how to spray 10% bleach?

taragirlSeptember 1, 2008

Hi. This sounds silly, I know, but is there a commercial product that is essentially a 10% bleach solution? Every time I try to put that solution in a spray bottle, the bleach eats up the spray trigger gizmos and they get corroded and brown.

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The Clorox company makes a spray cleaner but I have no idea on how much 'bleach' it would have. Maybe call the company?

Do you empty the sprayer and rinse it every time you use it?

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No way no how would I be spraying 10% bleach in my home! I do it in the church kitchen where all is "bleach proof" but everytime I do I manage to get soem on my clothes.
If I want to use bleach for cleaning surfaces, I don't spray it but use it on a cloth that I have wrung out of the solution.
Linda C

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Clorox makes a bathroom cleaner they market as a mildew remover. It smells strongly of bleach. I use it around the base of the toilet and in the shower corners where I get a bit of mildew.
Regarding getting this on your clothes: on Saturday I struggled to open a Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and sure enough, some of the blue cleaner got onto a nice tee shirt. Though I immediately took the shirt off and rinsed in cold water, there are now several bleach spots on my nice pink shirt. I am always leery when using bleach as I seem to develop butter-fingers when I use it!

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I use the spray bleach on the floors and cages of the baby animals I foster. I use it frequently, so rinsing the bottle and remixing a new batch each time isn't very convenient. It has to be 10% bleach solution for my purposes.

Thanks for the tip about the Clorox -- I'll check the label and see what it's made of.

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Always where white when dealing with bleach!!...Or black as spots can always be covered with laundry marker!

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