Cleaning Bathtubs

callie25September 24, 2010

Does anyone know of or use a product with a swivel base that will clean a bath tub without getting on your hands and knees(similar to a mop)? What is it called and where available? Thanks.

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U can find what U R looking for at Click on bathroom on the left side and it it called the TNT Scrubber.

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I've seen something like that sold at Target in the area where they sell the brooms and mops.

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This is a great one from Casabella (they make some really good cleaning products).

Here is a link that might be useful: Flex Neck Scrubber

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i want to find one of those sounds like a great idea

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I use a Mr. Clean telescoping bathroom scrubber. Bought it at the Dollar Store for about $6. It was well worth it because now I can scrub my corner gardentub without climbing in. Cheap, easy and changable heads when one gets worn.

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I find that whatever coats my tub is not soap scum, and the spray on cleaners just dom't get it off. I have to use some Comet or Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser and rub hard and long to get the sparkling shine that is there under the buildup. I think it is the hair conditioners that have a wax to coat hair and make it "managable".

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Thanks all; now I'll just need to decide which one I'll try.

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The easiest way to clean a bath tub is to give that chore to your husband!!

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this is for nerdyshopper:
I have found a great way to get rid of that dark color in the tub. This may sound strange, but use good shampoo. Rusk or paul mitchell, something without the wax. I washed my tub with a layer of it and left it on over night and rinsed it the next day and it looks great. I Have also used the magic eraser and that also works good.

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