Ode to the air jet tub

coolbeanswApril 29, 2013

So, I decided to put in an air jet tub because (a) we had the room for it and (b) I thought it was cool. My dear husband scoffed. Now, three weeks in, he has surpassed me in baths taken. We both love it. If you are on the fence, go for it. Your skin and joints and back (and dear husband) will thank you.

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Which air tub did you go with cool beans?

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Bain Ultra Origami 32x66 with Geysair option

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Funny how that happens. I took DH to see a demo tub of the Jason Microsilk (we saw a Bain also, but not sure it had the Geysair option) and I think he was more excited about getting it that I was. We are still trying to figure out our layout, so actually getting one is still down the road a bit. Glad to hear you are both enjoying yours.

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I can hardly wait till we do the next BR which I plan to have a Bain Ultra tub installed in. Now that I'm getting close to finalizing a decision, I realize that what I thought was a lot of space to play with (compared to the old alcove 60 X 30), doesn't really give me much room for the faucets/spray head. Our area is 78 X 42, and I was planning on the Oval Plus which is 66 X 38, and was thinking I'd put the faucets in one corner towards the front for better access, but when drawing it on paper, see that I only have room for a 3" deck on the side. where did you put your faucets, and did you install grab bars anywhere? One of the things I like about the Oval plus is the grab bars and the arm rests...OK two things...

How do you find climbing in and getting out? Yours is deeper than mine will be...

Still waiting for pics....:>)

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I have to make my own air jets in the tub.

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Climbing in and out is challenging, especially because we undermounted the tub, which makes it almost 1 1/2" deeper. The first couple of times were tricky enough that I ordered suction handles. But we haven't installed them and we're both getting the hang of it.

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I got the Bain ultra thermal 55 oval it's 66x34 x 22 . It's waiting for us in the store to be installed . It comes with one grab bar on one side . I have a 6 inch clearance on both sides . I didn't want to put the faucets on the wall side ( difficult to reach ) or on the side of entering the tub. Since the tub is not that big ,( wan't fit 2 people ) , I would put the tub filler on the opposite side of the bather . I got the hansgrohe axor Montreux tub filler, like the one enduring installed , but deck mounted . I chose this tub filler , because it has a 9 + inch reach into the tub , so water wan' t hit the tub side . Maybe this is an option for you raehelen . Oh , I can't wait to install it and try it . ( ok , I am awake at that time because I got hot , didn't think to put the AC on yet )

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Six months later, still in love with our Bain Ultra air jet tub. It is genuinely therapeutic. Product (Aveeno oil for me) makes my skin ever so soft. Heat (Geysair) does wonders for my DH's back. Doesn't require much water. My worries that we'd grow tired of it are totally unfounded. Would splurge on it again in a heartbeat.

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Thanks for the update Coolbeans! We're still working on BR#2, got delayed by major landscaping work this summer, our Bain will be in BR#3 which will start as soon as this one finishes!

I have one question, as I guess I should start shopping for fixtures now, I assume I look for a 'tub filler' faucet to fill the tub faster, or are all tub faucets considered tub fillers?

I am running out of enthusiasm for these BR renos, maybe cuz this one has taken so long... have nothing for the next BR except I know I'm getting a Bain Ultra with Geysair!

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Hi Raehelen , as you might want to know , I am not done with my MB Reno yet . The so called GC and his workers managed to do wrong or damage what was done right in everything in the bathroom . I don't want to start this conversation on this thread . I just want to let you know that I placed my tub filler on the tub deck itself so I won't drill in my marble . I placed it on the side along the wall . This makes using the handheld shower easier from both sides . I will post a picture for you tomorrow . I am not an expert , but I think that all the tub faucets are called tub fillers .
I can't tell you anything about using the air tub since I didn't use it yet because my .... GC did not connect my controller to the motor and they closed in front of the tub with a solid wood panel . ( this is one thing of the things done wrong )

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Here is the picture as promised . We put a piece of wood on the inside of the tub deck to mount the faucet onto to give support to the deck . I suggested it because the tub filler was so heavy, The plumber said it can crack after a while .

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Lillo, looks beautiful, so sorry to hear about your problems! I am also worried about the install of our tub, as we are 100% DIY, but DH says he's got it all under control! :>) Looking forward to you posting some updates!

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Coolbeans, I've had my BU since Dec 2007. I can count on one hand how many times I've used the tub and NOT used the air jets! This thing is truly a lifesaver. I probably wouldn't be a very nice person if I didn't have this tub to ease and even eliminate the pain of a bad back, MS and Fibro.
A tip if it's not in the manual, even if you use it and don't run the jets, still run the blowers to remove the little bit of water gets in the air duct thingies :)

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Super excited to read this thread. I just ordered the Bain Ultra Origami for my master. I have never had a bath with these type of airjets so I am really looking forward to it. Mine is a bit smaller than the ones you have: 60 x 32 x 21. My space just won't fit that really big one, but I'm 5'1" so it will fit me fine. The heated backrest is cool! This was a timely posting!

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