tile above acrylic/fiberglass shower?

ncpirategirlApril 14, 2010

We're building a new garage with an apartment over it that we will use as a bonus room. It will have a full bath and we've decided that since it will see minimal use (although DD thinks this will one day be her apt), we will use a fiberglass/acrylic shower. The problem is that there are 2-3 feet of wall space above the shower wall that will get wet with spray from the shower. Has anyone tiled above a shower like this? The only other tile I definitely plan to have is on the floor. How can I tie the shower tile in to the room if that is the only wall tile? Anyone done this? Pictures? Thanks!

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I have a fiberglass shower that has wall space above. We have not had any issues with water damage on the walls and this bathroom gets daily use.

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I've done several showers exactly as you describe, ending the tile right at the end of the surround. I don't have any pictures, though, because it was a pretty much elementary installation.

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Bill, did you also do wall tile somewhere else ie, counter backsplash, a wall, etc to tie it together? Trying to decide if it will look right on its own. Thanks

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No, just above the shower surround.

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