Bertazzoni questions please help

paulskorApril 24, 2012

So I am getting closer to settling in on the bertazzoni master 30" range, but need just a little push to make the jump. Can owners or users of this range answer the following questions:

1. How has your reliability been?

2. Does the oven hold its temperature?

3. Is it a pain to light the stove by keeping the door open?

4. Would you purchase it again under the same circumstances?

5. Do you need island trim behind it?

6. Anything else.

Thank you.

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Well, the Berta doesn't have auto re-ignition, I just looked in the owners manual online. Instead it uses a thermocouple to detect when the flame has gone out and then shuts off the gas to the burner. This is a very crude system.

I also think the oven doesn't use an electric glow plug, but some similar sparking system like on the top burners. While it works, it would drive me crazy after using glow plugs for the oven and auto- re-igniton for the top burners.

I would try a 'live' one for yourself before buying.

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It's not an option to try a live one. I have never used a gas oven, just range tops. Perhaps I won't notice the difference?

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I have a 48" Berta pro (all gas with an electric gridle on the top), but I can try to answer some of your questions based on my experience.

1. Our reliability has been excellent so far. The stove has only been installed since November, but so far no problems at all. I like that there are almost no electronics and any minor adjustments needed have been very easy for DH to do. DH also installed the unit himself and was easily able to adjust the burners to have the maximum and minimum flames exactly where I want them. The large burner does a great job of putting out heat when I need it and boiling my stock pot of water quickly. The smaller/simmer burner also works great since DH adjusted the flame. It has enough power to easily cook my sauces, then turns back to a nice simmer while I am finishing the rest of the meal. The other "medium" burners are great for average sauteing and so forth. When first installed, my ovens were cooking too hot (I monitor them with a cheap oven thermometer that lives inside each). DH easily accessed the adjustment from the front panel and turned them down. Since these minor adjustments have been made, nothing else has been needed.

2. Once up to temp, the oven holds extreamly steady. As mentioned previously, I monitor them with my oven thermometer, and unless I am opening and closing the door repeatedly, the temp is steady as a rock. My large oven takes a little less than 10 minutes to preheat to approx. 375 degrees and the small oven can take up to 20 minutes. I assume this is because the burner in the small oven is also smaller???

3. No, it is not a pain to light the oven while holding the door open. I don't even realize that I am doing it usually, it has just become second nature. I usually open the door with my left hand just a few inches, so I can peak into the oven, while I push and turn the knob with my right hand. I see and hear the flames ignite and I close the door and adjust the knob to the exact temp I want. This entire process takes less than 20 seconds. Honestly, when I have watched him, DH never opens the door when he lights the oven and we haven't exploded yet!

4. I would absolutely purchase this stove again. We just completed a new build and I really wanted the "look" of a 48" range, but most were way out of my budget. This range feels very solid and does a good job with what I ask out of it for cooking abilities (I am just a regular "mom" cook). We had looked at the range about 9 months prior to actually purchasing it and at that time, the appliance salesperson had quoted us a very good price that was slightly less than AJ Madison's at the time. We waited until we were further along in our build and went back to the same salesperson, but by that point, there had been a price increase. She was great to work with and brought our price back very close to what she originally quoted us, which was almost $1000 less than AJ Madison's at that point. When she did it, she laughed and told us to never show our invoice to anyone because she would get in trouble for selling it to us at such a deep discount. We did also purchase a dishwasher and Vent A Hood insert from her at the same time, which I think helped our negotiating power.

5. I did not purchase any separate island trim. Mine came with a standard backguard that I would estimate to be approximately 3 or 4 inches (I am not home right now, but could measure later if you would like).

6. I would be glad to try to give you any other feedback you would like. Again, I was looking for a balance of form, function and price and the Berta met my requirements the best. That might not be true for others! My only complaint when I first started using the ovens was that I was burning the bottoms of my dishes. I had always cooked with electric, so I think that made a difference in my adjustment period. Once DH turned the oven burners down and I switched some of my darker metal pans out for lighter colored ones, I have had no issues.

This is the best picture of my range I have access to at the moment:

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1. I haven't had a real problem with the range, the only thing I can say is that it is a bit tricky to light, but once you get the hang of it, it isn't a problem. I could see this being a problem if others are cooking in your home who aren't accustomed to gas ovens. She lights well everytime now that I've gotten the hang of it.

2. Exceptionally well actually. I find my knob is a bit unreliable in terms of where you set it, it seems that the knob setting is roughly 15 degrees higher. I just use an in oven thermometer to get it right. But once set properly the thing is rock solid in the temp control.

3. I just pop the door open and then light it, this really is standard practice with any gas oven in my opinion. It is very easy to light.

4. Absolutely, the only thing I would have gone with is a large model. I have a 36 and it does everything I need pretty well, but I have a secondary electric wall oven for other items. I probably would have installed a 48 if I had the space, especially considering the prices.

5. I just installed it up against a wall so I have my regular backsplash so there isn't much to comment on this part.

6. I would say the hardest part about owning this type of range is the cleaning of the oven portion. It is not self cleaning (which I grew up with). And there is absolutely more work involved with a non-self-cleaning oven. The electric wall oven is this way as well. I have gotten used to it. Another note is that the top portion of the stove top is incredible easy to clean. Just pop the grates off and cleaning the big stainless steel top is easier than pie.

Overall I love the range. It is a blast to cook on and it compares well with my friends wolfs, thermadors, and viking ranges. There is hardly any difference in the quality of the ranges in my opinion, especially for the price gap. My friends wolf might be a little better in terms of construction, but this doesn't really bother me too much since it cost 6,000 more. People are always complimenting me on how well it looks in the space. I am the only person in my area who I know that owns a berta, and I think it looks like and functions like a super high end range without busting the budget wide open.

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Thank you westiegirl and jgopp! you both have beautiful kitchens by the way. I am leaning that way, and with a free micro hood, i just might jump! thank you again for your thoughtful responses.

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