Reasonably Priced 5ft Soaking Tub Recommendations?? Pic!

hobokenkitchenApril 1, 2012

Hi all, we are thinking about putting a 5ft soaking tub into our new bathroom.

We are pretty limited on space, but don't want to give up a decent soaking level. We had a tub we really liked in our previous bathroom, but I can't remember what it was. :(

We would like something reaonably sturdy that won't buckle under pressure, but I think we would be most comfortable spending $1000 or less if possible.

Any recommendations? Here's a pic of our old one if anyone can somehow identify it!


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I think our Toto 1525 cast iron tubs cost less than $1000 each (we got them at Hardware-Design in Fairfield, NJ; bought all of our kitchen and bath fixtures there, so probably got a very good price at that point, but worth looking into). They are great 5' tubs.

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Whatever you choose, I recommend that you swallow your pride or whatever and actually sit in it first. Maax makes some wonderfully engineered tubs -- our 66" Melodie is basically perfect *for my body*. Our DD's 60" Kohler Archer is perfect for hers. I tried the Totos but none of them were comfortable until I got to the 72", which we just couldn't make work. But cat_mom has my trust in her judgment, so I'm sure they work for her. It's all individual. One thing I wouldn't recommend is Americast tubs. I hear they don't last too long. Either acrylic or cast iron. HTH.

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>One thing I wouldn't recommend is Americast tubs. I hear they don't last too long. Either acrylic or cast iron. HTH.

Well, FWIW, staceyneil has both an americast tub and the Kohler archer (acrylic). You can read her opinions on their relative merits are in this thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: staceyneil's elegant budget bath

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FWIW, your original tub looks like the Kohler Mariposa from the limited view of it.

I knew the shape because we just put a 5.5' version in my parent's bathroom.

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I think that rings a bell!! Thanks so much - we just loved that tub - we would go bigger if we had more space, but for a relatively big house, the master bathroom is very limited in size.

Thanks for the other recommendations - I will definitely look into them!

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We were limited for space as well (and that's after stealing a foot of space from the hall bath and bedroom closet to make the MB a foot wider to allow for a tub, and just make it less tiny in gen'l). I would certainly enjoy having a longer tub for stretching out while soaking, but they wouldn't have worked in our bathrooms. Our tubs' shape/contours feel comfortable to me and to DH, and I am very, very happy we chose cast iron for the heat retention (DH stuffed insulation under/around them before closing up the floors and walls), and for the solid, sturdy feel underfoot (and under-tush!).

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(PS Thanks flyleft!!!! That was so sweet of you to say, and really means a lot to me!)

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cat_mom, it should go without saying but I just thought I'd say it anyway : )

writersblock -- interesting that that's staceyneil's take on the two tubs -- I know acrylic can definitely scratch, but from other reviews on the web I've heard of a very short lifespan for the Americast (and some posts here back around '06 when we were doing our first bath). I kept trying to make it over in my head to be a smart choice but I couldn't. I would have felt really dumb if it had cracked in a year or two. Guess we'll track staceyneil's experience--don't know how much use it sees, but still it's a good data point to be getting.

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We just bought an American Standard Princeton Americast tub. We needed something to fit in a preexisting space in a 1960 house (60" max). I just sat in it tonight - I am 5'5" can sit upright or recline a bit with legs outstretched and room to spare if you are taller. It is very sleek and plain, and on the lower side like a vintage cast iron tub. The Americast material is heavier and more solid than acrylic but lighter and easier to install than cast iron. It was very inexpensive and "in stock" at Lowes. But don't be put off by that, it feels like a solid vintage tub.

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I'm trying to make the same decision, and was just wondering how these tubs stack up when used for showering. I feel like someone mentioned this, but I can't seem to track it down.

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We use both tubs for showering every day. We installed curved crescent rod shower curtain rods in both bathrooms, and it really is nice and roomy in the tubs while showering (even in the MB, where the rod had to be installed slightly further in than preferred because of the rooms's space constraints).

DH and I both love showering in our tubs, and love having the added ability to soak in them before or after (or instead of) showering.

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We are remodeling two bathrooms. Looked at the Princeton Americast (also at Lowe's) for our daughters' bath - it does feel like a solidly built tub. May, in the end, just refinish the turquoise tub that came with the house. It looks brand new but we don't care for the color.

For our master bath, we are looking for a freestanding, pedestal tub. Fell in love with a Victoria and Albert's tub at a local bath store but it is $$$$. Saw something similar online - made of a composite resin called Aquastone. Price is much less than the V&A tub and it is only available online (can't sit in it before ordering!). Have any of you heard of the manufacturer - the Aquatica group? Or this material? Could only find a few reviews online (which makes me rather nervous!)


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