WM range hoods: Kobe or Zephyr

gigelus2k13April 4, 2013


I want to install a 36" wall-mounted range hood that fits the following requirements:
1) airflow of at least 500-600CFM
2) baffle filters
3) 1 grand or less
4) good quality

After spending quite some time online comparing and then comparing more, the candidate list wound down to two names: Kobe and Zephyr. I dismissed Cavaliere as failing #4; there are very few other choices that meet both #2 and 3.

The Kobe can be either the RA9236SQB or RA9436SQB, while the Zephyr I'm looking at is the ZSA-M90B with the optional baffle filter kit.

Now, which one should I get? Where are Kobe and Zephyr making their products? I'm just trying to avoid the "Made in Ch**a" label, if possible.



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Kobe is a Japanese company but manufactures the hoods in Tawain. Not sure about Zephyr

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Zephyr is a South Korean company manufacturing in South Korea.

Both are good but I lean Kobe.

I was all set to buy a Kobe when I found a great deal at liquidator for a high end range hood.

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I went for the RA2 from Kobe. I called both companies and it seems that both my Kobe and the Zephyr are made in Taiwan.

So far, I'm pretty happy with my hood, it works very, very well.

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