigirl - Um, pictures are not boring. Want pictures!

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mlweaving_Marji -Sorry about your dad. And the alligator situation :( It sounds like you are dealing with a lot right now. Hopefully this forum is a good outlet for you. I am in love with your back porch. What a magical looking place to sit! Also those are some really cool cabinets- the built-in shelving on the side in the kitchen is awesome! Will you be leaving those open, or do you have doors?

Skyangel23 - We did the same thing- went with laminate counters and vinyl floors and spent our money on square footage, bay windows and better-than-builder grade-cabinets. Nice color scheme.

nhbaskets - What a bright, happy kitchen! Can’t wait to see it with the island and counters.

Autumn.4 - I love that! I’m a huge fan of shelving and built-ins and I think both variations are lovely. I think that without the crown on the sides, the fireplace becomes a focal point. If it was me, I would probably paint the trim on the sides a different color than the crown on the fireplace, just to emphasize it even more, haha!

uponthehilltop - I am in awe of all that stone. What a stunning entry!

HobbsFamilyKY - That’s so cute! I love personal touches like that :)

RhettDrive - YAY, foundation!!!

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Thanks for the compliments everyone! We are locked through May 15th on
Our rate, so we have a little additional buffer.

Autumn and Jdez- hoping to get better countertop pics today!

Gold- here is the info on our brick

We went with "champagne" mortar, I really wanted to go with ivory mortar but we have red clay dirt and I knew it would be a battle to keep it clean closer to the ground, around the landscaping.

Hope everyone has a good day! It's FRIDAY!!

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They're waterproofing the footers and walls. Slab should be poured early next week :)

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Hi All,

Financing question here...

We bought our land with our own cash, we will be using the rest of our cash to finance 20% of the build. The other 80% of the build money will come from my parents. Our estimated DOC is August 4th. I feel pretty confident that we will reach this date considering my husband is the GC. We plan to take out a mortgage on the completed house to pay my parents back. The mortgage will end up being around 50% of the homes total value once complete.

How soon can we lock in considering we have 4 more months of construction? Would this be a typical mortgage if we are paying back my parnets? Would it be a HELOC instead? Just curious if any of you have had a similar experience.

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our building blog!

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Not til construction is compete or the lock will expire. We were attempting to do that exact same thing but we finally found a bank that would work with us on a build for more than 6 months. Call the bank you want to lock with and ask them. I don't think they can lock you before the cert. of occupancy is issued but I could be wrong. Good luck!

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Autumn - If you think you can get through in just one afternoon! It's loads of fun and if it's a big one you'll see all sorts of great stuff for other rooms that you never even thought of. It's kind of like Houzz in person.

ladybrowncoat - Thanks, it's been an embarrassingly long time since the blog was updated. I've painted both by roller and by sprayer. The sprayer was some kind of Wagner from Lowes that was about $200 and it didn't work out very well. It didn't come out as even as I wanted and I had to backroll everything with the roller anyway. The paint also kept drying and clogging the nozzle. Ceilings are funny... half the time touching up areas doesn't work so I'm just doing it all now. It's not like there's a floor to watch out for anyway except in the front living room.

I cannot wait for work to wrap up... I want to call Habitat to see what leftovers they want, paint some more and order appliances. Also gotta call the bank first because when I bought the hardwood they thought someone stole my card!

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photos as promised!


walking in the front door (windows still waiting to be replaced- the first set of replacements were the wrong color!)

standing in the kitchen looking towards dinette area

range wall

fridge wall- you can see the recess for the fridge, to the left is the pantry, to the right is the door to the mudroom which contains access to, laundry, powder, lockers, walk-in closet,garage, stairway to lower level and bonus level. That area is very difficult to photograph because it's just a bunch of doors and empty wall space so I didn't include any of those.


standing in great room/family room looking towards kitchen

standing in dinette looking towards front door. door to left is the Den, and hallway leading to master

great room fireplace/built ins- again you can see door to den and hallway to Master Bedroom


entering the lower level. This is the bar. The columns will flank an island seating area. wet bar on the right wall. The bright opening on the left is a playroom that will have double barn doors. The hallway straight ahead leads to a bath, the other bedrooms, an exercise room, closets.

standing on the other side of the bar. the big wall will have a big tv or screen for projector. the doorway is just access to components and the 'brains' of the house.

another view of the bar, playroom and hallway to bedrooms

down the hallway

smaller bedroom for my 6yr old. walk in closet on left, across the hall you can see the closet for my second washer/dryer.

stairs to bonus area. I'm standing on the landing of the switchback stairs. We walled off part of the stairway for safety measures due to my special needs child. This is actually one of my favorite parts of the house as it is a sunny quiet spot. As a child I would have spent time sitting on the stairs or laying on the landing reading in the sun. I can see myself coming here to take a phone call, etc when the great room is noisy. For those of you keeping track, the ceilings in this space are quite tall enough for the lantern light I wanted to put in the foyer (but wouldn't work there with 9 ft ceiling)

top of the stairway- hallway to bonus rooms. Straight ahead is a linen closet. The ceiling is designed to open up to access the cupola should the light need to be serviced.

one of the bonus rooms and closet. These two rooms will serve as guest space and office space.

master bedroom (we are back on the main floor)

vanity corner of our master bath- there will be a vanity across the wall under each window

slab i tagged the other day. not sure if i'm keeping or not but it sure is pretty


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Cool pictures! It looks really open inside. What color cabinets and flooring will you have?

