Door heights and sliding door

tzameretApril 5, 2014

We are remodeling a small apartment in a modern high rise building, where the ceiling heights in the living room/kitchen and bedrooms are 270cm or 9ft.
All the internal doors come off a corridor/hallway that has 240cm/8ft ceilings.

1. What is the ideal door height in terms of proportion and scale?
210cm (6'8")? 215cm (7'?) or 220 (7'2")?

2. Our door supplier will charge the same for whatever height we choose. He is recommending that we go as high as possible, since he believes higher doors look more elegant and will make the ceiling look higher.

3. I have also heard that lower ceilings make spaces feel larger so perhaps there is no need to make the ceiling appear / look higher ....

We are also planning to have a sliding door into the ensuite master bathroom, an internal bathroom with no windows (this is an apartment in a modern high rise).

The advantage is the space saving and the fact that we can leave the door open while showering or while cleaning the shower
The disadvantage is the noise of the door on the tracks.
My husband would like a sliding/pocket door and I feel a leaf door would be better!

Would love any thoughts and experience.

Thank you all very much!!!

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What is the ideal door height in terms of proportion and scale?
210cm (6'8")? 215cm (7'?) or 220 (7'2")?

What width will the doors be?

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The width of the doors are 80cm or 2'11'

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