Removing shelf liner residue

mommemeSeptember 16, 2008

We just bought a house and there is shelf liner in EVERY cabinet and drawer. It is peeling up around the edges and I don't think it will be very hard to remove. My worry is that it will be sticky/tacky under it. Any tips on what to do about this other than put down new shelf liner? Thanks!

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Try WD-40 to remove the stickiness. It is safe for use in the kitchen.

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Goo Gone.
Kathy G in MI

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We lined all of DDs cabinets and drawers with the cheapest self sticking floor tiles from Home Depot which someone at THS had recommended a few years ago. They look really nice and wear well. If you should do this, I would not bother trying to remove the sticky remains of the shelf paper. Just tile over it. All you need is a straight edge ruler, a box cutter and some old scissors for little jogs that need shaping.

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I use vinyl floor tiles too but I don't remove the backing. Easy/quick to remove, clean and replace. Plus I found a place that always carries oversized ones (18") that work great in base cabinets.

Re: your Q. Not sure what you mean by "shelf paper"--Contact Paper? Thats the only kind I can think of to anticipate sticky underneath. Wouldn't even try removing. Just wash and go over. Something else? Above suggestions are good or try some from link, also from this forum. I found wood grain design Contact Paper in one cabinet when we moved in and lived with it for years until we replaced cabs.

Here is a link that might be useful: removal suggestions

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I second Goo-gone...

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Whenever I have an adhesive residue that I want to remove I usually try heat first because heat can be applied gradually and then go to WD-40. If I had a shelf paper situation I think I would start with a hair dryer.

In the rather event that one of these don't work I then look for something specifically made for the job I am trying to do.

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I have used spray Pam since did not want the smell of WD40...


" McDonagh"

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Krud Cutter from Home Depot...takes all that kind of stuff off and more.

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