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thanks schicksal- yes, it is very open. I have a special needs child who will be living with us indefinitely into adulthood (he's almost 13 now). He is not physically handicapped so he gets into a lot of trouble. I wanted to be able to see him at all times no matter where I am. This is why there is a door to the mudroom and stairwell- to keep him 'contained' so to speak. He must be supervised at all times.

At this moment we are planning on 5" site finished walnut throughout the main living spaces, white kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, stained island. We will be pulling warm colors into our paint choices in the main space depending on how it works with the backsplash and counters.

Mudroom and bathrooms will all be tile, the only carpet on the first floor will be in the master. Thanks for looking!

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Rhettdrive - Good to have you drop in. Hope your build goes smooth.

LadyBrownCoat - You have begun! Yay! Hope your build goes smooth too.

Schicksal - So good of you to donate to Habitat. I don't know if it's true but I've heard there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Illinigirl - Love the pics! I can't wait to see what it looks like with some finishing done.

JenTate - I'm not sure about the locked in rate. We paid cash for our lot and then financed with a construction loan with 20% down with the option to convert to a conventional mortgage after the build and appraisal. I am not sure what that is called.

I took the day off work to finish working on the MB in our current house. Last weekend I had scraped the wallpaper off the wall and put drywall compound stuff on all the little dents and cuts that I left behind, there were lots of them. This morning, I sanded the white stuff. Yuck is all I have to say about that. So now, I have to go clean up that mess before I can tape and prime. I look like a ghost. My hair is gritty and my dog keeps staring at me like I'm a powdered donut. Back to work....

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I need to catch up but got our first cabinet layout today (with only about a week to finalize. I so love how our builder procrastinates). Anyway, I posted in the kitchens forum too, but in case anyone has any advice I am trying to decide where to put glass cabinets and where to put an open shelf or two. I can afford 4 glass doors and one maybe two open shelves, and two drawer stacks in addition to the desk area. Layout as far as appliances is firm, I just need glass door/shelves/ drawer stack placement advice. Simple, right? :-)

Should I get rid of that angled glass cabinet? Should I do open shelves above the desk instead of glass doors? I think I should definitely switch the desk drawer stack to the other side. And I can add one more drawer stack somewhere. Where should it go? Other side of stove, or angled end of peninsula? Any other ideas much appreciated!

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Chase Dika

Just cleared off the build site yesterday.

Surveyors come Wednesday to stake out the house.

Yup, way up north, haha.

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schicksal-uh oh. Houzz in person that could be trouble...

illini-thanks for the tour - so nice and look at all that light! :) Things are coming right along and it looks so CLEAN. Have you listed your house yet?

ladybrown-well, we actually are putting in corbels that are stained darker pulling from the floor color and we have talked about having the cabinet tops stained too. ??? Hmmm. You asked schicksal but we are also painting so I'll share what we are doing as one option. We sprayed the walls and ceiling with primer - back rolled the walls. Sprayed ceiling paint and back rolled. We are spraying the trim and doors. Finally I am going to trim and roll the walls by hand - no spray - with 2 coats of color. :)

jdez-when we sprayed primer I had to leave and pick up one of the boys from a cadet outing. I got in the car and looked in the rear view mirror and saw exactly what I will look like when I turn gray. I had a misted film of paint covering my hair. I had a respirator on so my face stayed pretty clean but wow! That was quite a sight! LOL! Good luck - wallpaper removal is a BEAR!

jen-we kind of followed what jdez did. We owned our land outright but locked in our rate when we broke ground. We had over 20% down so the first few draws we went through our own money first. Once the build is complete it converts to a conventional mortgage at the locked in rate.

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jen- we also did the same thing. Bought the lot with cash, had more cash for the down payment of the house- which meant that the first few draws came to us for funds. When we met our promised personal fund amount, the draws starting coming out of our mortgage. With the exception of change log orders. Anything we go over on the builder requests a check on a monthly basis. We have a home equity line because we own our current home outright so we are using that equity plus whatever other cash we have on hand to also finance these overages so we didn't have to sell our home before we started the build. In total we probably are paying about 45-50% of the house from our own funds, the rest on mortgage. We secured what was called a perm-loan before we started. It's a construction loan that automatically converts to a 15 year after I think 9 months. I guess we only have to pay interest on it during the construction phase, then we'll pay like a normal principle-interest payment when it converts in October. That locked in our rate at that time last fall when we signed on the loan. What are interest rates doing these days anyways?

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@sky- I will look at your kitchen layout later this evening when I can sit down and think and see what I can come up with!

Short on time, but here are some pics for my gals!

First coat of stain on the front doors

The long awaited, much anticipated, "buffet" wall. Cabinets with openings will have seedy glass. Uppers will have lights in cabinets!

Should we add cabinets on the other 2 sides and take them up to the ceiling as well? Right now, if left as is, there will be trim above the cabinets on the wall and trim on top of the actual cabinets on the oven and refrigerator sides.
Our builder is getting a price on taking the cabs to the ceiling all around.

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We are not able to lock in a rate until 30 days before closing. Our construction rate is 4%. I don’t think you will be able to get a traditional mortgage to pay back your parents. I would imagine it would have to be a HELOC like you mentioned. The interest rate will most likely be a bit higher.

I believe interest rates are about 4.5%. They were stable for a while, but seem to be jumping up a bit lately. Since I can’t lock in for 3 more months, I try not to be obsessive about watching them rise.

