Service, parts best dealers in NYC for Bertazzoni?

homeimprovementmomApril 11, 2013

Hi all, I come to the oracle of appliances seeking info.!
I have to purchase a gas double oven range. Can't do electric in our kitchen remodel and need 2 ovens.
I am looking at the Bertazzoni Pro or Heritage because the range, the oven and the auxillary (what is this btw) is all gas. The Master has an electric Auxiliary. I know the griddle on a 3 series is electric.

I am also considering the RNB BS with 4 burners and a 24" French cooktop.

Both 48" .

I need to consider:
venting and I have read the BS has to have a larger pipe for the gas flow.
service, parts availability and warranty for both ranges.

I live in NYC. Can anyone tell me what you know and your experiences with these 2 Ranges?
I am getting one shot at remodeling ! I want to make the best possible choices based on what I want, need and what is wisest all round.
Thank you.

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