If I clean my floor with bleach water will it bleach my socks out

peabody1September 10, 2008

If I use bleach water to clean my floor (vinyl or tile) once it is dry will it bleach out the bottom of my socks when I walk on it?

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Yes, it's happened to me! You are better off removing your socks, be careful walking barefoot, or wear old socks you don't care if they get bleached/wrecked. For some reason I don't understand, I'm not a chemist, even dry bleach retains the ability to ruin clothing.

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If you use a solution of 10% bleach....that is one cup of bleach in 10 cups of water...and allow any moisture to dry before walking on the floor, it won't bleach your sox.
Perhaps if you use some dry bleach product that doesn't all dissolve you might have a problem, but clorine evaporates with the water and leaves nothing behind.
Linda C

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