Christmas Boutique Ideas

onescrappynanaJune 20, 2012

I am thinking of having a Christmas Boutigue this year. Any ideas on great sellers that I can start working on now?

I really love country, prim, and also make American Girl Doll clothes.


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Onescrappynana, wlcome to our Holiday forum! I think your American Girl clothes is a wonderful thing. I have a DGD who loves her two AG dolls. In the past I've bought alot of Barbie outfits for her at Christmas time. Seems like home sewn are so superior to those from stores.

Do you paint or stencil? Country and/or prim signs, trays or candles could be a great addtion. Have you seen things made using chalkboard paint? There is some pretty neat trays and picture frames,etc using this on the net. It also comes in a good variety of colors.

I think centerpieces, wreaths and ornaments would be some nice additions for your boutique too. If you can price your ornaments lower, some will buy several and attach to their gifts.

Alot will depend on coming up with new ideas. I'm a tole painter and set up at craft shows for years. One of my shows would always sell out on anything to do with horses.

Good luck and hope you will share pictures of your boutique.


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Thanks for the ideas. So far I am thinking American Girl doll clothes, some Prim Raggedies and some different types of ornaments. I'm hoping to get some friends together so we can have a variety of items to sell.

I've never tried painting. I'm not very artistic that way. I wish I was.

I'm going to peruse Pinterest for some ideas also.

I'll post pictures of things as I make them to share. :-)

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Welcome, onescrappynana...sounds like you are thinking ahead of the game...good plan to start now! What I look for at craft shows before Christmas are handmade items ... so anything original, handmade & priced fairly should work! Prim Raggedies sound wonderful! Add small priced items, too ...maybe original 'fabric pins' of some sort...bookmarks that fit in cards. Good luck! & yes, share some pics! Jeanne S.

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