Light fixture in foyer

anita55September 30, 2009

Hello all, wow, there is a forum for EVERYTHING and anything you want to talk about! Wonderful!

I have light fixture in my 2 story foyer. I would call it a pendant type with lights inside that look like candles. It's closed on the top and open on the bottom. Can you picture what i'm describing? Anyway, I've tried the chandelier type spray that you spray on and it's supposed to just drip clean. It didn't clean to my satisfaction. Do you have product and technique suggestions for this type of fixture? My husband and I are both short and even standing on a step we can't reach to even change a lightbulb. Thanks for any advice you can give.

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This is how I did it in a previous house. I dragged the kitchen or dining room table into the foyer and under the chandelier. Then I placed a pad and cover on the tabletop. Then I placed the ladder on the table and a chair next to the table. I stood on the chair, then stepped to the table, then climbed up the ladder. (I only did this when my husband wasn't around because he would have gone bonkers if he had seen me do it.)

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Oh my! I could probably try that. My husband would help me. Thanks.

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Buy or borrow a taller's safer! I have an 8 foot step ladder in the garage.
Linda c

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