Window Gels staining

kathyg_in_miSeptember 16, 2010

Anyone got any ideas? Friend just emailed me she had some window gels on the east facing window and with the hot summer they did not hold up well. Left stains and dripped down too. So far she has tried window cleaner and tried vinegar, these just smeared. I told her to try a single edge razor blade and see if it will scrape off.

I'm hoping someone here has a better answer for her.

Kathy G in MI

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What are window gels?

For stains, try Tilex, and see if she can find a way to get it to soak in it. Maybe spray a paper towel with it till damp on one end, and tape the dry end to the window with masking tape so the Tilex is over the stain. Warning: Tilex bleaches, so don't get it on clothes or towels.

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Has she tried soap and water first and then the window cleaner. If it's smearing you need something to remove the excess. Before I tried anything with bleach I'd try a product that you would use on floors and once the goo was gone I'd finish with the window cleaner or vinegar

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I can't suggest anything else other than mentioned above that 'might' work, but will advise against anything abrasive...steel wool, brillo, some cleaners. Ask me how I I did some serious scratch damage getting the manufacturers stickers off of some new windows.

I'd think the straight edge razor blade, used very very carefully, might be best, taking great care to not scratch the glass.

The site linked below suggests straight alcohol, among other things.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Remove a Stain From a Gel Window Cling

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These are window gels.
Kathy G in MI

Here is a link that might be useful: Gels

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Nail polish remover worked for her! Kathy G in MI

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