What SubZero do you have?

Kathy HarringtonApril 25, 2014

And would you buy it again? Looking to buy a Sub Zero for a new build. Have never had one before. Was going to go with the 48 SxS, but now am looking hard at the 42 French door. I'll be honest, I love my existing Maytag counter Depth FD, but everyone says that SZ are amazing and food last forever:), so I'm willing to try it but can't decide which model will work best for us. This is for a second home that could potentially have lots of people or just the two of us. We will probably have a chest freezer in the garage. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Food last no longer in an SZ than in any modern fridge.
Newer fridges have better insulation, better seals (to meet energy requirements) and unless your Maytag is an older model, (older than 2005 or so), it has a much more modern compressor than does the SZ.

The new Jenn-airs, and probably most of the higher line Whirlpool fridges will keep the inside of the fridge within
+/- 0.5 degrees~~~~~try to find such a specification on the SZ!

People do brag about the service on the SZ, but I bought the Jenn-air 48" built in and paneled fridge in 2006 because I did not want to get "Familiar" with ANY appliance service~~~and it has worked out as planned, Mine has not needed any service in the almost 8 years we've had it. The ice maker did die after 5 years, but it is a "Plug in" and was easily replaced by me and cost about $135.

Most any good fridge will keep food a long time and in fact for longer that what the USDA recommends. They say the food, particularly fruits & veggies, may still look great whilst stored in the fridge, but they have lost most of their vitamins and nutrition.

So you will buy an SZ "for the name", and more than likely for the great service~~~~I wanted "neither of those"~~~Just wanted something to keep our food cool, as well as having nice features that the SZ does not have.

What features you say???
Crank up/down shelves. 3 different temp settings for the fridge, (Main compartment, Meat keeper & fruit veggie bin),
all digitally controlled with digital readouts.
Also digital readout for freezer temp.
Water filter is easily accessible and easily changed.

So to me, My Jenn-air fridge is amazing, offering the latest technology, (variable speed compressor) whilst to me the only thing "Amazing" about the SZ is its price!!!

I probably posted about 7 years ago, that other manufacturers would follow SZ's prices, and unfortunately such is the case now. That same Jenn-air that I bought in 2006 for $4588 will now cost you over 8 grand, and it doesn't have all the features that mine does.


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I have had the Sub Zero 36" French door for the past 18 months and love it. It is a big space improvement on my old SZ 42" sxs which I never had a day of trouble with. A few months ago Sub Zero did a fan package replacement for all units of this model in the field because some people had ice developing under the fridge floor. About a month or so later, I started getting an error code that no one could figure out although it didn't impact my food storage. Not sure whether it was related to the fan replacement. After three visits, Sub Zero decided to replace my unit and gave me a brand new three-year warranty.

Every brand can have issues. Top notch customer service and standing behind the product is key to me. That's where the difference lies, IMHO.

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I wanted an American-made unit manufactured by people who will answer the phone, and SZ was my choice. Mine is a 632 48-inch SxS. It works fine, looks nice with paneling, and is reasonably roomy for its built-in depth.


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Kathy Harrington

Thank you all for your comments. In some respects, appliance selection is very personal, with everyone having their own favorite for different reasons. I think we decided on the new SZ 42" French door that is coming out this summer. I have a french door now and like it, so it appears to be the logical choice for our family. I'll report back once I have a chance to see it in person. Thanks again!

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We had a 36" glass door Sub Zero and absolutely loved it. Produce did last longer in the SZ than with the cheaper refrigerator I've had since, but not sure how it would compare to other higher-end brands (we had to move due to a job change and haven't purchased a new home yet). The smaller size was more than fine for our household of three people, but did get crowded at holidays when hosting larger events. Yes, the glass door did make me care more about the organization of the contents of my fridge, but I soooo miss being able to see what I wanted before opening the door. We plan to get the same unit when we close on our new place.

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"Food last no longer in an SZ than in any modern fridge."

This is what people who buy other refrigerators like to think, and while it may make them feel better, this assertion is incorrect. My SZ, a 36" bottom freezer I bought last year, keeps food much fresher much longer than other refrigerators. I've owned brand new KA, and Samsung fridges in the last five years, and the SZ is superior to both. You won't see a difference if all you buy is bologna, but you'll definitely notice a difference with produce, especially berries.

I'm told the superior performance is attributable to the air filter in the SZ. My KA didn't have an air filter, my Samsung didn't have an air filter, and, I'm pretty sure the Jenn Air doesn't have one either.

There are many nice refrigerators out there, but if you can swing it the SZ is in a class all it's own.

