Help!! Best oven for around $2000

NechamaHApril 19, 2012

Hi everyone,

We will be building a new kitchen and need some help with appliances, especially the ovens. We will be getting 2 separate wall ovens, don't like some of the issues with the double ovens, and flow seems better in our kitchen layout.

We started off looking at the Kitchenaid architect 2, but scratched them after reading all the problems they seemed to have. Don't want to spend $3-4K and have all these problems!

After spending many hours :) on GW, started to lean toward the Electrolux ovens, either the regular or the icons, but then saw that in order to self clean, need to take the racks out. That kind of kills that idea, since we self clean our ovens regularly, about once every other month, and need to keep the racks in. Does anyone know if the racks can be left in during self clean in any of the electrolux models?

Other oven looking at is the Bosch 500 or 800 series, but can't really seem to find much about either of these on GW.

Any other good ovens in this price range?

Any comments/ help would be MUCH appreciated!!!


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For $2000 nothing beats a NXR Range.

Here is a link that might be useful: NXR Ranges

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Read the title of the post, Nunya.
I also suspects the OP is looking for electric ovens.

I do not know of any Electrolux self cleaning ovens that can be cleaned with the racks in.

In fact, it may take quite a bit of searching to find any electric oven, where the racks can be left in, I recall there was an oven that had specially coated racks, that could be left in, but seems like they were discontinuing those racks, Maybe someone else will recall what brand & if it was gas or electric.


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I think the only ovens you can leave the racks in for is the Monogram, because their racks are coated in porcelain enamel. I certainly wouldn't recommend them... I've written too many posts here complaining about the performance we had with our Monogram oven, so I won't bore anyone with repeating it. (easily found in a search, I'd guess) I'd check to see how the different oven racks come out, if it's a big deal. My Wolf's racks come out so quickly and easily, it's not a problem, although, obviously they're not getting the benefit of the cleaning that way.

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On the Elux you have to remove the rack holders too, wasn't that hard, I tried it just to see, but as you know, I don't ever use the self clean, in 5 years we just haven't got the oven that dirty, and it's just not that difficult to clean it manually.

Also, I don't give our power company any more money than I hafta--recall the scandal some of them went to jail so at least to me, I'm not gonna reward them for paying them the bucks for something that takes not that much effort on our part, (Keeping the oven clean without self clean) but that's just me, an old "Skinflint"!!!!


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NechamaH, what is the big deal with self-cleaning to you? Do you get your interior of oven's very messy, do you have a lot of spill over? Or are you doing it for other reasons?

Not being judgmental (hope it didn't come off that way at least), just trying to get a better idea for this post is all.

The reason, from what I have read and understand, that you have to remove the racks is because they discolor in the high heat of the self-cleaning mode. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but if you don't care if your racks discolor I don't know if there is another reason you have to remove them for that mode.


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With the Elux Phil, You have to remove them, as their is a sensor in the rack mounts, that keeps the oven from being operated in the self clean mode, till you remove those rack holders.


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Thanks Gary, good to know as my DW and I are looking at the Elux models actually.

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GE Monogram & GE Profile both have the racks that you don't have to take out for self clean. The Profile comes with at least one glide rack (like the ELux), while the Monogram comes with all glide racks.

I know Rhome had problems with her Monogram. I, on the other hand, have not. Monogram will be very pricey, though.

The GE Profile, however, should be in your price range. My sister has had her Profile wall oven for about 3-4 years now and loves it--bakes perfectly & roasts beautifully.

Hope this helps!

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Sorry my bad, just glanced at it quick on my way out this morning.

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On our 15 year old KitchenAid ovens, the racks were supposed to be removed during self cleaning to prevent discoloration and to keep them sliding smoothly. Not wanting to spend the time cleaning the racks, I have left them in every time we turn on the self clean function. The racks are no longer bright and shiny, they're not perfectly smooth when sliding in and out, but it has never been a problem.

Check the reasons for removing the racks on the Electrolux during self cleaning. If it's just a matter of discoloration and smooth gliding, then I would ignore it.

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Same here - the racks are no longer shiny are leaving them in, but this doesn't bother us. I do rub the sliding edges with a paper towel and a little cooking oil. They seem to slide just fine.

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As Gary said above, there is a sensor in the Electrolux and you have to remove the racks or the self clean won't start.

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Nechama H,
I am guessing that you have a kashrut concern and want the racks to go in the self-clean for that reasons. I suggest buying a second set of racks for Pesach if that is your problem.

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Thanks for all the advice!

The reason we use the self clean is as avidchef posted, we are orthodox jews and keep kosher, and then clean the ovens between meat and dairy and then again for Passover.

I don't really mind if the racks aren't shiny, they probably will get dirty with cooking and spills anyways :)

Gary, thanks for clarifying about the Elux, we really liked those. They got some really good reviews on GW, but not being able to self clean the racks is a deal killer.

I have heard way too many bad things about GE monogram, especially all of rhomes problems and reviews (very helpful!!, thanks) even the appliance guy at the store recommended against it, but we didn't really look at the GE profile.

Does anyone know anything about the Bosch ovens?

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You said that you are getting two ovens, so I assumed that one would be meat and the other dairy so the only issue would be Pesach. I have two ranges in my kitchen. I use one for meat, the other for dairy and parve. I generally cover my dairy as to avoid complications. My dairy range is electric, my meat range is meat. I did this because electric ranges in general bake cookies and cakes better then gas ovens do. The two range set up works very well in a kosher kitchen where generally you have two or three dedicated sides. I have a center parve island and half my perimeter countertops are meat, the other half dairy.
I am currently replacing my dairy range and am looking at the GE and Electrolux induction ranges. The advantages of two ranges are much larger ovens (the GE is 5.3 cubic feet) and getting 8 burners. If you are not going with a pro style range it is also more cost effective. The electrolux MSRP is $3200. The GE MSRP is the same, but you can find it for $2300.
GE does make racks that you can order separately and leave in the oven. I saw this on another post on this website regarding induction ranges. You can
search it.

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There are several of us who like our Bosch ovens. I have single oven 800 series 30". Works great. It has electronic pad controls which some folks don't like but great to clean. The 500 series has receding manual controls. I think the difference between the 500 and 800 is more superficial. The 800 has better lighting and the probe and the aforementioned pad and one gliding rack. I believe you have to remove the racks for self cleaning.

My oven works great. Huge cavity. Heats up well, bakes and broils evenly. Convection works very well. Large window and great lighting. Solid build. Self clean works well. Love the warming function too. (i have that on both this oven and my advantium so happy i didn't get a warming oven.)

If you want to hear complaints it would be the pad can sometimes be tedious to engage - you need to hold your finger over it and you need to follow the sequence which isn't always self evident. And if the power goes out, you need to reset the clock. Its not the most beautiful oven.

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