Illinigirl, LOVE those windows when you walk in. All that frustration will be worth it when they’re done right. You will have tons of natural light. Gorgeous. I love the open floor plan, and the stairs with the sunlight. I would read on that landing too! :-)

Cdika, isn’t it April??? What is all that snow? I am in Florida so the seasons tend to pass me by, but I am pretty sure April is supposed to be spring, right? :-)

UpontheHill, WOW! That front door is amazing. And I stared at your kitchen pictures for five minutes. So pretty! So, the seedy glass�"is that so it is still pretty glass but people can’t actually see what’s inside? What are the pros and cons of seeded glass versus clear? I plan to have a few glass doors and inquiring minds would like to know. :-) As far as your million dollar question, it will probably be pricey, but if you can swing it I think taking the rest of the cabs to the ceiling will look awesome, and “complete” the look.

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Illinigirl Like the windows! We too went with 4-over-1's. Nice to see them in real life.

uponthehilltop Nice buffet wall.Real nice use of that height.

We're 5 weeks into the project. Week 2 of framing is complete and we've got stairs up to the second floor, and all the decking is down. Of course there's no walls, so I'm not too comfortable having anyone up there.

Just passed papers with the bank the other day for the construction loan (we've been out-of-pocket so far. Empty pockets now.) and learned they need 3 weeks of paper shuffling before the first draw. This might stall us a little. Might need to go into pester mode to prod things along.

Here is a link that might be useful: Timelapse of our Garage going up.

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upon-if you took them to the ceiling are you thinking glass doors there also? Love your granite, did you already say what it's called? Your kitchen is going to be awesome!

jennifer-illini said it perfect, that is exactly what we have. Converts to a 15 year and I think the I/R was 4% when we locked so not too much different.

sky-good for you not obsessing about checking rates. So much to get nerved up about.

oic-nice time lapse!

sky-we do not have as much snow as cdika but we cannot see our black dirt yet. Only the drive is clear. The rest is all snow. We can see our wood pile and roof now though, woohoo!

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@Autumn - The granite is called surf green, each slab is so unique, but we happened upon what the guy called "light surf" and I think it will be perfect once we get all the lights installed and everything finished out.
I am not sure if I would put glass up there or just keep that side solid? What do you think?

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i'm baaaa-aaaack! had to take a little breather because last week i finally had my meltdown. my builder actually made me cry over the phone. more delays, which means we may be living in a hotel because our leases are up on april 15th and april 18th. also, we blocked our time off from work based on the dates they gave us and were sticking to, we booked our family's help to babysit and the guys to help us move and all that is gone because now we'll most likely be moving during the week instead of over a weekend. we booked our installations for phone, internet, tv... and now those are prior to us getting keys so we may have to move those appointments out. basically, it created a ton more work for us, and i have to move 2 weeks worth of work meetings around again. unbelievably stressful. though marji i don't have a wedding to contend with so perhaps i should count my blessings!

i'm sorry i haven't had a chance to catch up on the crazy number of posts yet, but wanted to share some photos since they've made great progress in the past week.

from the street it looks pretty much ready to go, including a mailbox, sod, and plants and trees! gutters are in, shutters and headers are stained. there are several mistakes on the landscape plan, but we'll get that sorted out soon.

inside, they're still doing final paint touchup and button up work. i believe they're going through final inspections to get the occupancy certificate, though we don't physically get it until the bank does the final disbursement which is after our second walk through. our first walk is tuesday. final walk could be a week from tuesday (april 15).

my cursed shower is no longer cursed. tile - check! grout - check! fixtures - check!

our custom hood is now installed and working along with the makeup air system it required.

cabinet hardware is in!!

front door is stained: this is 2 coats of ebony

this will eventually be the correct 5 crape myrtle lining our driveway. right now we're on round 2 of planting the same (wrong) trees twice. no further commentary needed given my history right?

we're really getting very close.

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upon- wow, your granite is sooo gorgy- beautiful with your creamy cabs!

maggie- soooo close now and looking spectacular! thanks for the pics. Sorry about more delays-that stinks. :(

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Jennifer, we borrowed from my husbands parents when we built our first home. To pay them back, we did a cash out refinance. Worked very well.

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Upon, Kitchen is looking beautiful. Love your front door stain and the Granite. Your Kitchen looks great as is or it will still be great with the taking to the top. I personally tool ours to the top since I like that look and not having to dust due to allergies. It all depends on how much it would cost and if you can swing it with out giving up anything else.

Illinigirl, House is looking great. Love your windows. It is going to so light filled.

ladybrowncoat. Yes very hard to keep up with all the posts if you miss even one day. Good luck with the slab next week.

Maggiepie11, Sorry about the delays and having to stay in hotel. Your house is looking great and hope you can move in soon.

Skyangel, In regards to the kitchen layout I personally would remove the diagonal glass cabinet but keep the glass on the desk area. I think open shelves also would work over the desk.

Autumn, I too have enjoyed the build process through all the ups and downs. Would I do it again? Yes but not for a few years and plan better and may be take a break from work if possible. Like you said doing this takes 6 months to one year of dedication to get it right.

Jdez, Are you planning to put your current house on market soon? Hope you got a chance to relax a little after all the work.

Fireplace was installed today and painter finally finished painting but will be back later next week to do the final touchups. I need to start marking all the ares he needs to fix. This weekend we need to do final round of shopping for the house. Can't believe we have not yet bought the locks for the interior of the house and the mirrors for the bathroom and we hope to be done end of next week.

I am starting to feel stressed again. I have not booked movers or give notice to our apartment yet because I am not confident they will be done by April 11. At this point if they are done by April 18th I will be happy.

