two cleaning products that I'm excited about...

vacuumfreakSeptember 11, 2010

Well, I collect vacuum cleaners as a hobby, so I never have a problem finding something to work on carpet with, but I always have trouble with hard surfaces. I got two products the other night at are really helping me out. The first one has been on the market for a while, and was an as seen on TV infomercial thing. The Sonic Scrubber. I've been looking for a better way to clean the bathtub, grout, and faucets for a while now, and I think I've found it. This thing looked like a toy, but I got it at Wal-mart so I could return it easily if it didn't work well. I was pleasantly surprised with the results after I tried it in my bathroom.... it made quick work of some pretty nasty areas and actually made it fun too! I bought a packages of extra brushes too, and they really help. It seems a little "cheap", so I'm thinking of getting an extra in case mine breaks and they stop selling them, I don't want to be without it now!

The other thing is a relatively new product for mopping. It's called the Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop. I've long snubbed the Swiffer Wet Jet because it required the use of expensive expendable supplies. Batteries, pads, and their solution. Years ago, I got a Fuller spray mop, but someone threw the pad away, it clogged, required batteries, I couldn't find another pad that would stay on it, and it was top heavy because the water bottle was integrated into the handle. When I saw the Rubbermaid mop online, I knew I had to have it.... so I was in Wal-mart, and they now have them in the stores. Right beside it was the Ocedar ProMist.... almost the same thing, but I didn't like the Ocedar. It looked cheap in comparison to the Rubbermaid, the pads didn't seem as nice, the squeeze action on the trigger seems more finicky and not as smooth, and I didn't like the loop style handle (I don't like them on vacuums either, too restrictive, I have big hands). The only thing better about the Ocedar is that the pad isn't quite as wide as the Rubbermaid so it might be better for getting into tight areas.I didn't know how I would like having to constantly pump the spray trigger to get the solution to spray opposed to things like the Swiffer where the spray is automated as long as the button is depressed, but it hasn't been a problem. It sprays a good amount and it is easy and almost fun to use. It makes mopping simple and works really well.... I can wash the microfiber pad, and fill the refillable bottle with whatever I want! So cool! I've had the Velida Rollomatic mop and the Wonder mop for a few years now, but they are a mess to work with, slopping buckets of water everywhere and such... plus refill sponges for the Velida are expensive, hard to put on, getting harder to find, and don't last long at all. This whole microfiber pad with spray thing is great! I think this Rubbermaid Reveal is going to put those Swiffer people out of business!

Has anyone else tried these things yet? If so, I'm curious as to what you think! Is it weird to get this excited about good cleaning products? LOL :o) Thanks!

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I also just found the Rubbermaid Reveal mop and I REALLY like it. I had been using a Scotch Brite mop with washable microfiber covers, but it was cheaply made, broke when I dropped it, and I couldn't find a replacement. I've been mopping our hardwood floors with plain water in the squirt bottle and the Rubbermaid mop does a terrific job.

It is, however, wider than my old mop and doesn't fit into tight spaces. So I have to resort to using a damp microfiber cloth for those spots. Even given that, I like the Rubbermaid mop MUCH better than the one I replaced.

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I, too, get excited about new cleaning products -- especially mops. (I'm concerned it's becoming a fetish.)

I'm anxious to hear how the RMaid product holds up. I've been using a refillable spray mop from leifheit for quick touch ups for a few years -- same mechanics, different mophead. I also don't like the swiffer wet mop thing. It's cheaply made and I didn't care for the cleaner's fragrance -- like it's what the makers thought how clean should smell.

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I have the Bona mop which is very close to the design of the Rubbermaid Reveal mop (which I think they stole the concept from Bona). The Bona people state that the Rubbermaid Reveal lacks the fine mist atomizer spray of the Bona. Bona's is truly a really fine mist. And, I love the cleaning products from Bona. Of course, you can use the Bona products in the Reveal.

I'd be curious if anyone has had a chance to compare the Reveal to the Bona mop?

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The spray of the Reveal is quite fine.... I don't know how fine the Bona's is, but I don't think it needs to be terribly fine just for cleaning the floor :o) Is it correct that the Bona mop requires you to use their specific cleaner? What I like about the Reveal is that you can use anything in it.... I think the Bona looks better quality though.

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I have the Clorox mop and it looks the same. Lately the sprayer part isn't working on it. So... I bought the big package of Zwipes at Amazon and I'm in love with them. I use them for everything!

For mopping, I just drop it in the washing machine. This is the easiest I've ever had it. :)

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The Bona mop cartridges were restyled in March and they are now refillable. So when you buy the mop, it does come with the hardwood cleaner (which can be used on any hard surface). However, once the cartridge is empty, you can refill it with anything you want.

There is a useful purpose for a fine mist. You want it to be spread over a large area finely so not to saturate your surface. The Reveal might have enough of a fine mist to accomplish that...I don't know cuz I have never seen one spray out the liquid. The mist on my Bona is very fine so I'm happy with it.

I did get a chance to compare the two different types of dusting heads sold by Bona and Rubbermaid (Reveal). Because they both used velcro to attach to my Bona mop, I used the Reveal one with the Bona. The Reveal one was larger but a bit harder to fit into smaller spaces. The Bona was an entirely different type material and very electrostatic. I thought after dusting all my laminate with both dusters, the Bona was slightly better as it picked up more dirt than the Reveal one.

The only thing I have noticed now that the Bona cartridge is half empty is that it is starting to cave in. I called Bona and they admitted that the first plastic they used on the refillable cartridges was too thin and this happened. They are sending me a free cartridge to replace this cartridge so that it will not depress and can be easily refillable. I'd say that is great customer service!

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I'm glad you folks have offered some reviews of the Reveal and the Bona (I use the Bona wood-floor cleaner with the microfiber mop tool). Never cared for even the regular Swiffer wet/dry cloths and the poles (too flimsy). I like the way these tools now allow you to use your own cleaners, because sometimes all you need is vinegar and water or a baking-soda solution.

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I am so glas to see this. I have been wondering about the rubbermaid mop. I have the swiffer and it is so expensive to buy the cleaner and pads for it. I am going to buy one this weekend.. Thanks.

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