Lav faucet - radical choice or ergonomic disaster?

charliehorse99April 30, 2012

Hey all,

I'm working on a modern bathroom remodel. I am using a trough sink to provide enough space for two people. I need help with the faucets.

I am considering using this wall mounted faucet (two of them) and need your opinion:

I like this faucet because it will match the other Cifial shower fixtures, but also because the single control is on THE END of the spout! This might be handy because then your dripping hands stay over the sink the entire time by not needing to reach back to a wall control, and will reduce water drips from hands over the vanity countertop. I have not seen any other like it.

My concern is that the faucet control end is at 11", while the spout center is at 8.5" from the wall -- so splashing your face, for example, will require a little horizontal hand movement to get out from under the spout control The angle of water stream is straight downward, which does not help this situation (as opposed to angled toward the user).

Do you think this will be a "rad" choice, or an ergonomic problem I will regret?


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I imagine it would take a little time to get used to it but the motions wouldn't be all that different from turning on the tap at the back of the faucet. I think it looks cool and if it matches your other fixtures even better!

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Here's your pic. Is your sink deep enough to handle the splash from a faucet spraying straight down?

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I wasn't think about splash being an issue, so that is a good point. The sink is about 5" high, with a fairly flat bottom. However, the faucet has an aerator so that should cut down on the splashing.

My concern is that since the sink is 10.5" deep, which means the faucet reach for the spout is in ... what... 2-3 inches? Plus the 2.5" extra reach for the control.. that puts the fixture reaching 50% of the way over the sink, leaving 5" of space for hands and face. Is 5" enough, or too tight?

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Very cool faucet.

By 10.5" deep, do you mean front to back depth? If so, then, yes, 5" seems like it might be a little tight. But since vanity tops often are 21" or 22" deep (front to back), could you position the sink a little further forward so that the faucet is thereby more toward the back of the trough sink? Did that even make sense?

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Right, 10.5" front to back. I understand what you mean but how close to the back of the sink can I put the water spout? I was thinking 2 to 3" otherwise when you wash your hands they will touch the back of the sink (yuck!). Is this too conservative?

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We have an older, somewhat weird Italian sink with an integral faucet that is positioned very close to the back. I took some measurements -- and your idea of only needing about 3" at the back should be doable.

Our sink is 14" front to back, but the faucet spout only sticks over the basin a little ways. I laid a measuring tape along the back-to-front diameter and turned on the water. The water hits the tape at the 3" mark.

Now, this sink is deeper than your trough sink and it's also shaped differently in that it's deepest at the back end (7") and then slopes up toward the front. But still, our hands don't bump into the back of the sink when we use it.

Hope this helps.

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Charliehorse, did you buy the Cifial? Any issues? I like the elegance of the faucet linked below but can't find it anywhere (this photo is from a post on Houzz that highlighted the sink). The Cifial is attractive though for the function you mentioned.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I did use Cifial for all the shower fixtures, but not the lav wall mount faucets mentioned above. I decided to go with a Hansgrohe Metris S, model 31161

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The Metris looks nice but it's not for wall mount is it?

I wonder if the control is too close to the nozzle and would be awkward to turn on and off. Actually, how would one turn it on? Turn it to the left for hot; to the right for cold, but then what?

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Nah, I ended up going with deck mount not wall mount. I felt like the wall mount was not worth the added effort, and I have a narrow sink and deep countertop so it would have forced the sink location to be set back too far.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I hate all pull on/push off faucets....they were popular a number of years back and there simply is no controlling the flow without a lot of get them started you pull and it comes out all the way, the spray comes on full and you get splattered. If you try to push in gently to control the flow to minimize the flood, you will invariably spend a lot of time trying to find just the right spot. What a pain. And as the faucet gets used over the years, it gets gunkier so the controls are even less smooth and it becomes even a bigger PITA.

DH and I had massive verbotens against any faucet of this kind.

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