The rest of my patriotic decor

luvstocraftJune 24, 2010

As promised, here's a few more pics of my patriotic decor. Luvs

I need some blue shred to go in my jar with the red and white. The stars and stripes sign is just an old board I painted and put the vinyl lettering on.

I made the blocks and put the vinyl lettering on the plates. The America wood piece was a lucky TS find. Hope I have the flag hung correctly-if not, please let me know and I will change it!

I bought this little gal at a craft show because she was so cute! She makes a perfect greeter as you enter my front patio.

I made the wreath and the paver Uncle Sam. I need some blue flowers or ribbon to tuck into the wreath. The bigger Uncle Sam with the box was purchased. I usually put some red/white/blue flowers in the vase I have tucked inside his box.

Took another old board and made another sign. It fits nicely on this shelf outside the front window. I did a Happy Thanksgiving sign on the reverse side, so you will be seeing it this fall most likely. The letters on the sign are vinyl.

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luvs...your blocks of wood & boards just look so good for patriotic decor! I love how you've decorated "outside," too... awesome! And I really love the RW&B combos you've used with painting & lettering!

Your welcome lady is cute...and the Uncle Sam between your chairs says, "Bring on the holidays!" Great how you've used your new talent in holiday decor! TFS! Jeanne S.

p.s. I had to change Dollbaby's clothese to RW&B...& added pics of her to my "Red, White & Blue Decor Pics" thread...having so much fun on this forum..I'm so glad you & Purplemoon sent me over here! :-)

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What great stuff you made, and found 'treasure shopping'!
I LUV it all, and can't even pick a favorite.! The wreath you made is so pretty. (I got bunches of flowers at Dollar Tree that were RWB combos. They had roses or carnations in the three colors. Also just plain blue)
That Lady Liberty Greeter is definitely one of my favorite L.L.'s I've seen. Her face is WONDERFUL. I might have to "save her" as a pattern just in case I stop procrastinating long enough to get back to making wood things. I might be able to paint her since she's done fairly simple. LOL. Most of your painting stuff is not
for me to attempt.

I don't know about your hanging flag, tho the stars are always in the left corner so it might need flipping?

It was good to come on here tonight. Our temps today hit 113, and I was feeling deflated. LOL. 8 pm and still 106 out. Ugh.

hugs, Karen

"Stop, Drop, and Roll" does not work in Hell.

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Jeanne, I'll head over to see dollbaby's new red/white/blue outfit. I'm so glad we convinced you to come play here too, it's a great place for sharing our "indoor" things just like GJ is great for our outdoor creations. You sure have added lots of fun pics and ideas over here and we're sure glad you're here. ;o)

Karen, you are much more talented than you give yourself credit for. If you'd like to make yourself a little liberty girl, let me know and I'll do a better picture for you.

I've had lots of fun looking for ideas and seeing what I can create with my cutting machine. It can be a little challenging, but they say that's good for people of a certain age! LOL I just ordered two painting books of Renee Mullins designs. One of them is for wreaths and looks adorable. Hopefully, I'll get busy and create some of them for holiday decor too.


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Oh Luvs, I meant to add that I love your wreath JUST the way it IS. When I mentioned RWB flowers, I was thinking for Uncle Sam's planter.

Jeanne, you most definitely belong here!! You are some decorator, and have such neat things to share. I'd never have known that, in spite of our GJ years together, if you hadn't joined Holidays! So I am REALLY happy about it.

hugs, Karen

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I think all that's missing is some musi

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I think all that's missing is some music of the 'Star Spangled Banner' Playing! lol
What a great decorating job, and it's all so festive.
You made so many neat things using those vinal letters.
You're having waaay too much fun 'playing' with your new toy, and I can see your 'wheels spinning' as you think up
ideas on what to make next. What a fun craft.
I love all your signs and especially the Girl
Sign...She's a perfect 'Patriotic Greeter'.
I agree with Karen...I can't pick a
favorite. They're all so nice.


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Wonderful displays and I love all of the items you have made or found.
I especially love that Uncle Sam with the box.
My oldest daughter's B-day is the 4th of July and DH is the 5th, so there are lots of patriotic decorations at her home and mine.

Since you asked, and as Karen already stated, the star portion of the flag should always be in the top left corner as you are viewing it. Sorry, the history teacher in me never shuts up, LOL.


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Luvs....I am so glad you posted this here! I love it all! I really like Patriotic!!! Your signs are awesome and your color choices so great. And you combined all of the different styles and it works so well.

I have started to decorate for the 4th, didn't realize I had so much stuff and yet it doesn't seem to be enough. I really need to get my wreath finished.


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Luvs, you and your sign cutter make be pea green with envy. All your signs are perfect. And it's not fair, because you can paint too. Really, I'm happy for you to be able to share such great projects with us. I love those outdoor figures, I put up an outdoor display with my red, white, and blue totems, some giant pinwheels and a blue pot full of those red, white and blue carnations from $tree, but it just lacks something. That's why I havn't posted a pic. Karen, how do you stand that heat, I'm dying here and it has only hit a 100. It's like a sauna here.

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Luvs, the photo of Lady Liberty is fine for me to use, but I would like a close-up shot of the Uncle Sam paver. He's so cute and I keep thinking I want to try painting some of those. My Too Long To Do List just grows and grows.

Frou, I don't go outside much when its this hot, but honestly our dry heat is probably far more bearable than yours with the humidity. The humidity yesterday was around 10. I don't like mid July thru Aug cause that's when ours goes up in the 40s and I hate it. I'd never survive really high humidity (tho I was born in Ala and raised in Ohio. LOL. Being here since I was 14 has me spoiled in that respect.) Today 114 is predicted. My DH and son are on the golf course with their friends. Sheeesh.

By the way, I hope my Stop, Drop, and Roll tagline didn't offend anyone. Its (unfortunately) one of my favorites,
and considering where I live I'm sure if I don't go to Heaven, at least the heat won't bother me in the other place! LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Wow Luvs, it all looks wonderful. You are ready for the 4th and I don't know if I will get anything done so it's great seeing all of yours. You have been busy and again thanks for sharing all of your creations.

I'm hoping to just be ready for all the company and be able to stay ahead while they are here. Can hardly wait to take some time off and just goof off.


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Thanks everyone for taking the time to look at all my "patriotic" decorating. I need to stop by Dollar Tree for some blue carnations and some blue paper shred.

Candy, I appreciate the info on the flag and will turn it around--would never want to disrespect it for sure. It's one of those little flags with the cord on the end for hanging, I'd really like it better if it could be hung lengthwise.

Karen, I've got a book full of those painted pavers. I'll be glad to share it with you anytime. Just don't use your good brushes on them--they are pretty rough on the bristles.

I think the big Uncle Sam with the box may need to be painted. He's sit out in the sun for many years now and his face is getting pretty pale. Usually by the 4th, I have blue agapanthas and red and white roses to put in his little vase. The red roses are blooming now, but no white ones yet. Maybe in the next week or so.

Can't wait to see more patriotic decor from all of you. Hint hint! ;o)


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Very nice job, Luvs. Reversible signs are the ticket, aren't they! The Fourth on one side and Thanksgiving on the other. Just love that idea.

Love the stacked blocks on the mantel as well.

Happy 4th of July.

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pezabelle you, I love Luvs pavers and not being able to find the books, I did some googling and found the artists name, Maureen Hart, and found the site below. Hope this helps.


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It looks great, Luvs. Your signs are wonderful, and so clever to make them 2 fers!
I love all the Patriotic decor!

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Decoration is the an art and it comes under the area of Interior and exterior decor. Every one has the capability to create a better environment around.

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