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uponthehilltop - I would go high up with the cabinets. The vent hood would look just fine with the wall color between it and cabinets to the left/right. I'm not sure what to put way up high but it would look cool, especially with some LED lighting at the highest cabinets. The granite looks really nice too.

cdika17 - Snow is fun but when you have to move it with a bulldozer... maybe not so much.

Skyangel23 - Not sure if I would add any glass doors on top of what's in the pictures. The angled one seems just fine. We had a stack of 4 drawers in a 12" wide cabinet at the end of our old peninsula and it was pretty useful for keeping things like oven mitts and dish towels.

maggiepie11 - wow, painting the blue areas on the ceiling really adds a lot! Is there going to be anything else in there that color? I'm curious what kind of floor is hiding underneath that paper too...

akshars_mom - that's crazy close to now - you're almost there!

Priming and drywall rework is now finished and HD is having a huge sale today so I think I know where our top coat of paint will come from... I also need a better ladder to replace the rickety old wooden one that was my grandma's and those are on sale too.

Plans are also starting to come together for what to do after the flooring is in because the front living room and entry hall are also in work. Grasscloth wallpaper, a new front door and sidelight and entry hall flooring are in the mix. For the front door we have one of these to go around the doorknob

and probably this front door and a sidelight in reeded glass on the right only.

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maggiepie: Your home is looking great! I can't wait to get that far along. Can you share a few product details?

I like your kitchen. I think the combinations give it a timeless look. What's the manufacturer of those shaker style lower cabinets? And the hardware?

Love the fireplace. The stone, that mantel, the way the white trim wraps up top. Is the stone full or veneer? If the latter, is in a national or local product? Also, any idea on the height of your hearth? (I have to tell my framers soon how high I want mine)

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maggie-the shower looks great! All in good time,right? :) So sorry to hear of all of your delays and shuffling. So stressful and right down to the wire. Everything looks wonderful though. I'd love more dets on your cab hardware also. It looks great!

upon-well here are my thoughts but I am not not not a fashionista in any way shape or form. I am thinking tall uppers throughout. So....I think if you kept the buffet wall with the glass it would separate it out, kinda accent it. Then solid for the 'working' part of the kitchen. However, if you did do glass all the way with the tall then it would tie it together. I think it's all personal preference and what you are hoping to achieve with your buffet wall. :) How's that for a definitive answer? Hahaha! It's so pretty it will look great either way.

akshars-a few years huh? I am thinking more like 10! I think it's all the more complicated with kids too. If they were grown and out maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty, guilty if I'm not working on the house and hanging with the kids, guilty if I am at the house and they are just dealing with it-trying to find something to do and we still have snow and a muddy driveway so outside is just a bear. April 11...eek. That is so close. Are they completely confident it will be done? I haven't even begun to think about mirrors and stuff. :(

Spring break is here. Dh is off through Tuesday. We are going to put some long days in and see how far we can get. I'll let ya know how that goes. BIL is coming today to finish up the mantel, anxious at how it's all going to go with the crown and shelf and all. I better scoot, tick tock.

Have a great day everyone.

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Kids... yeah we're powering through all this stuff before kids come along. Some friends have been trying to do much smaller projects (it's just him on his own) and it's taking forever. He also works long hours though.

The combination of all the power tools, giant holes in the floor, debris and all that + very little people would be a bad idea for us. It was hard enough keeping the cat out of the crawlspace.

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Everything looks great! Good to see your shower complete Maggie and all in the right colors and placement. I don't have any pictures this week but HVAC is in, plumbing is in, built in vac comes this week and then electrical. We also selected our fireplace and are working on siding. We are doing Hardie Plank but were thinking of using the shingles in a few of the upper areas for accent and apparently it is more expensive so I am deciding how much I want and where. It never ends with the decisions......Have a good weekend!

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MFatt, we went with Hardie Board siding but because of the high cost of the Hardie shakes (we had them quoted), we went with Certainteed Cedar Impression Double 9" Staggered Shakes in our gables. Everyone who has seen them couldn't believe they were vinyl.

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Interesting, I didn't think of checking out vinyl. It seems the Hardie shake products are 2-3 times as much as the plank. I will look into that as we are also just doing the gables. Thanks for the suggestion.

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hoosier- that is EXACTLY what we did! I have seen the combination in person and you can't tell a difference. The only drawback is having to select a standard color from the Certainteed, but we did find a color we loved, and there were lots of colors to choose from.

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Illinigirl, I don't know if Sable Brown is a standard color or not. But, it still was several thousands $ cheaper than the Hardie. We were also told that the install cost was a lot cheaper, too. They had the shakes in the gables all installed within a day.

MFatt, I just posted this to another thread. Someone was asking about Sable Brown Certainteed Shakes.

"We used Certainteed Cedar Impressions Double 9" Staggered Rough-Split Shakes in Sable Brown in all our gables. There was a big difference in thickness of the shakes between the Single 7" vs the Double 9". The reason we know is because they shipped the single 7" by mistake. I honestly don't know if the Sable Brown was more because that is the only color we had the contractor quote for us.

The Sable Brown really has some grayish tint to it. We went with primed Hardie Board. The photos below are the primed colors of both the Hardie and trim. We are anxiously waiting for the exterior to be painted. The reason why I know there is some grayish tint is because of the problems I was running into matching a Clay color for the siding. Some Clay's are more brown. The Clayish color we plan to use has more gray to complement the Sable Brown and the Bronze color we are using for our trim around the windows and doors.

