Patio Umbrella Mold/Mildew

puppymomSeptember 13, 2004

Can you tell me how to clean or what to use to get this out/off of the white umbrella? No way it's going away for the year unless this stuff is cleaned off!



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try a solution of hot water and oxyclean... it's worked on everything else, and doesn't eat the fibers like bleach would.

remember, however, the mildew is one of the hardest things to get out of textiles.

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I buy a mildew remover from Home Depot but its very similar to X14. I spray it on, (on an area that grass isn't growing), let it sit a few minutes, then spray off.

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As always, thanks!


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There is a cleaner out just for patio furniture etc works wonders.I got mine at LOwes

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someone mentioned to throw it in the swimming pool. Got one? got a really good friend that has one? LOL

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bulldinkie, there is a Lowe's right up the street and..

artmom, this was the first time in years we didn't open the pool - good thing since we really didn't have a summer! But I will remember this one for next year.


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