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Well, I must admit that your SZ sure preserves "Horse Feathers" well, and it is kind of you to share your "More than adequate supply of same, with those of us here In GW!

SZ mentions as one of 3 things needed to "keep food fresh" is precise temp control and they mention their +/1 degree F~~~~~well that's just half as good as the JA which is +/- 0.5 F.

One can not control the temps of the various compartments, (meat, veggie & Chrisper) in the SZ as they can with the JA, (at least my model of JA), and in fact Consumer Reports mentioned that fact, as other fridges do have that capability besides my JA.

CR also mentioned that the SZ is more noisy than some other fridges, (maybe that goes along with the horse feathers)?

I grow my own boysenberries, and they keep very well in my JA fridge.

The JA fridge3 has the "Climatezone" storage has automatic humidity control which does not require a $50 filter that must be changed every year (a la SZ).

My JA also has "Built in" diagnostics. It checks every fan, thermistor, defrost sensors, compressor speeds, etc etc, sooooo if I ever do have a problem, I can "Nail it down" to which part is giving problems and not call a repair company to first "come out, look see", then make a guess as to what part is needed, then order the part and then come back.

Well, It used to be SZ was , as you posted, "in a class of its own"~~~~but that was "Pricewise ONLY"~~~~now the other fridges have caught up with SZ's prices, as I posted here, probably round 7 years ago, ~~~so now folks hafta pay thru the nose on just about any built in fridge, thanks to SZ!


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Gary, that chip on your shoulder must be getting heavy. It's time you let it go.

I'm glad you like your fridge so much you decided to respond in two very long, highly opinionated, slightly hysterical posts about SZ, a fridge you don't own, but the title of the thread is "what SZ do you have" not "what nonsense do you tell yourself to make yourself feel better about not having bought a SZ."

Start your own JA thread. You'll be the only one on it, but it'll make you feel so much better about your life choices. :)

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The poster mentioned loving their existing Maytag fridge, and thought an SZ might be even better, hence the reason for my posts!

If They just get "one sided info" about the SZ fridges, then they would "most likely" think "Everybody is aboard the SZ train"~~~and think that is the way to go.

I think it's only fair that "As a Famous one said", "And Here's the rest of the Story"!

I do not have a "chip on my shoulder", nor a "Stash of Balogna in the fridge"~~~that I readily pass around in GW.

You mentioned the bologna first, & I countered with something "Equally ridiculous"!

Whenever I see a post that says "Class of its own" or this is the best, (without saying "To Me) ~~~~(as if stating as fact), I have and will continue to respond to same, as it is an "Opinion" as is mine about the JA, but I never claim it is absolutely the best fridge out there, as I have not tried all of them , nor do I hope to!

Our goal , as I'm sure yours, Is~~~~~to provide the best and most complete information that we have available and YES, that includes the bad & Good about ANY Fridge!


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Sub Zero claims on their website that the main reason food lasts longer is because the two compartments have completely separate sealed systems and air circulation systems.

My GE french door refrigerator, which cost a fraction of the price of a Sub Zero, does share a compressor and sealed system for both compartments, but has separate evaporators for the freezer and fresh food compartments. The air in each compartment is completely isolated from the other. Food lasts much longer than any other fridge I've had in the past that shared air between compartments. I don't see how this is effectively any different from what Sub-zero does, but I can't compare since I've never owned one and never plan to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Sub Zero makes a great unit, and I'm not knocking anyone who chose to buy one. But until I see actual evidence that they have technology nobody else does that makes food last longer, I will always be a bit skeptical of those who say they are so much better than any other fridge out there. Sure, they are better than a $600 Whirlpool top mount, but that isn't a fair comparison, is it?

It's a filter that makes everything last longer? That sounds like a marketing gimmick to me that doesn't actually do anything. If making stuff last weeks longer were that cheap and easy, it would be on even the most low end fridges.

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I know this is an old post, but, harringk, did you end up with the 42" Subzero French door? Mine just arrived a few weeks ago -- we're not living with it yet (currently just keeping water in it -- house is under renovation), so my only experience is looking at it and opening/closing it. That said, I'm impressed --- there's something very solid about it, and opening/closing its doors is kind of a pleasure. I'd compare it to driving a luxury brand car --- it gets you to the same place, but it is a nicer experience. We'll see if I notice fresher food. We currently have a Kenmore counter-depth French Door; I'm happy with it, but sometimes the doors don't close all the way, and food definitely doesn't stay fresh as long as SZ says it'll keep food.... My mother has a 48" side-by-side Jennair, and it's a good fridge, but I think the doors are much harder to open than my 42" SZ French door. My small five-year-old had no problem opening my Subzero.

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