Our supplier provided a large sample of the shakes. Very helpful in matching. Good Luck. Our exterior choices were one of the hardest decisions we made."

Here is a pic of the front of the house:

Back of house:


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That looks fabulous. I will meet with my GC Monday to discuss options for the shakes and will bring these us. Thanks again.

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so i'm late and you may have made your decisions already, but autumn, i'd go for the shelf personally, but i'm sure you could create balance without it as well.

and upon, i'd TOTALLY do the upper cabinets if you can swing the cost!! even if you don't need the storage space, i'd like the balance it creates.

as for the questions:

@schiksal: the blue on our ceiling isn't exactly anywhere else, though i did use it as an accent color on a piece of artwork i did for the room, so maybe the answer is yes? nothing else that's permanent though.

this is the artwork i'm referring to - the blue is actually the same paint, but it has been distressed here so it looks less vibrant.

i've posted pics of the floor previously but here they are again. they're site finished red oak, hand scraped with the grain, water popped and stained with a custom blend of weathered oak and classic gray by duraseal with a satin poly finish. in some lights they look grayer, and in other lights they look more of a weathered tan.

@oicu: the cabinets are actually custom and from a local cabinet maker my builder has worked with for years. i was a little wary because i was expecting a kitchen designer to play with a fancy piece of software and tweak and tweak the kitchen for us, but whatever technology the process lacked they made up for in beautiful quality. thanks for noticing! :) they're solid maple if that helps.

here's a closeup of the island drawers/trash pullout.

and the cabinet hardware is... drumroll....wait for it... from IKEA!! we stumbled on them after searching high and low and not finding anything big and chunky that's kinda rustic/cottage, kinda classic, and in black. and the price was great too! they come in packs of 2 for $7.99! only problem is they come with very short screws and we had thick cabinets and drawers. ikea's hardware comes with metric screws so be prepared to hunt for longer matching thread metric screws. we got ours at fastenal, which i only discovered after searching online for how to get screws for ikea hardware. :)

the hearth was such a point of drama, but what hasn't been in our build, right? haha it was built at the wrong height and ultimately they had to bring in 3 or 4 trades to rip out sheetrock, disconnect and reconnect the gas and electrical stuff, and move the fireplace up to accomodate the higher hearth. it sits about 17" which was our compromise as it was supposed to be 18" but it's a great height for us to sit and our family is on the taller side.

the fireplace stone is natural stone, but cut into thin veneer for freight purposes. the stone is from the northeast, specifically the boston area, and we had it hauled all the way to texas because we love the stone from home and wanted to bring that piece of home to our new home. it's VERY expensive to haul it that far, but the stone itself is within the normal range of stone prices.

hope that helps!

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Had to share my island that was installed on Friday. I'm totally in love with the color and are sure my super white counters will be the crowning glory. One glitch with the drawer side of the island...I got slab drawers rather than shaker. New drawer fronts have been ordered, so I'm okay with this little stumble.

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Everyone is making great progress!

This post was edited by JDez on Sat, Apr 5, 14 at 22:04

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nhbaskets, love that color!! it's reading like a dusty aqua on my monitor. is that right? sooo pretty! the superwhite will be stunning with it!

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Maggiepie--it's more blue/gray. The color we were trying to duplicate is BM Mineral Alloy. Came out more blue, however, which I'm perfectly okay with.

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Looks beautiful nhbaskets! We are going to have similar islands. Mine is BM Steel Wool which is supposed to be more gray than blue but comes off as more blue. I'm loving it though! Gorgeous!!

I LOVE all the pics that everyone is sharing! Welcome to our new posters, too!

My husband and one of my sons is in Utah right now and they were able to stop by our build. (My husband starts building his practice at the same time so that is why I get to be in charge of this build. It's nice, though!)

My project manager said they will start framing by the end of this week! I am sooooo excited! I cannot believe it!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Looks like a lot will be going on in the next week in Utah! We are moving out there in 7 weeks so I won't miss too much.

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Chase Dika

schicksal and skyangel

Our spring up here don't start till May.

I become more and more less of a fan of the snow every year, that's why I have a home in Phoenix too.

I live in Northern Alberta, Canada.

I like my tractor, snow removal is a breeze! ha

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Do you all like this chandelier? We have a very formal dining room with 16 foot ceilings and I am struggling to find the right fit.
I found an awesome deal on this fixture...

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maggiepie: Good work by that cabinet maker. Nothing beats handcrafted. And we'll have to remember to check IKEA for handles/pulls.

On the stone, was that from in Littleton MA? I'm a couple towns away from them! I saw their work in a local restaurant and am leaning towards using them. Shipping costs aside, are you happy with them? Was it easy (er?) to work with? quality, color, feel all good?

robynstamps Envious of that view. The red barn against the backdrop of the mountains? What a view to wake up to.

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oicu - not sure the source of the stone because my builder will only use his own vendors, so they found a way to get boston field stone to us out here. i gave them photos of our fieldstone retaining wall from our last house and suggested the idea of doing a natural veneer, but they took it from there. that looks similar, but if it's natural stone it would look similar if it's pulled out of the ground up there. :) i can't believe i didn't realize you're in the boston area!!

we used morgado stone to construct our walls just north of boston, and they did an awesome job. i think they're based out of hampton beach. that obviously wasn't veneer though.

i'll warn you, the stone sitting in piles doesn't look like the finished color or the finished product so don't panic. they're certainly lighter to move around the job site, but otherwise didn't hear any feedback on how it was to work with. as for cost for the veneer, natural stone veneer is comparable to the cost of cultured stone veneer for material alone (unless you're hauling across the country), but the natural is more expensive to install because the cultured stuff comes in shapes that are more easily pieced together.

here's a picture of our stone walls done by Morgado, and I believe they do veneer as well.

