miele coffee system.

KENWORTH1April 20, 2013

Could some one with one of these built in machines tell me how much water is dispenced on each cycle of the machine in a factory default setting....mine is dispencing 150ml per cycle.....( thats 5oz, for our friends in the south)..is this the correct amount? I fear I have adjusted this unit to death, playing with the settings...lol. now just want to know if its all back to normal....lol.


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Send a shout out to taggie. She wants to marry her coffeemaker, if I remember correctly. I bet she can answer your question.

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Kentworth, I can't remember exactly but 5oz sounds about right. It was the amount that made a cup of coffee in the teeny tiny place setting cups that no one ever uses. :)

I changed mine to brew for for large-sized mugs, and changed several other settings as well (hotter temp, amt of coffee, startup and shutdown times, etc), so I don't want to play with it to check for sure. But if you are trying to get it back to the way it came there is a factory default setting you can use. Choose settings, then factory default, and it will be back to how it came. Good luck!!

PS. and yes I would totally marry this thing, I love it to death. Always does just what it's asked, no preparation necessary, and it never procrastinates and doesn't talk back, lol.

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My wife talked me into this thing....and like I say I've adjusted it to death. thing is.....it seems to me like the coffee is so strong sometimes..... and sometimes perfect ...this all began. With my first descale. I did last week, and I didn't know if I monkey'd some adjustments around I shouldn't have. I also changed out all the coffee that this was happening on. I suspect that cheap coffee has somehow migrated to my :machine via a moment of weakness, and trying to save a buck at the coffee shop.! ...problem is it seems like I have to add water to my coffee all the time to make it drinkable for even myself who lives for a strong cup of coffee....any guess on what I'm doing wrong? I have used the factory reset feature and she's back to square one again....and I still added water this morning.....it would seem this fancy unit has me baffled.......and I'm not going to ask the warden for help! Hahaha......she's waiting for it....lol!

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The are a few things you can change to make the coffee weaker. First change the amount of coffee (settings, amount of coffee, hit the Taste the coffee. Assuming you were using a mild colombian blend, then those settings should give you a pretty weak cup of coffee. If it doesn't, then call for service as there may be something wrong.

Once you have it weak, start changing things back until you get it how you like it. First I'd recommend increasing the amt of coffee (if max or close to max cup size, try it at 1/4 the way from the left). If its still slightly weaker than you'd prefer then try changing the pre-brewing setting to normal (settings, pre-brewing, normal) as this will make your coffee more flavorful and get you a crema. Then set the grinder slightly less coase until then crema comes out a light to medium brown color. Then either lessen the amt of water or increase the amt of coffee to taste.

We don't like a very strong coffee either, and our settings are middle amount of coffee, just shy of the max amount of water, normal pre-brew and a fairly coarse grind, made with a medium colombian brew. When we do want it stronger, or have a guest that does, we can add a shot of espresso and that seems to do the trick. My sister loves making a latte with espresso shot when she visits.

Good luck! Let us know how it works out.

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And lol on asking the warden for help. Hahahaha!

One thing I remember that was slightly confusing as I was just checking it again this morning is not to confuse "program the amount" with "amount of coffee". They really should change the first message to say "amount of water" since the former is how much water and the latter is how much coffee. So make sure you are really changing the amount of beans, not just the size of the coffee with the same amount of beans which would of course make it stronger and not weaker.

Clear as mud right? Hopefully that makes some sense ... it sounded better in my head ... I think I need more coffee!!

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Thank you taggie...ill give it a shot tomorow and see if it works out....with my new info, I might just look a little genius.....lol. i agree they should make the menu on this thing alot clearer.....rednecks like myself like to buy fancy stuff too once in a while!....lol!

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btw... I'll just add that I got mine 5 years ago and I LIVE ON THIS COFFEE ALL DAY every day. I literally drink like 10 cups of it a day. It's awesome (I work from home in an IT industry).

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there is no doubt this thing has been worked over since it's arrival in this house, both myself and my wife love a good cup of coffee. It's just too bad you have to pay through the nose for this unit. When we renovated the kitchen it was the first unit hooked up.lol.

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If you give Miele a call they are very helpful. A piece fell off of my brew unit the day before christmas and the person there got the unit out of the coffee room there so he could describe the pieces and how to fix it.
I had guests and I think they screwed it up- it worked fine after I stuck it back together.

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