Wedding stuff part II

milosmom_gwJune 16, 2010

Moving right along. Finished the matching board to go under the grooms cake, finally squeezed in the time to sit down and print all the address labels for the invitations and response cards , purchased all of the tablecloths - napkins - plates - ect for the reception ,ordered my satin wrap [which has yet to arrive...grrr], found the "right" color of shirts for the men (and at a decent price thank goodness) & drawed up the grocery list for the reception food.

The only things left now are to print/mail the invitations, shoes for the men, the food & the license

107 days to go!!

As all of this has been going , several other things have kept me on the go to the point I haven't even been able to peek in here and "see" what everyone has been up to :(.

A family friend passed on , a frind of mine had to have surgery and I'm now doing his shopping/meals ect as his driving and activity has been curbed for awhile.

In the midst of that now in the process of planning a suprise birthday dinner for my wonderful Fiancee' & being TAXI to the ever grumbling but busy teenager.

I'm hoping on hope I don't run out of steam before the end of the year since as soon as the wedding is over, it's time for me to start on Christmas planning and putting together of decor( please don't shoot me for thinking about it

Can't wait to get back here full time and keep up a bit better with everyone. :)

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Wow MM - I thought Kathleen was the 'Original' Duracell
Bunny! You seem to be chugging right along very nicely.
When the big day comes, you'll be so thankful you did so much in advance. I think this will allow you to enjoy it more too without a time pressure.
I'm surprised you're doing all clothing arrangements for the Groomsmen too.
What lucky guys. They must love you for that help.

The friend that you're helping out after so lucky to have You - .
Also, My Sincere Sympathy on the loss of your other friend...It's hard no matter when this happens.

Continue to keep us posted on your progress.
Love hearing about it.


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It's pitiful but I have the kind of men(the groom/my son who is giving me away & the best man who is still living here after the house fire) who couldn't put together an outfit of clothes to save their souls.
If I left them to their own devices, mildly horrified at the finished product would be putting it nice I imagine. LOL
Not to mention, all their clothes have to be altered in some way or another and I shudder to think what would happen if they got access to a needle/thread and a pair of scissors.

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Good to see "Part II" update! You are doing so, lots of details to plan ...and you're right on top of it! Good thing you're taking care of the "kind men," too! Time is flying & you'll be ready to go!!!

Sorry for the loss of a friend...and hope your friend who had surgery has a good & speedy recovery...and the best man, how is his place coming along? They are all lucky to have you, MM!

Keep the updates coming, when you can! Love to hear from you! Jeanne S.

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Good to hear from you with an update. I agree, you are so smart to get as much done early as possible. So sorry about your loss, know that can be so hard. Yes, your friend who had the surgery is lucky to have you there willing to lend a hand, hope the recovery is a quick one. Take care and be sure to get a little R&R for yourself too. Luvs

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You are amazing. I hope you get a bit of rest before the wedding so you don't go "I Do zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz". LOL.
Had to laugh about the guys and clothes.

I'm so sorry for your loss, there are really no words to help with grief. Only time does that. I hope your other friend is doing good after his surgery.

I'm so glad you could stop in and catch us up.
hugs, Karen

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You are really going to be able to enjoy the wedding, having done all that prep so early. Sorry about the death and hope your friend's on the way to recovery. Summer has kept me pretty busy too, even so I'm going to try to post some pics. Keep us posted.

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LOL..MM - I kind of had those thoughts in mind with the
mens' clothing! Again, they are soooo lucky to have you
in their lives.. I'm laughing over the thought of them
dealing with the alterations...not a pretty picture! hehe
I can see why you want to do as much as you can in've got to keep those 'boys' on track too!


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WOW, that's all I can say...WOW!!

I hope your fiance appreciates what a gem he is getting!


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Progress on cleaning up the remains and establishing his new place has been slow considering the limited amount of time he's had to work on it (he works nights and we live an hour from his location) plus the unending days of rain we keep getting coupled with his having to handle his Fathers rapidly declining health and helping his Mom (she doesn't drive due to seizures) but he will get there someday.
In the meantime, he's not hurting anything right here with us so he's still parked.
I've collected almost a whole new house of furniture and household stuff that's packed into our garage for when he's ready to leave so that will take a big load off of him when the time comes.

My buddy is healing nicely but still restricted on driving ect until we go back to the Dr next Tues for a post-op checkup. He went in for a new internal heart defibrilator so it's something he has to be very careful to follow directions on.
Candy: He doesn't miss a beat telling me how much he appreciates me & I'm really very spoiled. Certainly a very special man. :)

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I spent today doing draft after draft of the invitations trying to get the wording to suit me.
I didn't want stuffy nor "traditional" and was trying to tie in the lengthy amount of years it has taken us to get this far and this is what I think is my final draft and hopefully will be able to print & assemble them tomorrow or Saturday.

my "creative attempt" (feel free to scream... lol)...

Sometimes it seems like forever
other times, like just yesterday
that we found each other
Ofton good things take awhile
Sarah **** **********
Terry **** ******* II
request the honor of your presence
to share in celebration as we
finally make it official in marriage
Saturday, the second of October
Two Thousand Ten
at three o'clock in the afternoon
***** ******** ******
*****, Arkansas
Reception to follow

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This is so lovely MM..
From reading this, and without knowing you (personally), it
says so much about your 'journey' to this point!
I'm so happy and excited for you both.


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