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jaidogApril 15, 2012

I'm planning to use 12" x 24" stacked tiles in my shower. Due to the location of niches and horizontal metal profiles, it would be ideal if the highest tile of my shower is 10 1/2" tall rather than 12". This would leave the bottom tile about 9" tall. Will this look okay or should I strive to get the top tile to be a full 12"? Or, should I try to get both top and bottom tiles to be the same height?

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As much as possible, I think it looks best to either have full rows or at least have the cut rows be even in size. It sounds like if your top row of tile is a full 12", you'd be left with a 7 1/2" row at the bottom. I'd try to avoid that because the visual weight of the larger rows of tile would accentuate the difference in size. If you're committed on the locations of niches and metal profiles already, my preference would be to go with even size rows of 9 3/4" at the very top and bottom. My second choice would be to put a 7 1/2" row at the top and have the rest of the rows be full 12" tiles.

We laid out several options on our floor before finalizing our tile pattern. By adjusting the location of our accent row, we were able to to go with full 12" rows below and one 10 1/2" row above.

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Thanks for the advice. You've got a nice-looking shower. And, from the photo, I can't even tell that your top row is a different size than the others. Maybe because the accent tiles separate the top row from the rest.

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