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I just checked out IKEA online for hardware and they have more than they used too. I wonder if I could get away with black cup pulls from there if my appliances are stainless and my faucet is ORB?

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Akshars - Do you realize that you are just days away from being able to move into your new house? As stressful as the time crunch is, it still has to be exciting.

Hoosier - You probably mentioned it before and I have forgotten or just missed it, but what color do you plan to paint the primed Hardie?

Nhbaskets - I love your island color. Very pretty.

Schicksal - Cool front door. It reminds me of the house I lived in when until I was 12 yrs old.

Maggiepie - Every aspect of your home has turned out beautiful. I know you've been through a lot but I can tell that each little battle was worth it.

Robyn - Seven weeks will be over with before you know it! Keep lots of framing pictures because that part goes fast.

Hilltop - Your granite is beautiful! I also love the color of your island. I think I agree with Autumn4, if you put cabs all the way to the ceiling, do mostly solid doors so that the buffet wall stands out. Maybe a couple of glass doors on the opposite wall just to tie them together but not all glass doors. Although, come to think of it, all glass doors all the way around would look pretty awesome too. So I am oficially no help. Sorry. BTW, your front door is really pretty.

Our builder was supposed to install the cedar porch posts, build the bathtub deck (that he forgot to do before the plumbers came), and build a deck in the attic for HVAC installation that will happen on Tuesday. None of it was done. He better be busy on Monday because I hate to nag. Also, been looking over the books and we are quite a bit over budget. Of course, we knew this but having it confirmed made it real. Oh well, hopefully we'll make up some of it along the way. Good day my peeps!

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What about these for kitchen island lights? We have a casual/rustic great room and kitchen with basically no colors. All stained woods, hickory floors, no paint yet. I was thinking of colored pendants and then incorporating the decorating accessories to that. Sort of an accent and inspiration color so to speak.

Disclaimer: I am not a decorator.

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JDez, we did a color match of the Norwegian Wood color of our soffits/fascia. The light color on all three sample boards will be for the lap siding and the trim on the corners, tops and bottoms. Our gutters will be in the Norwegian Wood color, too.

We did a color match of our window exteriors (Marvin Integrity Bronze). We will use that color for the window and door trim and the column trim.

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LOL, I should say "will have" we are not even close to that yet.

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Typing this again. I somehow lost my entire post when I got up to eat a biscuit. That's what I get for attacking carbohydrates, anyways....

MFatt - I love the pendant and the color. I have been drooling over several similar type lights from Barn Light Electric but have yet to make a decision or decide if I will spend that much.

Hoosier - I love it! You seem to have come up with a color scheme that works with everything from your stone to your windows to your roof. We were originally going to have painted wood siding but discovered that Hardie was about one third the cost and less maintenance. Our original colors that we planned for our exterior was SW Outerspace (kind of a dark gray that looks blue in different light) and BM Flint as the trim color. The colored hardie wasn't much more than the primed, so then we decided to save the cost of a painter and go with Evening Blue with white trim. But I couldn't get the original vision out of my mind, so we went back to the primed hardie. Our main color will be Outerspace but now we can't decide if we want the Flint or white trim because our windows are white. I guess we'll make that decision when the painter asks us what color we I hope it all comes together as good as your choices did. I can't wait to see yours finished.

EDIT: I went and looked at my paint cards and the trim color is BM Storm. I don't know where I got "Flint" from. Maybe that was a color for something else?

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I have been checking out Barn Light Electric too but I stumbled on these looking at Maggie's hardware from Ikea and I am thinking this might be the ticket. My lighting budget is too low, I knew it before but I am realizing the error of my ways now :)

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MFatt, i like the pendant idea a lot. in fact, i've walked by those green ones at ikea multiple times and thought...hmm... where can i put those!? :)

one note of warning though, many of their pendants are wired to be plugged in with an on/off rocker, so your electrician would have to nip and tuck to make some of the ikea lights work. not sure if that is one of them.

the other thing is that the inside of it isn't particularly attractive, so hang it as low as is reasonable so you're never looking directly up into it. we have that problem with our hallway lights. they're open bottom lanterns and you see mostly bottoms.

we sat down with my parents at lunch today and mapped out several different scenarios for the logistics of our move. we have two leases ending on different days (theirs on the 15th, ours on the 18th) and can't seem to get anyone to tell us the specific steps between the final walk through and someone handing us our keys. no matter how we slice it, and no matter how stressful it is, it is SO exciting to think we're almost there. we can see our possible final walkthrough date on the 10 day forecast now!!!

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Oh man, I hope this phase is soon behind you and you can tell is all it was worth the time and struggles :)

Do you mean the lighted are made to be hardwired? I don't quite get the rocker comment.

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I hope they have those at my local store. Apparently they don't sell them online. Freaking Ikea.

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MFatt - They cost a little more but look at Etsy. I have found some Barn Light Electric look-a-likes for less and they are custom made. Search "enamel pendant light, rustic pendant light", etc. They are a good bit more than the IKEA light though. That price is phenomenal.

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I'll check out Etsy. I have been eyeballing some cute kitchy kitchen art but I haven't checked lights at all there.

