What is horrible smell from new sink overflow hole?

home12April 16, 2014

I moved into a house a month ago with a remodeled bathroom and from day one there has been a toxic, glue-like smell from the sink. It appears to be coming from the overflow hole. We had the plastic drain pipes replaced with metal ones but the smell is still bad, even after we've poured water, baking soda and vinegar down the hole. Would really appreciate any advice on what it is and whether we can get rid of it. Or do we need to buy a new sink top?

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Does the stink also come from the bottom drain hole? The reason i ask is that the two drains should be tied together just a centimeter below the bottom drain surface.

But not if it's the wrong drain tube (called a tailpiece). Some have holes so the overflow spillway dribbles into the main drain, but some do not.

Not a huge smoking gun thingie, but a possibility; odds are about the same as pigs flying, actually...

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OOH! Another wild guess: You say the stink comes from the overflow. Is it possibly coming from glue right near the hole? Like the basin was glued onto the counter top with something wrong?

A third one: Taking gaseous bloating into account, how big of a mouse is stuck in the overflow? And with that idea, have you used an unbent wire coat hanger or a piece of heavy copper wire to see if there's anything in that drain way that ain't porcelain?

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This is nothing to play around with. I'm betting it's improper plumbing/venting and you're smelling toxic sewer gas which can kill you. Call a plumber immediately.

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Thanks so much for responses. The smell is definitely like Crazy Glue and my landlady said they used very little silicone at the corners to attach the sink top to the wood base over a month ago. Plumber was here yesterday and confirmed it was coming from that hole. Maybe it's coming out the drain too. Have never seen a mouse around here so thanks for that suggestion but I don't think that's it. It's a real concern because it's my only bathroom. I feel like if we replace the sinktop, the wood base should go too since it's been soaking up that awful smell. Wouldn't want to store things in it. Really grateful for any more advice. Thank you!!!

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home 12:

You need a different plumber. It's not the silicone.

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You mentioned a landlady. Did she bring in a real plumber or some guy who's kind of handy? I'm with Trebruchet, insist on an actual plumber. There should be no major mystery here that a competent plumber can't diagnose in nothing flat.

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Interesting. We were just talking about how it wasn't her usual plumber but a fill-in guy. We'll get her regular one over here. Thanks so much for responding.

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