Bluestar door glass cleaning

carreeApril 10, 2014

I read of someone else's experience about cleaning the streaked glass - between the two window panes - of her oven door by sliding a hangar or wooden stick through the vent holes on bottom of her oven door. I have a Bluestar which doesn't seem to lend itself readily to this maneuver.

How have other Bluestar owners cleaned between panes of their oven glass window?

And somewhat related, have you actually put your grates and burner cast iron in the dishwasher to get them glossy looking again? Mine look rather tired after six months of use.

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Looking forward to an answer to this too. The Bluestar is DH's one non-negotiable for our upcoming kitchen reno.

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Hi carree, I've cleaned the glass a couple times in the past 14 months I've had my range. It's a relatively simple and straightforward procedure. Remove the door at the hinges, and then remove the sheet metal screws around the oven door. Pull apart the inner and outer door sections and clean the inside of glass. Reverse procedure to re-install.
As for the grates, I have chosen to let them season the same as any other cast iron cookware. Never any soap, and just a bit of a swipe occasionally with the scrub side of a damp sponge. For me, a beautiful well used and enjoyed patina is the reward, along with very little maintenance..:)

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ctycdm - just wondering if you oil the grates. The appliance store where we will be ordering the BS mentioned doing this to prevent rusting of the cast iron

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I seasoned my grates and bowls when new with peanut oil, but honestly, the grease splattering from daily cooking will do the same thing. I use my griddle often, so all the grates get a good dose from that ;) No rust would ever stand a chance on mine...

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I didn't season it but it does just get seasoned over time.

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Sorry for not returning here sooner. Thank you Ctycdm for your guidance on cleaning glass. I am nervous about removing the door from its hinges so I will need to muster my courage to do that. But thank you for sharing your experience.

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carree, door removal is quite easy...

Here is a link that might be useful: Door removal

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