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motherof3inctApril 29, 2013

My bathroom renovation started today! The demo is complete and the hall bath is down to the studs. The hall bath will hold the typical tub/shower combo. My husband does not like shower niches at all. I opted to purchase Ginger shower baskets in chrome to give the bathroom a hotel feel. It is 18" long and can hold 2 bars of soap and shampoo bottles.

I originally planned to put the shower basket in the middle of the long tub wall. I am now afraid it will be in the way of the shower spray which will make the Dove soap bar my family uses melt like crazy (due to allergies, it is the only soap we use).

Where else can I put the shower basket? On the short wall with the valves may be too crowded because we have a fixed shower head and handheld on hook. I have never seen a basket on the far end of the shower head. Would that look weird?

Any suggestions welcome!

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I don't think it would look weird to have the basket mounted on the far wall from the shower head as much as it would be cold stepping out of the water to retrieve the soap and shampoo. Putting the basket on the wall under your showerhead would probably save your soap from melting quickly but I understand the clutter concern. Would it be an option to mount the handheld around the corner on the long wall but fairly close to the short wall?

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Thanks for the suggestion Treasure. I will ask my contractor about that this morning. I originally liked that that idea, but wasn't sure if it would affect water pressure to the handheld.

Also thinking maybe I just need to put it in the center of the long wall in case someone is taking a bath and needs the soap within reach without getting up....but then again no one in my family takes baths and we don't plan to sell anytime soon.

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I have hooks on the short end opposite the valves, and also shelves in that corner that hold shampoo and soap. The water doesn't really reach that far, so your soap would be safe. I've never been cold reaching for the shampoo or soap. I wouldn't put the hand held on the long wall, due to the direction of the spray, plus that sounds uncomfortable to use.

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I would worry about bumping into it if it were in the middle of the long wall. We have a corner shelf in the back corner of our basement bath tub/shower. Granted we don't use it everyday, but when I do use it I never have a problem with it. During our remodel I used our guest bathroom for 5 months (don't ask why it took so long). It doesn't have any niches or baskets, but there is a towel rod mounted to the back tub wall (it is going when we eventually remodel this bathroom) So, I kept my shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap propped up on top of the towel bar. I had no problems with that location.

I would put it on the back wall and my second choice would be the long wall, but closer to the front than in the middle.

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I ended up just leaving it in the center of the long wall. I think if I put the soap on the end of the basket farthest from the showerhead it will be ok. I wish I had seen the posts recommending the opposite short walls before speaking with my contractor. He has already put the plywood support and cement board up so too late. Thank you though!

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