Help!! Dog Urine on my beautiful wool rug!!!

kellyleeannSeptember 7, 2007

Im just sick about it and I know if I found one spot there has to be more, god I hope not. I blotted it out as best as I could and was not sure if I should put a neutralizer on it, so I need some help from the experts out there. Do I get a professional to clean it? I know that if wool gets wet it will smell on its own but with dog urine...oh what to do???? Thank you so much

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I would get take it to be professionally cleaned.They wash wool rugs. For cleaning 2- 10x11s a 3x5 and a 5x8 it cost us $340. And I would have them store it while you work with your dog. We had just gotten a puppy and got a few pee spots on the rug so we took that opportunity to take all the wool orientals out to be cleaned and stored while we housetrained. Only then did the rugs come home. The rugs came home smelling clean i. e. no odors. Then we got another new puppy but took the rugs up before he could hit them. :) We havent needed to have them cleaned since we put them down after the second dog was housebroken.
I dont know how old your dog is but its my understanding that if they pee in the house they are not truly housebrokenn no matter the age (elderly and sick dogs are different). I heard this from a reputable dog trainer.
Got more information than you wanted I think, but that is the only way to take care of it and prevent it. As a 2 big dog family, I know. Wool rugs are a big investment and we want ours to last a good while. HTH Sue

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When a urine spot is fresh and/or still damp, put towels both under the spot and on top of it (if area rug, or if it's installed carpet, put folded towel on top) and stand on the towels to blot and soak up as much as you can. Then get a small portable rug cleaner (something like Bissell Little Green Clean Machine or some other small portable) and a gallon of Nature's Miracle...put enzyme cleaner either into the cleaning solution part of the cleaning machine, or just in spray bottle and soak the spot well, then vacuum the liquid out of the carpet with the machine....repeat two or three times. If it's an old spot, and once you have cleaned it well this way you can still smell it (let it dry for several days before checking) you can re-soak the spot with the Nature's Miracle, cover with plastic and let it sit for a day or so...then take the plastic away and let it dry thoroughly. I've done this many times with Karastan wool rugs, and at least a few times on an old wool oriental with great results.

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Nature's Miracle is the one everyone swears by. But...sometimes you may need to do it more than once. The concept is to wet it all the way down and let it dry on its own so the enzyme's have time to eat up all the urine.

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Land sakes....if you are freaking out over a little dog pee it's a sure bet you never have had any children!
Always....whatever is spilled blot it up before you do anything else....blot and blot some more....I use paper towels. Then I pour on a little water and blot some more....until the carpet feels dry and no wet can be seen on the paper towel....then more water and blot again and again...
Then use Nature's Miracal. And all traces are gone.
Linda C

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in defence of kelly..... children don't go and pee in the same spot over and over because they can smell there own urine. At least mine didn't, and they are now 18 and 15 ;)

Dogs on the other hand, are a totally different beast. I think I'd be freaked too.

kelly, if your dog is in the habit of doing this make sure she/he doesn't have a UTI or urine crystals going on....this was happening to us, and our dog turned out to have chronic UTI's and now has urine crystals!

Best of luck!

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Anti icky-poo works better than Nature's Miracle in removing urine odors, at least for cats. My cat emptied her bladder on our mattress - it soaked in deep and smelled so bad. We literally poured Nature's Miracle (a product we've been using for years) on it in two applications, and it didn't help at all. Anti icky-poo arrived in the mail over a week later and after one application, it got rid of the smell of urine. The product does have a smell of its own, but it dissipates pretty quickly. I bought it through, but have since found it locally at a cheaper price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Anti Icky Poo @ catfaeries

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I have found that Odor Xit has them beat.


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I would suggest you to go for professional rug cleaning service which will resolve problem of stain as well as odor of urine from your rug.

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Soak up as much as you can. Put a stack of paper towels over the area, cover with a large heavy coffee-table book, then anything heavy-a stack of more books, heavy appliances(I use my standing vacuum), wait a couple of hours, remove the soggy paper towels, repeat as often as you can, then treat any remaining stain. I have one dog and 2 cats,when I use this method plus I like to use Resolve powder rug cleaner that you sprinkle on, scrub with a brush, let dry then vacuum. Of course, I have synthetic rugs not wool. If you use a home-method, try it in an inconspicuous area first. Otherwise call in a professional. Good Luck!!!

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