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MFatt - i mean some of the less expensive fixtures at ikea are geared more towards temporary/apartment style living where the lights are not hardwired, but rather they come with a plug that you plug into an outlet, and to turn it on and off it has a little rocker switch like this:

it's not a huge deal for an electrician to snip it and wire it directly, but if you have a builder or electrician who will not go an extra inch let along go the extra mile, just something to keep in mind if tensions are running at all high! and i'm not even sure if that fixture is one that plugs directly in to the wall either.

if ikea and etsy don't work out for you, American Nail Plate is another mfr like barn light electric, but they're sold more places, so it ups your chances of getting a sale or coupon code. i got some ANP stuff at (ATG stores) and i was on their email list so all my purchases there were at 25% off. ANP's pendants run about $90 and up before any sort of sale, and shipping is free from lighting universe. ANP is all custom/made to order, so allow several weeks!

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I get it now. I wasn't familiar with the rocker switch but I totally get it now. I read an article on how to switch from a plug in to a hardwire but this maybe different since the rocker is usually mid-length on the wire. I will head into the store and check them out. I will also check out ANP, Thanks!

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You should be able to rewire the lights pretty easy as long as they can be taken apart. They look pretty nice btw.

Our progress is pretty boring, just more painting. The way things have been going I think I'll wrap up on Wednesday, then on Thursday the flooring starts going in. It'll be nice to do something else, my shoulders are killing me from rolling paint everywhere.


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Hey Everyone,

I can finally post in this thread! I closed on 15 acres in Rockingham County, NC last Thursday.

I am planning a salt box inspired farm house, detached garage, and barn. I am excited to share my progress and follow everyone's updates!

- JK

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JK - Welcome. Can't wait to follow your progress. Let's see some pics of your build site.

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JDez - it's hard to get a good photo now, it's all wooded with the exception of spot we brush cut to park, I will have more photos soon. Here is a video of the driveway I share with my new neighbor. If you turn left at the end clearing, it will take you back to her house. If you turn right, you will head into the patch of brush we cleared to park in. Thankfully, most of it is hardwoods, so it's very easy to navigate through the forest.

There are also 2 creeks, a small pine forest in the back, and lots of large rocks in and around the creeks. I also found the dashboard and windshield of an old Ford F-1.

Here is a link that might be useful: Driveway Video

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cdika, I'm also in Alberta. I feel your pain. We have less snow down here right now, but it's not done falling for the year yet.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Wow every thing is looking great everybody!

My friend & I spent alllllllllll weekend decorating, and trying to get boxes emptied. Most of the "living" stuff is either put away or in the attic or garage. Going to try to get the garage cleaned out this week. My bay is almost empty enough to park in!

Here are some pictures of what I have done....Notice boxes of crap still sitting around and my dining room table is still covered as the "staging area" lol. But it's getting closer!!

We also got the command center up in the hall way, and our half bath decorated, but I seem to have missed taking pictures of them. :( I'll save that for another update I suppose!!

Keep your heads up guys, It seriously is awesome on this side!!

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Wow, Lori! I can't believe you have all that done already. Nice job! Love the quotes on the side of your red cabinet. Looks like a home!!!!!

Can't wait to see more. Can't wait to be in your shoes. :-)

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Lori- awesome!! your house looks like a warm cozy home!!

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Loribug - Sure is looking like a home. I'm glad you're keeping us updated. I hope you're learning your light switches so you can remove the labels someday. :)

JK - Nice video. Your land is going to be soooo nice!

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Lori, awesome job! I've been looking at that quote and wondering where I could put it. You just gave me my answer! Can I ask you where you got it? I haven't seen one with multiple colors before. Love it!

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Great job decorating Lori! That wall of photos is especially spectacular!! Glad you are enjoying your new home. :)

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robyn......WOW....that is one hellava view you have there from your house!!

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Jk, Welcome. It is great yto get started after all the planning.

jDez, Yes I have to keep telling myself that we are almost there just keep going. Did the Porch posts get put in? We want pictures :)

Hooiser, You exterior is going to look great love all the paint choices you have made. exterior choices have been the hardest for me and still how everything will turn out.

Mfatt16, Love the green pendant. I think it will be great pop of color.

Lori, Your house is looking like a home and is very warm. You have done such a great job.

Autumn, Hope you are making good progress with DH off. Post the pictures of the fireplace mantel with shelves or no shelves when you are done.

We are supposedly in the last week folks. All the doors and the hardware went in today and the back splash is installed and grouted. The plumber is supposed to come in today and finish the final stuff and install he range and hood. I will try to get some pictures tomorrow.

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Framing nearly complete. Taking longer due to issues integrating with existing structure.

Great room:

Dining room:

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Just a quick check in. Wedding is this week, Insomnia reigns.
We're templating our stone for kitchen and living room tomorrow AM, without benefit of kitchen sink (previous post snafu). Although the granite place wanted to do all templating at same time, bathroom floors aren't grouted which means that vanities aren't set, so my guess is that they'll have to come back later for those.

Lori, your house looks so lived in, and I mean that in a good way, that it's hard to believe that you're just moving in. You have been hard at work girl!

MFatt, have you looked at Industrial Style pendants. You choose your color, your shade style, your cap style, and basically DIY. I stumbled across them when looking for green pendants.

UpontheHilltop, I think your lighting question above got buried, especially without a link to the light you posted.
Are you aware that it's available on Amazon for about $300? Looks like it's discontinued?
Anyway, here is a pic of the light, and a link to the Amazon listing.

