Cleaning behind the new close-to-wall toilets

pinktoesSeptember 26, 2007

Looking at the Toto Soiree toilet (and some of their others) for the new house I've solved the nasty problem of cleaning that exposed trapway around the toilet's sides. Soiree has a smooth skirt!

Now, there's one last problem: these toilets fit very close to the rear wall. How do you clean the rear of the toilet, the wall and gap between toilet and rear wall (spiders and dust/hair), and the sliver of floor between the rear of the toilet and the wall?

This comes under the category of The Solution To Your Problem Becomes Your Next Problem.

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Here's a photo of the Soiree. The fit to that rear wall is even closer, I believe, than it looks here. I know their Guinevere has a closer fit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto's Soiree

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Luckily I am still pretty agile. A little arthritis,but I can bend when I need to. I sit in the floor in front of my Toto and wet a piece of toilet paper and use that to clean the floor behind it. I find lint and hair collects back there. Flylady approves of this. I mean cleaning with a bit of wet toilet paper.

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jannie: thanks. Unfortunately, I can neither get up off of, nor down to the floor. When I fall, someone has to pick me up! I'm laughing. The knees won't flex that far! I can sit on the toilet seat, lid down preferably (LOL!) and reach behind it with some sort of tool. I have a skinny flat duster that has a microfiber washable head cover. It's about 1/2" thick. Maybe I can use that, sitting on the toilet lid. It's not very flexible, though. (Neither am I, so it's not a marriage made in Heaven. As infirmity creeps up on you, you need your partners, cleaning tools and human, to have complementary abilities!)

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For tight spaces, I often use the microfiber mop pad by itself and just sort of floss the area. It picks up the hir and dust very well.

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bonelady: That's hysterical! I mean, really a good idea and all but it made me laugh. I'll have to try it. Me sitting on the toilet lid flossing my toilet's rear! I just do love getting old.

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