good speed oven/convection oven combo

sparkier73April 7, 2013

Was going mount a microwave (with trim kit) over a wall oven for a built in cab. But I am considering switching out the microwave to a speed oven instead. Looking for a good (visually appealing and quality) combination. Pics are most welcome!! Thanks.

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I'm trying to decide on the same thing. Most likely going with an Elux oven and possibly a speed oven in place of a MW. Considering the Elux or GE speed oven. If GE then one needs to decide whether 120V or 240v. Decisions decisions!

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As I posted , many times, (always glad to do it again to help),
I've had the Electrolux 30" regular/convectio oven and the speed oven since 2006.

Both trouble free, both bake well etc etc (Just do a search at the bottom of the main appliance page for Electrolux Oven to see many posts about them.

Mine are not vertically stacked as both wife and I wanted to use them and that way, we don't get in the way of each other.
Our regular Elux oven is mounted below counter while the speed oven is mounted at the optimum height (for us).

Click the helpfull link below to see pictures of them stacked.

Best of luck with your pending decisions!


Here is a link that might be useful: stacked Elux oven and speed oven

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