Vanity Pendant Question

MGDawgApril 6, 2013

Hi all!

My wife and I are trying to pick out lighting fixtures for our upcoming new build. She would very much like a pendant on each side of the two vanities. What we've been eyeing is the Cheers pendant by Tech Lighting:

We were wondering, would the fact that a clear fixture and bulb are sitting relatively close to your face be a distraction and annoyance? Would we be seeing "light burn" in our eyes without a more diffused light? Thanks for the help!

As an aside, is anybody able to identify the following fixture:

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How many watts are those lights? Will you put them on a dimmer? I am having pendant lights too, but encased in a brushed nickel cage, I'm hoping I have 'enough' light! LOL

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Each bulb has a 10 watt xenon bulb - good for only about 100 lumens. Maybe the question also is - will it give off enough light?

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There are some replacement LED bulbs that could produce in the 200 lumen range with lower wattage.

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Lumens really are a better measure than watts for how much light is being given off, but even 200 lumens seems very low. I gather the eye often 'needs' less lumens with a warmer light vs a cooler light, don't know if your xenon or LED bulbs will be warm or cool, but the average lumens of a 60W incandescent is ~750, so yes, I'd agree that the question may also be "will it give off ENOUGH light!"

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