Does anyone have a Fisher & Paykel double oven OD302SS?

avesmorApril 13, 2010

I've tried searching but don't get any matches. Just wanted to see if anyone had it, and maybe I'm just not getting any hits, or someone has a slightly different model number, etc.

Would love to know what you think of it. I can get one for a really great price, giving us many more features than comparably priced units. Have read extremely mixed reviews trending very heavily toward 1 or 5, very few 3. Would love to hear from owners, or owners of similar units.

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That's the one with the blue interior, right? It was discontinued and replaced with completely new model a bit over a year ago, so that's likely why you're having trouble in researching it. I had one, and it was a superb performer...but when I ran the self-clean, the blue porcelain coating inside pitted and chipped...More every time I ran it. They replaced the oven with their new model. Also a superb performer, but it's blackish porcelain had the same problems, plus the control buttons weren't well designed, so didn't always respond correctly.

Anyway...I kind of wish I'd just dealt with the porcelain and kept that first oven, as I'm not as happy with the way my new Monogram oven (to replace F&P oven #2) bakes. I was spoiled by the F&P results. But, I would make sure you have plenty of tech support where you live. They didn't replace my 2nd oven because they had so much trouble finding service people to do the work for them in my area. You might actually call the service people in your area who work on F&P to see if they'll give an impression of parts availability and what they think of the company and product.

I hope this helps you. It's a mixed bag of comments, and only you can decide whether you want to deal with the possible problems and take the chance. Others have had these ovens without the porcelain problem. Even with what I've been through, I still miss that oven.

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Oh, thank you for the response! I'm so glad to find someone who has owned this. Yes, light blue ceramic interior.

I actually think the oven is a bit of an eyesore, but I can get it for a *steal* at $2k, about $250 more than the Frigidaire Gallery double we were looking at. Even the Frigidaire is more than we need... family of 3, and I use the oven 2 -3 times a month. But the F&P double convection... it would be so nice to bake my double batch of cookies in one go!

As for service, from what we were told - the store we'd get it from has their own service providers for all brands they carry and prefer (I'm sure) to do the service work for the appliances they sell. I know their lead F&P serviceman (I asked to talk to him yesterday) was actually at a F&P serviceman training (or so we were told). And they're about 12 mins from where we live. I've always had Kenmore or GE appliances, and actually have never had to make an appliance service call in my life O.O. But that was Kenmore 12 years ago, I wouldn't buy them now.

Did you ever have problems with the thermostat/control units frying during self clean? That's a lot of the cause behind the negative reviews I've found. The people who loved the ovens loved them, and everyone else hated them because self clean would end up requiring repairs.

I don't like the way that the modes don't display until you're turning the dial, and I don't know what's next -- e.g. no "mode selector" printed on the unit or dials themselves. Everything's kind of a surprise until you turn the knob. Did that bother you in everyday use? Or did you quickly learn what came next? If it doesn't bug me, I just chalk it up to aesthetic preference.

Did you actually use all of the baking modes? (e.g. roast, delay start, keep warm, proofing...)

Pros - great features at a price range where I will not find comparable (dbl true convection, high number of element passes, lots o' rack positions, etc.). Great baking results (when it works).

Cons - ugly (IMO), no visible modes (until you turn the knob), questionable service record. Ugly. Relatively great price, but still about $800 more than we thought we would spend originally (single non-convection built-in) -- but not out of budget.

I hate this. They're holding it for me through today, then I need to give them a go/no-go. We won't use the oven until September when our house is finished.

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Hmm. Hard for me to tell you to go with an oven you think is 'ugly' because it really is a focal point in your room, being so large. I actually liked its look, as I was trying to avoid an oven that looked too contemporary, and with too much black glass to keep free of fingerprints.

Sounds like you're in good shape for tech support. The company is good about service, I long as they can find someone close to you to do it, and it sounds like you have that.

The self-clean burnout problems, I believe, was a problem with older units than mine was. I never had that problem. I think it was a reasonably easy fix, if I remember right.

I didn't use all the baking modes, but most. I've never in my life used a delayed start for any oven. I loved the probe and convection roast. We used Aero Pastry for baking pizza on the pizza stone (but not for pastry LOL) and I really miss that, because I can't seem to replicate the results in my Monogram oven. I did use proof, and of course, Bake and Aero Bake and True Aero. (I'm trying to remember the modes without checking the manual, so I hope I'm getting the names right.) I'm not much of a broiler, so didn't use those modes much, but a little.

