Terrible odor in silk tank

laceyvailSeptember 7, 2009

I have a beautiful woven, ivory silk tank top that has a terrible odor. I've tried soaking it in water that has baking soda in it, and it hasn't done a thing. Does anyone have a suggestion that won't damage the silk. (Although if I can't remove the smell, I'll have to through it out. It's unbearable. And unwearable)

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did it smell when it was new? Or is the smell recent? What kind of a smell?
Have you tried soap and water?...something like Baby shampoo?
Linda C

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I got the tank second hand and didn't notice the odor when I got it, though I'm sure it was there. I don't know how to describe it except to say that it's not moldy or musty. To me, it's a little like fake maple syrup flavoring in baked goods, a smell that I find disgusting. But it's much worse than that and it's something that anyone would notice and dislike.

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Unfortunately your description of the smell is difficult for me to imagine so I'm not sure if I can be of much help but I'll share what I have learned about silk.

An organic clothing store opened in my town and when I went to check it out I found the smell somewhat unpleasant but I assumed it was because the store was newly fitted out. When the smell was still there on a subsequent visit some time later I commented on it and I was told it was the smell of the silk in some of their clothes. I was assured that it washes out after about four washes.

I bought three or four items at various times and possibly one got the full four washes, which didn't completely remove the smell. I did some googling and read that good quality silk is processed in such a way that the smell is removed but cheaper silk basically relies on the purchaser eventually washing it out. At that point washing those items again and again was not a priority so I never have reached the point of making those clothes wearable.

Perhaps your tank hasn't been washed often enough yet, or perhaps even the previous owner got frustrated enough with the lingering smell that some desperate measures were tried which merely added to the smell?

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