Tomato Sauce on SS Range - Help!

antmarilSeptember 17, 2009

I have a new Whirlpool SS ceramic top electric range. I was heating spaghetti sauce the other day and when I lifted the pot lid, some of the tomato sauce spattered on the control panel of my new range. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until the next day. This part of the range looks to be SS, but I'm not positive that it is. The control knobs, of course, are black plastic. I CANNOT get these spots off the control panel. I've tried dish detergent and water and a little vinegar - no luck.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

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I'd wipe off as much as possible with plain warm water, then go at it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge. So sorry this happened to you. Good luck!

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Thanks for that suggestion, but I tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge this morning and again, no luck. The stains remain the same. None of it comes off. It's as if the stains have become part of the control panel. There is no change in them no matter what I do. I also tried Windex.

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Maybe it's not on the outside of the control panel? Maybe somehow it went inside the protective screen of the control panel. Else, I'm not sure why a simple spaghetti sauce cannot be taken of with water and soap.

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Did you remove the plastic covering on the control panel. Mine was on a week or 2 before I discovered the panel was covered with a plastic film that had to be removed

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The plastic covering is not on the control panel. I wish that was the case. I sent an e-mail to Whirlpool and a woman called me and told me to buy "Zud". I bought the Zud - again nothing. I've sent another e-mail to Whirlpool asking them to call me back, but I haven't heard from them yet.

I am going to ask them to replace the control panel. It is absolutely unacceptable that I cannot clean spaghetti sauce off a stove with soap and water.

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Can you post a pic? Not that it would necessarily help, but my curiosity is killing me.

Hope you get some resolve thru Whirlpool. I'd be a might angry too. You pay good money for what you think will serve you well for a reasonable amount of time and you would like it to keep up it's new appearance for some time at least.

I dropped a pair of doggie nail clippers out of the cupboard above my dryer and took a big chip of paint out of it. I was very upset about doing that. I'm going to buy some touch-up paint and see if I can repair it to at least be somewhat less noticeable.

Keep us posted.

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Sorry, I'm not "savvy" enough to post a picture. I'm not sure these small stains would show up on a photo anyway. They are small, but I notice them and I certainly wouldn't want any guests I might have to think I didn't clean my stove. I haven't heated spaghetti sauce since this happened - I'm afraid. Isn't that crazy?

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