I don't know what bugs are they, but i want to rid of them

d6xkrSeptember 25, 2009


i have those very small flying bugs in my room. they are about 3mm in length 1.5mm wide just like a tiny bee but gray in colour and hairy, they have relatively large wings, as large as the body or slightly larger.

what's annoying about them is that they sting. they hunt me down while i'm asleep and begin their work. i'm feeling a little shy cause such little bugs can annoy a big boy like myself.

now i know that those things came to my room as i don't clean, and my room generally is a mess. but i'm doing this deliberately (meaning i leave my room messy on purpose), and there is a very good reason for this.

i managed to rid of pests/bugs that come in, by a way i found on the web so i'm happy to give feed back. i put some vinegar in a deep dish and hang a small red light bulb over it. so any bedbugs, flees, flies, ants, most of them get attracted to the single light in the dark, or source of heat in the cold, an get burnt by the light bulb and drown under it into the vinegar, or the reverse the get attracted to the light and smell the vinegar and dip themselves drown into it.

i've got rid of packs of flees this way, and bedbugs and mosquitoes too and flies, but i don't know what to do with these creatures.

i don't know if this is the right place to post this thread so please forgive me if it's the wrong place.


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Ok, I'll "bite". What is the very good reason you purposely leave your room messy?
Buy an indoor flying insect fogger.

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You live in Egypt - I suggest you ask one of the locals.

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i use this product http://www.scjohnson-egypt.com/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=2397, i don't know if it's effective as liquid fogger or not but they work the same. those although aren't that effective for the insect i'm talking about, when i start this device it repels them for a couple of hours then they start again but not as vigorous as they do when there is no fog.

i tried to leave the room open for some nights and let this repellent thing does it work, but no use. they seem to know where they are going, it doesn't seem like an infestation although , it rather seems like they are a group that stuck on me.

today i've found one of them dead on my disk, i don't know whether i could send a photo of it or not, and if i could whether any one will identify it or not. so i need more advise.


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Sounds like you've dealt with more than a few infestations. I'd say it's time to CLEAN!!

I too would like to know the "very good reason" for living in a mess.

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