Hard Water Stains - Cheap Ways To Remove Them!

vee4jaySeptember 21, 2008

The SIMPLE ways to remove hard water stains:

There are some simple ways to remove hard water stains quickly and easily that will remove even the most stubborn stains and make your fixtures and fittings literally sparkle like new!

One of the most overlooked factors when dealing with hard water stains is realizing that they contain either calcium or magnesium. Therefore, they can be tackled by using completely natural acids that are found all around the home, are totally safe to use and could save you hundreds of dollars on expensive cleaning products.

* white vinegar and lemon juice!

  1. White vinegar, a weak acid, is about 5 percent acetic acid. It will remove hard water deposits from glass, rust stains from sinks, and tarnish from brass and copper, and works perfectly all around the home when combined with the correct ingredients.

  2. Lemon juice, another weak acid, contains citric acid, which can be used in much the same way as vinegar.

By using these simple, natural ingredients that are found all around the home - and in some cases combining them with other natural products for really stubborn stains, it is possible to remove limescale and water stains cheaply and in a way that doesn't harm our planet.

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