Finally ... our new bathroom!

wi-sailorgirlApril 3, 2011

I think this room is FINALLY finished. The shower door guy came back on Friday to replace the shower door handle (the first one was HUGE).

Overall, I'm thrilled with how this room turned out. We splurged on a few things, but overall there's nothing I wouldn't do again. I would say that I could probably live without the heated floor, but in the grand scheme of things I think the total cost of that was about $300, so for that price I'm happy to have it.

The room is only 8x8 and I can't think of anything else I needed in the room. In fact the shower (5' x 40") seems overly large.

Here are a few of the details, although I've forgotten the particulars of several items. If anyone is really itching to know I can look it up.

Floor: Light gray 24x6 porcelain tile (was originally 24x12 and our tile guy cut it down.

Walls: Off-white 12x24 tile with oval glass accent tile

Fixtures: All Kohler. The faucet is Margaux. Showerhead is the Flipside and I LOVE it. Highly recommend this handshower. All fixtures including sink were ordered from

Heated floor: Flextherm

Toilet: Toto Carolina II

Vanity and linen cabinet: Custom built to my design

Towel warmer: Runtal neptune

Colors: Walls Benjamin Moore Gray Mist; ceilings BM Healing Aloe

Counter: Hanstone Ruscello Aspen

Vanity pendant lights from Lumens

I wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum. You were all a wonderful source information and inspiration during this process. I would have lost my mind and probably made several mistakes during this process without all of you.

But enough of all that stuff ... onto the photos (which were very hard to get without a wide angle lens). These are more or less from left to right as you walk in the room.

I love the teak shower floor. It flips right up to clean underneath it. It has a great feel under your feet.

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Gorgeous! I love the teak shower floor!

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Really beautiful!

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What a gorgeous bathroom! I'm jealous of your storage. You did a great job picking the finishes. I'm really into oval tiles right now. Can you tell me who makes yours?

I've never seen a tile pattern like that with the cross pattern. Did you come up with that all on your own? Can I steal the idea? ;)

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Wi, I forgot to ask about your mirror. Who makes it?

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Just lovely! The turquoise tile and teak floor are so beautiful together. I love every single thing about it. Great job!

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Really like all your tile. The oval tiles are unique.

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Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. I'd love it even if you all hated it, but it is nice to know that other people appreciate your work too.

Breezygirl, I stole that idea of the one vertical stripe of accent tile from This one:

Unfortunately I don't know who the maker of the oval tile was (the tile store was pretty sneaky about hiding manufacturer info) but the color was called "Queen's Jewel" which seems unique enough that you may find it in a Google search.

Oh, and the mirror is from Pottery Barn. It works really well in our situation because my husband and I are very different heights, so it's big enough that we can both see ourselves decently with the aid of the tilt.

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Beautiful job! Love the shower, the glass tiles and the cabinetry is gorgeous. If you get a chance to post a close-up pic of your countertops, I'd love to get a better view of the material.

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Simply beautiful! Very spa-like; it's clean, soothing, and relaxing. Love it!

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Bright, beautiful and relaxing looking. Your storage is amazing!

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Wow, gorgeous!

Love it all especially the teak floor. Can you lift it and show me more?
The large tiles are beautiful and so is the blue accent ovals.

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Doggiemom and pharaoh, I'll try to get some detail shots as soon as there's some decent light.

pharoah, the teak floor is kind of interesting. There's a little square that pops out over the drain, and then you can lift it from there. Under it we just did an inexpensive one-inch tile in a coordinating color, so the shower looks fine without the teak too.

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Gorgeous- love the wood with the blue accent tile.

Can you tell me if the mirror tilts down far enough so you could see yourself if you were sitting? I've been eying that same mirror for our bathroom and am curious about how much tilt it has.

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Looks wonderful! You did a great job, love all the wood!

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Love your bathroom-

Wanted to ask if you know the brand of off white wall tile used?

How do you like your Toto Carolina ii?

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I also wanted to ask you how the cut tiles on the floor turned out? Do you notice the cut sides/edges on close inspection? I was thinking of doing this, but unsure....

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Wow! Your bathroom is so unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The contrast of warm wood with the crisp white tile and cool blue is stunning.

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Beautiful bathroom! How are you liking your Runtal Neptune towel warmer?

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Tell me about the teak floor in shower. Why have it? What are advantages? How do you maintain it? DH saw similar floor on a DIY show recently and keeps bringing it up as an idea we ought to incorporate into our reno. I don't understand the appeal . . . sell me on it! Thanks! And great looking bathroom by the way!

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MichelleDT the accent tile.

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I'm getting back to this REALLY late, so I apologize for that. Just in case anyone is still looking for answers on the questions asked, here goes:

- Runtal Neptune towel warmer: I love it when it's working. Seriously I. LOVE. IT. Unnaturally. It's by far my favorite upgrade we did in our entire house renovation. But we've had issues with it. It just stopped working after using it for about 6 months. We sent it back and they fixed it and it came back (they paid for shipping and it was very easy). Six months later it broke again. Even though it was technically out of warranty at this point (which is irritating that it's only a year warranty), I called and they were very apologetic, and said they had an older version that had these problems and they thought they had gotten them all off the market by the time I bought mine. They sent me a new one within a week or two. So I love Runtal's customer service and I love that damn towel warmer like it was my child.

- Teak floor in shower: why have it? Well, frankly, just cuz it's cool and I like the look. Well, it also feels amazing under your feet. It's hard to describe but it's very, very comfortable to stand on. For me, it's worth it because I really like the look and the feel. But I will say, it's a bit more work. I take it out about every 4-5 months and pressure wash or scrub it and if necessary apply another coat of teak oil. But it does get kind of gross under there. If I don't lift it up and scrub every few weeks it can be a bit of chore. And for some people that might not be very appealing. For me, I feel like it makes the bathroom (along with the towel warmer) so I'm ok with the tradeoff of a bit more work.

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What brand/style is the white shower wall tile? Thanks. Your bathroom looks lovely!

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Thank you for your comments about the teak duckboards now that you have had them for a while. Confirms our expectations about their look and feel - and the need for lifting and cleaning. We are looking forward to having them in our shower. I have your pictures saved as inspiration.

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Wow, the teak is really cool! Love the darker woods with the blue and the white, so refreshing.

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