Is it really normal for Wolf range door to be crooked?

Madeline616April 2, 2012


Almost finished the kitchen, and loving my Wolf 36" DF. I noticed, though, the oven door is slightly crooked. When facing the range, the door is 1/8" lower on the left--not much but definitely noticeable.

Also, the left side of the oven door is "pulled out" further by 1/4", meaning it doesn't close as tightly, as flush, as the right side.

A Wolf repairman diagnosed it as a faulty hinge, but there was no improvement at all after the hinges were replaced. An older, more experienced repairman then arrived, saying that this uneven door thing is normal, since one side has a spring-loaded hinge and the other side has--if I remember correctly-- just a regular gas hinge.

He said the more I cook with it, the tighter the whole thing will get, and the door will even out. The whole store sounds a little suspect to me...

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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I would go and look at one in a store and see how it is. Also, is your range perfectly level? Maybe that is throwing the door off? Good luck!

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Hi Madeleine,
I just measured and indeed the left side of my Wolf DF over door does project out 1/4'' farther than the right side. I've had the range for two years and have never noticed this, even though I use the oven almost every day. It must not bother me aesthetically since I had not noticed as I've stood for hours gazing lovingly at my range.

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Tee hee...thanks, Francoise and Tina.

Francoise, is it also slightly lower on the left when looking straight on? Like 1/8"?

I wish I didn't notice these things. Sometimes I drive myself nuts!

Oh, and yes, @Tina: it's level. The installers were great about using that giant level every which way. It's so nice for the oil to sit exactly where it's supposed to in the pan :). With my previous cooktop, it all pooled up on one side!

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