Progress on DIY Master Bath..but dang 10mm glass is Heavy!

raehelenApril 13, 2013

Visa card has been busy... even though I know we are saving lots of $$$ by doing this bathroom all by ourselves, it seems everytime I turn around there is something else to buy. Not sure I want to sit down and add it all up!

But, today, made good progress. Went to cultured marble place to pick a colour for the shower base. I cannot believe that we drove all the way there, and forgot the tile sample at home! However picked up several samples, and the owner has to come out and measure before he makes the pan, so I should have my tile by then..and can finalize colour choice. What we learned today, is that he can make it any Benjamin Moore colour I want...add bits and pieces or just leave it plain... I am so vision of having the shower blend into the floor rather than having a white base can happen...just have to be sure and pick the right colour!

This is my tile, so once the order is in, will be visiting BM:

We bought our shower doors at Costco, now see what people mean about the greenish tinge, our basement BR glass is thinner, so green not very noticeable...these 10mm panels are quite green, and boy are they HEAVY...DH and I carried them from the van up the stairs, and I do NOT want to ever do that again!

Faucet arrived in the mail, and we've got a carpenter making us a Teak vanity...just waiting for shower valves to arrive, and then we can really get going...

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It sounds like you're making good progress -- do you have any in-the-works pics? I love that tile -- what is it?

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Thanks Chibimimi!

Gutting the BR is progress...right? Pic is of wiring and blocking for towel warmer, fan and lights. Will have a fan for the first time in this BR. It has a light which we will wire separately to individual controls by our night stands to use as a night light. DH just asked if I want a 3-way, ie switch in the BR too, but I think not, as it'll be a pain to have to remember to leave it on, so it can be controlled by bedroom switches. We'll see, borrowed the idea of a night light bedroom switch from GW, and when I discovered that you could buy a decorative fan/light combo thought that saves me having to find space for another fixture!

Tile shown is tile we were GOING to go with until I ordered multiple samples, thank heavens! Once I got four pieces I realized that they were all exactly the same...not the look you are going for with a stone-like tile! I didn't order samples of the Everstone, as I am assuming from pics like below that it comes in an assortment of patterns.

Our tile is a limestone lookalike porcelain tile called Everstone (Ever-dore), this pic shows it with barely any grout lines, which I had never noticed before...was planning 3/ thinking that may be too big... Oh well, will make a sample board with grout, so will see then...

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