We use our oven almost every least once. We have a big family and do a LOT of baking from scratch, including all of our bread, and our pizzas for our weekly 'pizza night.'

I'd forgotten you couldn't tell what mode you were going to til you got to it...I guess I just got used to it and knew pretty much what order they were in. But it's not that far around the dial to find things, so it was really OK. I remember noticing that at first, but not thinking about it later.

This conversation is making me sad that I didn't just find another one of these when F&P bought back my 2nd oven. I wouldn't want another of the new model (LOVED the new racks, but the control knobs' problems and mirror door drove me nuts), but I would want one of these...and for that great price. Instead I spent twice as much on a Monogram that I can't get to bake as well.

Best wishes! I know these decisions are tough. A lot of money for something you can't take back if you decide you don't like it for some reason.

Here is what mine looked like installed:

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See - now in your picture, and from a short distance in the store yesterday, the oven looks fine to me. Very neutral. I really do not like modern bubble look, like GE's line that look like they have gaping, black mouths.

In fact, pictures at that distance and without the fine detail, I think the oven is gorgeous.

So it's the up-close things that bug me. The awkward aesthetics of no printed displays... and really, the first thing that struck me yesterday as "eww" was the tiny sliver knobs and push buttons, and tiny little digital displays.

The visual saving grace - you don't see the oven on entry, and you don't see it from the adjoining room (great room). It's on the side wall next to the pantry, facing the sink/door/deck. Due to our kitchen layout, the visual focus tends to be the door on entry, and the range hood from the great room.

I hope you don't mind just a few more questions? Two more that I can think of. :)

1. Did the combination of knob and small push button controls bother you? Those push buttons felt "cheap" to me, which isn't terribly important, but the combined way of controlling things also felt awkward. Granted, I think that would get easier once I learned "5 clicks, 2 pushes" to get what I want. (And I'm really liking the 5 degree temperature increments).

2. We only saw one of these in the back, not plugged in. I saw a picture online where the temperature/mode display for each oven was green & red. Do you remember if yours was colored, or just "regular"? DH has some red/green color-blindness so I'm really wondering!

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1. Oh, how I miss the 5-degree temperature increments that I don't have on my current oven! The push button/knob combo didn't bother me. I think that's pretty typical for any oven that isn't a touch screen. My Monogram has knobs, but also little push buttons, too. The little buttons on the model you're looking at seemed pretty sturdy to me... Those were what were the problem on the newer model, but didn't give me any problem on the OD302SS.

2. The newer model had a lot of red, and I think it was white, but I think the numbers on this one were greenish and don't remember any red, but maybe when it was preheating?...But I can't remember for certain. Will your dh see them as white or not at all?

OK...Looking back at old photos, I see that the main numbers in the center window were green. In the little windows above the knobs, the display was backlit with green, but the numbers were black. If I'm remember right, now that you mention it and I am reminded by the pictures, I think there were small numbers on the main display that were orangey red while it was still preheating...To show it hadn't gotten up to temp yet. The photos aren't great, but I'll post them so you can see. (It may look on these photos like the numbers are green above the knobs, but when I can see the photos larger, I can see that the background is green and the numbers are black.)

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For some reason, the appliance page does not reflect that I added that most recent response a little bit ago, even thought I've refreshed several times and gone out of the page and back in, so I'm posting this little dumb message, in hopes it registers on the front page. I wanted you to be able to tell there was something new to read! With the kitchen forum losing pages and pages of posts AGAIN, who knows what's happening here? Anyway, here goes nuthin'.

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I chose a single F & P oven in my previous kitchen. I loved it, and when I moved they had already switched to the newer model. I much preferred the looks of the old one (pictured above) and was able to find someone with a few in stock. I too was worried about the electrical system because I knew that was a problem with earlier models. The great thing was, I was able to get the serial number off the oven I was considering buying. I telephoned F&P, and asked them when it was manufactured. They were able to tell me the exact month and day. Because I knew that the problems were fixed in approximately November 2005, and this one was made later, I bought it. I am so glad. It is a wonderful oven! I'm a baker, and I really care.
I haven't explained how I know when the problems were fixed. I talked to an engineer at F&P just before I bought. He told me what serial numbers to look for.

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Well... what did you decide? I'm looking at these ovens myself now. I thought I had decided on the Icon Pro's(LOVE the glides!) but we saw the FP in the showroom yesterday and I thought they looked great! I love the clean look to them. The buttons didnt bother me and I liked the thin, pro style handle. (I don't like the chunky curved handles on so many of the ovens!) The blue interior in the icons was pretty, but I liked the FP's too, and they also have the glides (although they weren't full extention I believe)

Hoping to find reviews and experiences with them. Pricing too......

