Q for all Gaggenau combi-steam owners

eleenaApril 7, 2014

The oven was installed about 6 months ago and seems to be working. I say "seems" because it was a 27" floor model that was only used once or twice in a showroom and was in pristine condition. However, I am not sure if it works properly.

When I set the temp below 220 F with humidity 60%-100% (haven't tried 30%), I see a lot of steam and condensation. When I set humidity to the same levels (60% to 100%) at 350 F or higher temperature, the unit "spits" some water in the beginning and then the sound comes on from time to time during the baking cycle but there is absolutely no visible steam.

The manual says: "Note: condensing is only possible by a humidity of 100 %, 80% and 60% and at a temperature below 130 C / 265 F."

IME, the food comes out pretty good, e.g., potatoes roasted at 400 F are not at all dry compared to a regular convection oven and the chicken is pretty moist, IMO. I tried opening the oven when baking/roasting and sticking my hand in for a sec. It felt more humid than a regular oven.

Technically, at temps much higher than the boiling point, water should evaporate very quickly. But shouldn't I see some steam coming out of the opening when I hear the sound?

For reasons too numerous to discuss, I need to decide (and urgently) whether thing really works.

Do YOU see any steam at higher temps (350 F or higher)?


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I don't have the gag, but on mine, I don't see stream at temps in the 350 - 425. But, if I am wearing glasses, when I open the door, I get fog on my glasses

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I also don't see the steam inside, but I do when I open the door because I can't be bothered with the stop steam function and a little extra steam in my kitchen makes no difference.

I do get condensation sometimes, though, and I can't always predict it. I think it's mostly from cold food going into the oven, but it's not just that.

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Thank you so much!

I am starting to think it was not a lemon after all. :-)

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No real steam visible when hot. As long as you can see bb's of water going in, and as long as it really steams up at 200F, it should be okay.

One caution is that you should really have a fine filter inline (Gaggenau sells one). At least in the early models, the water for the steam goes through an orifice that is only 0.6mm. I was verifying operation of my floor model in my shop, using a garden hose, and a small piece of something clogged it up after a while. I took off the side (just sitting on my work bench) and was able to troubleshoot and fix it. Lucky I didn't have to pull it out of a cabinet. Anyway, so far so good with the inline sieve/filter.


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