How To Make an Old and Miserable Porcelain Sink Look Passable?

xantippeSeptember 2, 2006

Hello, all you cleaning experts! IÂve been lurking, really enjoying all your super tips, but now I am in desperate need of some help. I live in a 1920Âs house that came with what seemed to be a lovely original porcelain sink in the bathroom. On closer inspection, that same sink turned out to have a LOT of problems. We are about to have a ton of out-of-town guests, so I was wondering if you had any cheap, quick fixes for:

-- ancient paint stains

-- weird brownish stains in the bowl that do not seem to be mildew

-- shoe scuff marks on the pedestal

-- chips in the finish (probably not there's no hope on this one, but I thought IÂd ask anyway!)

I've tried a magic eraser, to no avail. Eventually, we hope to get the sink refinished, but for now, we just need simple fixes. Thanks so much for all your help.

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Scrape the paint off with a razor blade, get some Zud or another rust remover and try that on the stains.....surely you have already tried straight Clorox? And I would scrub the scuff marks with Barkeepers Friend....seeing as you will eventually refinish the sink.
Linda C

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Place a large vase of fresh flowers close by! ;-)

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Thanks so much, you guys! This is our first house, and we are getting married in two weeks and, not surprisingly, this means that we having a ton of out-of-town company. Thus, the desperate urge to pretty up the sink. Lindac, believe it or not, I haven't tried straight Clorox but I sure am going to now! And then the razors and whatever else is necessary. I have to win this battle :)

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Your sink has probably been damaged from years of people using stuff like comet/ajax. I always found that bleach helped for quick pick-me-ups and the brownish stain may be rust. After the company leaves, check into have the sink redone. The surface can be restored. It sounds like a great sink!


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My mom's white porcelain sink is over 40 years old. She lays paper towels in it pours on full-strength chlorine bleach and lets it sit all night.

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I live in a house that has been in my husband's family for 100 years and it has a white porcelain sink in the kitchen with chipmarks showing the black underside of it. You can try to go to a appliance place or possibly a hardware place and buy a bottle of touch up paint for it. I have a little bottle of white paint called Appliance Brush Touch-Up (6 fl. oz.) that did not cost alot, lasts a long time and works great! I just redid my sink (which I do about once amonth) and my husband told it looked like a new one. Alot cheaper than replacing it!

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For some reason, spraying with Clorox Cleanup works better than bleach or Comet.

My sink is about 30 years old. Is it worthwhile to resurface it?

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Well, I did find something that took the stains off. I didn't have any bleach on hand, so I tried mildew remover (Tilex brand) and it took the stains right off. It smells like bleach, so I think I got the effect of bleach without having to buy a new product. As for the chips, I will report back when I have found some chip filler.

Thanks so much for all your help!

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