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The buttons were a problem, not because of how they look, but because they don't really 'seat' in anything behind the panel, so they tend to shift a little, so don't necessarily 'catch' and control things on the first try. Like spinning it and not getting any changes. Or the main button sticks and then the rest don't respond. If you try it a couple times, it will eventually work, but that shouldn't have to be the case. Just not a great design...Unless they've made a change. The one I had was one of the first of that style. As for 'clean'...It's a clean looking design, but mirrored black glass only stays that way with some work and constant attention. With the amount of baking we do and the number of kids working in my kitchen who don't pay that much attention to 'detailing' the appliances, I wasn't a fan.

I can recommend it as having great baking performance, and the racks work nicely. I wouldn't recommend self-cleaning unless you don't mind the pits and chipping in the porcelain that may occur. I have to say they were great about replacing my first oven for that, and not all F&P ovens seem to have that problem, but having it happen twice to me, I'd just avoid self-cleaning. That's disappointing, since it should work and not damage the oven...but I think it's a risk. At least it didn't seem to fry the electronics as it did with earlier F&P ovens and other brands, which makes me think they learned from that and did something to make sure the electronics were protected during the high heat.

I would buy the old F&P oven again (stainless front, blue interior), but one experience with the black mirror finish doors was enough for me. Too many finger prints and smears, and it doesn't take much of that to make it look yucky.

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I have a OS301/OD301 double oven. Looks like the picture above.
I love it but now it It is not working and I am told they don't make the part anymore so basically the service people can not do anything about it.
So I have one oven that works and one that doesn't. My kitchen is only six years old. Quite ridiculous. Its been weeks trying to get the information after two parts were sent which were not correct. I have been pleased with the performance but I had to have a fan replaced a few years ago. This Parts inavailability is unacceptable.

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I bought an F&P OB301-DEPX1SS double convection that I had about 6 repair calls in 2008. The control boards kept burning out with the self-clean. F&P finally replaced it with a newer OB30DDEXP1 SS in 2010 and I've had a broken latch that had to replaced for the self clean in Jan 2013, and am now waiting for repair of the two control boards on this specific oven Sep 2013. I believe this specific model has extremely poor reliability ratings and with my history of repairs...quite agree. The functions and features are fabulous...that is, if you can keep it working. My original oven looked like the one posted by rhome410. My newer one looks like the one I have posted. F&P now have their own technicians that work on their appliances. Call their number especially for warranty work (888) 936-7872. I thought I got the lemon-appliance-award but it looks like F&P make neat appliances that seem to favor lemons. I probably wouldn't buy another F&P appliance if I had to do it over again. I tend to buy appliances for their features, not necessarily for their appearance.

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Run from this oven and do not look back! I bought mine with a new home build in 2006. I am on the 3rd control board maybe 4th. After the first experience of self cleaning and burning out the board, I have not self cleaned since. It has also has had a few other repairs and a broken latch that kept us from opening the oven. Repair service in our area is not great. I loved the design, convection, features, but am wondering how much longer there will be parts available. I am sure a new oven will not fit in the same wall opening, unless my luck changes. Wish I would have bought a GE Profile.

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We have the oven and love it and hate it. The blue interior chips when sliding the shelves in and out. The new one has rollers but I couldn't find anyone to service it so we didn't get it replaced for free. After reading the comments, it sounds like we are better off for keeping the one we have.

We cook many things in the oven, the Thanksgiving turkey, Rib Roasts, Cakes, Cookies, etc.... Everything comes out perfect.

We have had to replace the thermostat several times, and have had to have 3rd parties fix the oven as we can't find any factory service people around us.

Next time around, we're going to purchase a brand that is more commonly known. We also have the Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher and like being able to fill one drawer, run dishwasher, and then start filling the other drawer. It's very convenient and although I've heard people have problems with this dishwasher, ours has worked without issue for five years now.

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We have a Fisher & Paykel 76cm Double Pyrolytic Oven which looks identical to the one in "momlet"picture above. It makes a buzzing sound all the time behind the control panel. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? We are not near a technician to have it looked at easily and thought we might find some answers on this site. Also, does anyone have any ideas on how to clean b/w the inner and outer glass on the doors? look forward to your thoughts on this site.

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I hope you didn't purchase the fisher paykel. It is the worse oven I've ever purchased. I do a lot of baking and since I've had this oven nothing comes out good. Hate this oven. If it wasn't such an expensive purchase I would have replaced it not long after using.

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