It's Huge! With your ceilings you can def handle the 55" high part, but is your table and your room big enough for the 44" diameter? See Sizing your chandelier.
It's also pretty heavy visually. I'm thinking it would take a pretty substantial style of furniture not to be overwhelmed by it.

nhbaskets, Love your blue island. I'll try to get pics of mine tomorrow during the templating process. All the protective cardboard should get taken off and I'll have a photo op.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Marji, good luck with the wedding!

baskets ~ I have a good friend that is a graphic designer, and she cuts vinyl. I took the lines out of several of those quotes that I found online and made my own up. She designed it, cut it, and put it on for me. What I do know is that if you look on you can find people that do the same thing :)

Here are some more pics :)

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Bluemoon - Where have you been? No pics to share?

Caben - Nice progress. It may be slow going but at least its going.

Hilltop - What happened to the other light you had bought for the dining room? Did it go somewhere else?

Robyn - Are they framing this week?

The HVAC guy is working at our place. Of course, the space that we set aside for the HVAC in the bonus room will not work. It is against code for it to be in an enclosed room, no matter how big that room might be. So it is being moved to the attic and now we will have to move wiring and drain pipe, etc. I am really starting to hate all these stupid rules. I'm sure they have their reasons for them but it ticks me off that we paid over $400 as part of our building permit for "Plan Review" and no one said anything about this or our stairs or electrical panel location that have all been "out of code". So WTH did they review? Ok, I'm through complaining. Our porch posts might be put in today. They had been delayed by rain. I also finally finished the bathroom project at our current house. I painted it SW Window Pane. It is a nice bright color for a small room. Hopefully, I will have the place ready to list in a month or so. Have a great day!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

JDez...that's just a bunch of hooey. :(

I wonder what these people get paid for?

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i have such butterflies in my stomach right now. such nervous energy!!

we have our first orientation walk through with our builder today.
we just paid our 1 year insurance binder, and locked our rate and worked out some crazy last minute scares with the bank that turned out to be nothing. my heart can't take much more of this.

the news we got yesterday is that it's possible we could have keys friday, which is a week before our lease expires and such a relief. we are hoping to move in saturday!!!!!! THIS SATURDAY!!!

wish me luck at the walk through!

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Good to see that everyone else is making some progress.

The contractor was supposed to start excavation for the basement yesterday, but we have had over 4 inches of rain in the past 6 days here in Indiana. The contractor said he will be onsite the end of this week to layout for the dig which might start next week unless it continues to rain.

This is our first setback and construction has yet to start. We have been planning for 2 years and now this just makes us more anxious.

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Caben - WOW!! So happy that your framing is almost complete. It looks good!!

Lori - Looks nice!! That clock is tripping me out, though. Lol!

JDez - They will start framing at the end of the week. They just finished electrical yesterday and should be pouring the basement floor today or tomorrow.

Indiana - Hang in there! Once they start digging, it goes pretty fast. We planned ours for almost 3 years before we started last month and it is an exciting time to finally be building.

Love all the pics from everyone!! We will be in Utah next week and I am going to pick my windows and put my slabs on hold. Can’t wait!


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Maggiepie, how exciting!!! This Saturday? Good luck with your walk through!

Indiana, I hear you about the rain. We had over 7 inches Thursday and Friday. What a mess. They were supposed to put in our septic this week, but not sure if the ground is too wet.

JDez, what a crazy mess for you. Hope they get the HVAC worked out.

Lori, I love your message center. Still can't believe you got all that installed!

Caben, looking good with the framing. I bet you are glad that part is almost over.

Our painters decided to come back yesterday. Thank goodness. They are here again today. I asked if they'd be here tomorrow and painter said he didn't think so. Then, I said that we would probably have his check for this month and we'd hold it for them in the morning. Then his tune changed and he said they'd could be here in the morning and do more work. Geesh!!!

They did get a lot done yesterday and already this morning. They painted the family room yesterday. You can see in the picture our painter applying primer on the laundry cabinets.

They got all the rest of the kitchen and island cabinets stained yesterday and the woman painter was applying first coat of poly on them today. This is just some of the cabinets she stained.

They sprayed one coat of marine-type finish on the tongue-and-grove that is going in on our porch ceiling. And sprayed the primer on the laundry doors and drawer fronts.

Also, our vanities, bath storage cabinet, and window seats were delivered yesterday. Can't really see them very well with the covering. I'm anxious to see them in place.

Here is a large storage cabinet that will be between our master bath and our closet. It will have a seat under it so we can sit and dress.

Here's the bench with two-door storage that goes under the storage cabinet. It's like a window seat and has a wooden top.

Our cabinet will look just like our daughter's, just different cabinet company and stain.

Here are the bathroom vanities.

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Indiana - Sounds like my build! I have fired three banks, just went to close on our construction loan on Friday -- there was a surprise form in their that needs to be signed "by the builder" however we are owner-builders. Threw a huge wrench in the whole thing.

We have a "help you build" consulting company we are going with, and we had to finagle the form so they will sign it.

Now we have to RE-CLOSE again tomorrow since the payoff on our land changed, and everything is time sensitive.

Just an FYI, we were supposed to close the FIRST time in December. Here it is April.....

It. Will. All. Be. Worth. It. In. The. END!!!

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Posting from my iPhone so pic is probably sideways.
We do have a blue island that was under all that cardboard.
Templating done.
Time for pedicure then to pack for wedding.
Back next week.
Hope all goes well for everyone here, especially those who are within sight of move-in dates, that would be you Maggie and you Askarsmom.

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ML: Here's your picture rotated.

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