tiny cobwebs but see no spiders

dwyerkgSeptember 29, 2013

I have a problem in my old house I bought. I am constantly cleaning tiny cobwebs and dust along baseboard and under radiators but never see spiders. Is there anyway to control this?

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They are there, I have the same on the outside of my house. Try vacuuming, spiders can't live without their webs. Evidently the former owner did not do a thorough cleaning. I called an exterminator one time for spiders and as soon as I started moving my dolls I had displayed everywhere I saw the webs and knew I should have been moving them more often. The exterminator confirmed it. You might use some bug spray that includes spiders to use after you vacuum up all the critters.

I had huge honking spiders at my last home that were brave enough to crawl over me when I sat on the couch. Brown recluse.

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Could these webs be from spider mites? They are very small spiders and sometimes leave webs on plants.

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I have seen them on the side of my house, on the window jambs and door sills. They are about the size of a pin head or smaller and they are fat. The spiders on the house are so small you have to be close and they have to run out of the black web mess for you to see them. We also have the webs in our yards that are attach the house to the tall bird feeder in the yard. The spiders are big and very visible. They will curl up in a ball if I disturb the web, pretty smart of them. They don't look like a spider that way.

You can't see spider mites at all. I had those once and they have webs on bushes because they are sucking the life out of the bush. Eventually you will see a dead spot which will enlarge over time. The only way you can be sure they are there is to shake the plant over a white piece of paper then run you fingers over it. If there are smears, it is mites.

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