Liebherr HCS2062

chuckie50April 2, 2012

Just purchased this discontinued model from The have purchased the last 21 pieces from Liebherr and are selling them for a great price. If any of you are looking for an integrated 36" fridge give them a call.

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How much?

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Thanks for the tip - gonna call today as I want/need two of these units. The price may swing me away from SubZ's.

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Was there any explanation why Liebherr discontinued this model (I have this model at home)? Given the guts of this one are probably identical to the other 36" versions that are not discontinued, are they just streamlining the lineup and pushing the Biofresh version instead?

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How are the doors on this unit, I think I have this same unit at a local dealer and the problem I have with it is that when you open one door the other door also opens. Doesn't seem ideal to me or my wife and doesn't seem to function like most other french door models we have seen on the floor.

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I called the online place and they said it had been discontinued b/c the manufacturer had come up with a new model to allow custom paneling as well as free-standing.

But the discount is only $1K, which (to me) is not worth the trouble of buying such a large appliance online.

My 30" unit with a drain hole on the back wall gets clogged all the time and I have water on the refrigerator bottom at least once a month. I called CS and they said it was "not a big deal", not something that a warranty would cover, and to pour some warm water with bleach down the hole.

Well, for the price tag - it is a big deal to me. I have never had any problems with all the cheap or "cheaper" (and made in who knows where) fridges I'd had over the years in previous apartments and houses. I have never stayed long enough anywhere to bother to replace a perfectly working appliance, so this one was our first "higher-end" fridge. I chose it b/c of all the not-so-positive reviews for Sub-zero. Now, I am not sure if I made the right choice and I don't think I'll be buying another Liebherr refrigerator.
I am just saying, be careful with Liebherr, do some additional research regarding this model.

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The model is indeed stainless steel which won't work for us as we want panel ready to fully integrate with the cabinets. Price was $5600. AJ Madison and Plessers had them for $6000.

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philwojo, the door seals are rather tight so pulling one door does pull the other open a bit, however once the seals clear the other door will swing back to closed.

The problem with the doors is not with opening, but with closing, as the self-closing seems to be touch-and-go with each unit. On mine, the seals are not perfectly balanced between the two doors, so the left self-closes, while the right gets jammed just shy of being closed and must be pushed shut.

As my unit was a replacement of a freestanding version that had five repair calls, no way was I going to bother with a service call to even out the door seals. I just put everything that gets frequent use - milk, butter, eggs - on the left side!

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WWu123, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate that information.

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Never understood the nuance between HC2062 and HCS2062 anyways. HC2062 takes custom wooden door panels, while HCS2062 takes stainless door panels which must be ordered separately anyway, since you have to choose between 80" and 84" doors. Why didn't they just design stainless door panels that fit on HC2062?

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