New 2011 KitchenAid fridges

fauguyApril 16, 2011

Looking at the AJMadison site, there are new K.A. fridge models listed.

KSF26C4XY 26ft Standard-Depth, Side-by-Side, Ice maker in door.

KSF26C6XY 26ft Standard-Depth, Side-by-Side, Ice maker in door.

KSRJ25FX 25ft Standard-Depth, Side-by-Side, Ice maker NOT in door.

KSC23C8EY 23ft Counter-Depth, Side-by-Side, Ice maker in door.

KSC24C8EY 24ft Counter-Depth, Side-by-Side, Ice maker in door.

KFXS25RY 25ft Standard-Depth, French-Door (4), Ice maker in fridge.

I have the 2006 model KSCF25FS, which is 24.5ft and counter-depth, with a 72" height. From looking at the new models specs, it seems that the largest counter-depth unit would be the KSC24C8EY, even though the fridge section is about .5ft less space, though the overall height, width and depth are still the same.

The new 26ft side-by-side models and 25ft french-door model are too deep (almost 29" without door), making it 5" deeper than the counter-depth models (24"), but 3" shorter (69").

The main problems I have with my current KSCF25FS model is with the ice maker/dispenser. Sometimes when I have the freezer door open and looking for something, or placing new items in there, the ice maker will want to activate and drop the ice on the floor, since the bin is no longer below it as the door it open. This happens about once a month. On some of the new 2011 models, the ice maker is on the door above the ice bin, similar to the Samsung units, so the ice can't drop on the floor. The second issue I have is with the dispenser, as it's not tall and not very deep. Alot of glasses will not fit and have to be tilted. This also causes ice to fall from the dispenser and hit the floor. The new models seems to have a much taller dispenser and deeper to fit larger glasses.

So my question is has anyone seen these new 2011 models at a local store? I called around here and no one has them yet.

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I was also wondering about the KSF26C6CXYY. This model isn't even posted on the Kitchenaid website yet. I called up a local appliance dealer and he said that he doesn't even have this model in his computer. This same dealer also told me earlier in the month that they are coming out with some new side by sides this year.

Anyways, AJ Madison and Appliance Connection are the only two places that seem to carry these models. The model I am looking at looks just like the Whirlpool one that is 26 cu ft. I was told that some models of Whirlpool Gold are made in the Kitchenaid factory.

Hope this helps because I want to visibly look inside them too.

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Sorry, I was so excited that I skipped the part where you wrote the AJ Madison website had these new fridges.
I just wanted to say the Whirlpool fridge GSS26C4XXY and the Kitchenaid KSF26C4XYY both seem to have the same numbers in them. I know the 27 cu ft. french doors from both these companies are made in the Kitchenaid factory. I am wondering if the Whirlpool side by side is the same as the Kitchenaid in the inside minus a few design features.

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