How a bigger window may affect exterior of house (pics)

laurajane02April 1, 2012

Hi there,

I'm considering the idea of having no upper cabinets along the kitchen window wall in my new build kitchen. In exchange, it would be nice to increase the size of this window. Currently, we have a 6ft window centered along a 16ft wall (window on main floor to the R of the front door)

Here's a photo-shopped image with the window nearly doubled in size.

And finally, here's what I would see out my kitchen window (barn is gone, ground will be level).

If it helps, this is how the kitchen looks with a 6ft window.

How do you think we can balance the window size with the look of the front of our house? How big is too big?

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I prefer the look of the house with the larger window.

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I would raise the height of the window too - it doesn't look tall enough even in its single version I don't think. Maybe a function of the drawing? The width seems to magnify the shortness of it. Perhaps dividing it into one more window to give the illusion of height, with the center window centered on the sink?

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Regarding windows, a set of three is often more pleasing than a set of two.

The window to the left of the front door needs to enlarge to be in balance with the larger kitchen window, IMHO.

I don't like the slider with the divided lites at the top. Try with the casement type of window to get rid of the middle vertical line that seems not to be repeated elsewhere.

This is what I would do:
2 casements to the upper floor, and 2 same sized casements below to the left of the door.

3 idential sized casements together where the kitchen is.

The same sized casement to the right of the kitchen.

Using the same sized windows and shapes will give you harmony to the design without being too busy. You already have window shapes giving you some busy look with the odd sized transoms. (I don't know what to call that on the upper story)

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mrsmuggleton ~ Thanks for chiming in!

athensmomof3 ~ Hopefully that's just a function of the drawing. We won't actually order our windows until the framing is done, so we'll be able to see exactly how high that window is.

kaismom ~ I agree with you about a set of 3. My image was just a quick photoshop to give an idea of size. Regarding the window on the left, that is the master bathroom window. There is a big master bathroom window along the side of the house, but I don't think the one at the front should get much larger. That's why I was concerned about increasing the kitchen window size.

Those middle vertical lines are repeated at the back of the house (picture below). Do you still think we should remove them?

The oddly shaped windows are parallelograms. We didn't find them busy, but maybe someone else does?

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I totally get where you are coming from with the balance. The smaller window balances better with the left side of the house BUT how could you NOT increase the window in the kitchen? What a beautiful view and I actually really enjoy the look of the larger window better. In fact, with the very large windows on the upper story, you sorta need the kitchen window bigger to balance with the upstairs. Now you just have to find a way to make it balance from L to R.

Why do you feel like your master window shouldn't get much bigger? The wall could carry visually unless it's a structural issue. But I don't know what the side window is and if you'd be lacking wall space in your master.

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Duffy ~ My sentiments exactly! Technically, the MB window could be larger, but only towards the left because the WIC is on the right. Here's the current layout.

Our house will sit on a slight angle on our property. The left side will be slightly closer to the road than the right side (with the kitchen window). Regardless, our house is set back quite a bit and guests will approach our house from the kitchen side. I'm not sure if this makes a difference...

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ahhhh... yeah, expanding the window left doesn't help with the balance. Would you be open to popping a window into your closet? It would take closet space but it would help with the balance. I just really like the larger kitchen window.

Well, is there something you can do decoratively to help balance the sides? Hmmmm... I'll think on it.

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