Cost to convert to a wall mount toilet?

ChristaMApril 24, 2013

My bath layout is staying the same, but my tub is getting wider. With 3 more inches to the tub, the clearance from the front of the toilet to the tub is now going to be 17.5".
(Unless I get a Kohler Rialto toilet which is only 25.5", but I don't like the way it looks.) Clearance is supposed to be at least 18". But even if I wiggle everything and get it to fit, I am starting to wonder if that's too close/kinda gross. We never use the existing tub so I haven't thought about bathing with a toilet bowl nearby... I'm starting to think the more clearance I can manage, the better. I'm going for an MCM minimal style.

So now I am wondering exactly how much more $$ is it to convert from a standard floor mount toilet to a wall mounted toilet with a concealed tank? The other side of the wall is a closet, so no worries there as far as space - plus, the works will be easy to access if the toilet ever needs repair. This is a second floor bath and the space below is another bathroom with a tiled ceiling I would prefer not to disturb.

This bath remodel is getting very expensive. on the other hand, I'm spending so much I might as well get it 100% right. If anyone has recommendations for wall mounted toilets, please share.

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Getting a wall hung toilet isn't cheap or easy, nor will it solve your problems. You need 24" in front of the toilet for code minimum, not 18". And even that is tight in actuality for daily use. 3' is what I tell people to plan for if it will be a well used location.

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I don't know what kind of closet you have behind the toilet, but maybe you could enlarge the bathroom by recessing the toilet 7 or 8 inches into the closet. Of course there would be some plumbing movement involved.

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Where I live the code is 21" but variances are allowed and you see just about everything you can imagine since houses are all old and custom built. I can get the 21 inches by selecting a 30" tub, or by installing the Rialto toilet. Wall mounted toilets are available at 21" deep, which would give me a total of 24" clearance.

My actual question is not about codes though. I'm trying to find out if anyone has converted from a standard toilet to a wall mounted one, how much it cost them, and any issues that came up that they are willing to share? Thanks!

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Karensb, thanks, that would work, but there are complications -- I would end up giving up my tub and getting a narrower tub to avoid recessing a wall.

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I am installing a wall mounted Toto.

Inside the wall there is a steel mounting structure that holds the plastic water closet and supports the toilet bowl. This in its self is 3 1/2" deep.

You really need a 2 x 6 wall - the water closet isn't going to fit inside a 2 x 4 wall. If you have the bathroom gutted - shouldn't be much of a problem.

Also you will need an even deeper wall in you want to install in the same location, because the 'stack' will interfere with water closet structure.

IMO - a wall mounted toilet isn't going to save any space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto Aquia

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OK. It's sounds like I need the GC and the plumber to take a look and let me know what issues might arise.

I just found this thread. Funny, I searched the threads before posting my question and this one didn't come up, but did pop up after a google search:

Here is a link that might be useful: wall mounted toilet thread

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ChristaM, it is usually more productive to use Google search for Gardenweb post than the GW search. That is what others have said in the past and I have found it to be true too. Can you post a plan view of your space? I don't know if it will help or not.

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This is one of those issues I had never given a second thought to before GW! Our main bath has a toilet right across from the tub, and I just measured and it is 18" away. Though for the PO who built the house, it would have been further away as we replaced the old toilet with an elongated bowl.

Why are you limited to that one brand/style of toilet? I'm sure there are other rounded versions out there that you might like.

I certainly wouldn't go to all the bother of moving walls, etc., and I totally get wanting a wider tub. Personally, I would choose another rounded toilet before I gave up on a wider tub.

Just to assure you, we have lived here 17 years, and no one EVER has mentioned the tub being too close to the toilet, is totally a non-issue!

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Thanks, raehelen. I never thought about toilet space before so it's nice to know you don't have any problems with that distance.

I'm starting to like the idea of a wall mounted toilet though. I like how they look, and hate cleaning around the toilet. The way my bathroom is configured, the toilet back is against a 6" thick wall. On the other side of the wall is a closet with a sliding door. So if repairs are ever needed, the plumber can access it through the closet. I'll have some soundproofing covers built that can lift right off. And it's all hidden behind the door.

I guess it wasn't clear that I'm referring to the distance from the front of the toilet to the side of the tub. I'm attaching the floor plan.

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I have installed a Gerberit/ Duravit in wall toilet for my master bedroom for my remodel. I hesitated at first because i thought they are hard to install and hard to fix the toilet if something went wrong. Overall, i really like how it turned out. The toilet works great from the start and the flush is easy and problem free. My other regular toilets are the one giving me more problems (with the flush chain, water level shut off .. etc)

If you haven't check out youtube aleady, i saw this install video and it really put me at ease.. seems so easy after how they explain everything.

Yes, they used to only have 2x6 kit but now they have 2x4 kit also.

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Thank you, noopd. That video is very helpful and your bathroom looks wo nice!

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I can give you a rough idea on cost: $1500

$500 for the wall carrier

$500 for the bowl

$500 for moving the drain and supply line

Of course you can shop around and do better on the carrier and bowl, but better figure the plumber will get 500 out of you by the time it's all done.

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I wanted a toto wall mount toilet as well... The best price I found for the toilet and the tank that goes in the wall was a little over $600. What I couldn't do was pay the plumber an extra $1000 to move the drain. I thought that sounded steep, so I just decided to go with the cleanest floor mounted toilet I could find. It has smooth sides and is by Kohler and is called Persuade. I'm sad that I can't get the wall toilet, but I will get over it. The Kohler looks very nice.

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