question about Toto Aquia toilet

sleepydrjApril 17, 2013

We just got a new house, but haven't moved in yet- we have only spent a few hours there on a few evenings.
The home has what appear to be toto aquia dual flush toilets in the bathrooms. On two occasions, I think I have seen odd behavior on two different toilets- where they flush, re-fill as expected, and then sort of flush themselves again, but keep flushing water. I haven't timed it to know if or when they would turn off again, but since they are low flush, it's weird. The added concern is that the home is on a septic system, so it is really a problem if a toilet is wasting water like that and we don't notice it. Of note: the house was remodeled and then sold- it's not clear how much time the previous owner spent there before selling, so he may never have encountered this problem with flushing.
Does this sound like improper installation, or a common re-adjustment needed?

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I don't have an answer. But in doing my own research lately I found that the folks at the Terry Love toilet forum love the Aquia, and Terry has installed a ton of them with good results. I bet if anyone knows, someone over there will! I almost bought an Aquia, so I read a lot about them.

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