Baked on Grease on Enamel Stove Top

aloha2009September 30, 2012

MY DD just bought a house and the spill plates aren't worth salvaging but the stove itself though filthy is.

Wanting to make sure they don't use anything that will scratch it, what will take the grease stains that got baked on outside of the drip pans.

I've read about baking soda and vinegar but not sure if the baking soda can scratch. Any other ideas?

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Oil Eaters. I buy it at Costco. Auto parts stores also sell it. Spray on full strength and let sit. Wipe off. It is smelly, so ventilate.

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Baking soda is the first cleaning product I reach for in my kitchen. I use so much of it, I try to buy it in 12 pound bags when I can.

It's a good non-scratch scouring powder for the sink and range. If the spatters are stubborn, make a paste of bakign soda and water, spread on the stain, and let it sit a bit before scrubbing with something like a nylon scrubby (something that won't scratch). Baking soda takes that cooked-on gunky glaze off frying pans. I've even gotten grape juice and Koolaid stains out of white formica with it.

I always figure it's best to start with a non-toxic cleaner (baking soda) before moving up to a more dangerous product. It's very very rare that I ever have to go to a stronger cleaner. Baking soda is such an amazing product--it cleans, deoderizes, disinfects, isn't toxic, doesn't smell, is cheap and readily available--and you can even use it to brush your teeth or settle an acid stomach!

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I would try Mr. Clean Kitchen Magic Eraser--it works very well on enamel with baked on grease. You could also try ammonia as I have had success with it as well, but NOT together with the Magic Eraser.

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I have used Sokoff with great success. There is also Carbon off. They can be purchased online, good luck!

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I tried spraying Easy Off on my range top, left it on only about five minutes, wiped it off and rinsed thoroughly. Wear rubber gloves,it's very strong.

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Dawn Power Disolver will work. I buy it at WalMart.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Easy Off works extremely well. Just do not spray it on any stainless or chrome parts.

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Magic eraser is very abrasive. It will scratch if you scrub....better use a product that dissolves the gook then risk a dull spot on the porcelain.

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As others have said, the best thing I've found is a baking soda and vinegar mix. I sprinkle the baking soda on the gunky parts and spritz vinegar on that. I let it sit and bubble for a few minutes. Typically it wipes right up. If it's a tougher bit of greasy gunk, I repeat this and use a nylon scrubbie type thing on it. My cooktop shines.

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Just made apple butter and it was really stubborn...I use FAST Orange - a pumice based hand cleaner...let it soak on the stains for ~5 minutes and scrub with a non-metallic pretty well!

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baking soda works just fine. It won't scratch or anything near that. Just rinse gently after letting it sit for 15 mins or so. Also, be sure to dry it off using a microfiber cloth/towel.

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I use Earthbrite, a clay cleaner from France for almost everything in the house. It works like a charm on almost everything and does not scratch. For the really baked on greasy stuff on the stove, I have also used my steamer. It melts most greasy stuff off without too much fuss. Then I polish it with a microfiber cloth.

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