Best niche size to minimize ceramic cuts

ontariomomApril 14, 2012

Hi all,

Well it happened again - needing to make a hasty decision. Our back framer was here today, and surprised us with needing to know our exact size and location of shower niche. We knew where we wanted it, but not the exact size. We quickly figured out what size we wanted based on how many shampoo bottles, etc we wanted to store. However, it wasn't until after he had left, that I realized that the exact size of the niche should have been considered in light of our tile size. We don't want extra cutting of tiles just to accommodate a niche that is slightly wider or narrower than a tile size. We are building a big addition, and have had other more urgent decisions to make, so tile choosing has not been done yet. Can you advise on the following:

a)If we choose a 12" wide tile size for example, should the width of the niche be in increments of 12" exactly (i.e. 12, 24, 36, etc)or do we have to make the niche box slightly larger than the tile width (if so how much wider).

b) In a tub shower/combo we have located the niche up high for shower use. Should we also consider a lower niche that can be reached when having a bath (showering will be more frequent than bathing).

Thanks for any opinions.


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There is another recent thread re: niches wherein my DH wrote in detail about building our niches. He built ours, taking into acct our storage needs of bottles and soaps, and the shape/size of our tile. However, once our tile guys started installing our tile, DH did have to make some adjustments to the niches themselves to allow for full tiles as needed, etc.

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Cat mom,

Thanks for responding. I found that other thread -- it was very helpful!!

BTW, I also posted a question to you about the Toto Soiree toilets on the recent sanigloss question still on page one. Any chance you could take a look and comment?



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